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The Fig Tree
The Sound of the Spirit

"Get quiet enough to hear the sound of the Spirit." The powerful line partway through the movie, The Sound of the Spirit, grabbed my attention and was, in my opinion, the epicentre of the movie.


It's the story of a young Jewish girl, Rivka, who is dealing with the death of her parents and learning how to commit to her faith in the face of adversity. She is a Messianic Jew, a believer in Christ, and after her father passes away she is forced to live with her traditional Jewish aunt and uncle and participate in a synagogue of non-believers.


Though at times the acting dips in quality, the movie is powerful It contains messages of love, forgiveness, and faith. I learned that beauty that comes from a relationship with Jesus and that blessings come at the end of a road of struggle. Rivka's story showed me that it takes a different kind of strength to think quietly during life's storms and to hear the sound of the Spirit.  


- Melissa 


Click the image to watch the trailer!
Click the image to watch the trailer!

The Sound of the Spirit

Format: DVD
Product Code 16582


Reg. Price:$21.99

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