Notes from the Road
September 5, 2016 
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Opportunities to Serve

The Kids' Day Maricopa team will be spending the day working with kids from our community on September 17th. It's a great opportunity to support our community and have a great time. 

Carol Steinke and Deb Richmond have more information. If you would like to know more, let us know!

Do you want to play a role in Sunday morning services but don't quite know how you can help? A/V support may be just the opportunity you are looking for. 

There's no "every week" commitment or lifting required and training on the system is included!

Facebook Help

Several Facebook questions have come up in the last few weeks. If you would be interested in meeting to learn more about the basics of using Facebook, please let us know so that we can figure out where and when! Thanks!

Count me IN!

Did You Know?
In the 1800s, temperance movement supporters were encouraging total abstinence from alcohol. However, churches of the time celebrated the Lord's Supper with a communion chalice of wine.

Using another option, like raw juice, was problematic because of a lack of refrigeration - raw grape juice at room temperature starts to ferment.
So ... "some creative communion stewards chose to make their own unfermented sacramental wine. 

One recipe called for adding a pound of hand-squashed raisin pulp-dried grapes-to a quart of boiling water. Later in the process, the "winemaker" was to add an egg white." 

Sounds good, right?

To find out more about how United Methodists, communion, and grape juice are historically connected, follow the link below!

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Sunday Services

9:00 - Sunday School
10:15 - Worship

Journey meets at 
Maricopa Wells Middle School.

45725 W Honeycutt Ave.
Maricopa, AZ 85139

We are the people of the United Methodist Church.

Happy Labor Day to you! We hope you are having a fantastic holiday weekend.

Notes from the Road is one of the ways that we at Journey stay connected. Connections and community are keys to a vital church ... and are part of what keeps us bound together in the service of Christ.

So, welcome to you as we journey together on the road where we as a spirit-filled, forward-leaning community of believers seek to become the hands and feet of Jesus.
Bits and Bytes
Community Focus!

On this Labor Day Monday, we want to focus on another group of folks who work to support Journey with their gifts and service. It seems like the perfect day, doesn't it?

Journey has a wonderful and talented group of folks who work separately and together to set the scene for worship. 

Our greeters are always there to welcome with smiles and hugs. Our ushers take care of the business of the service. Our children's ministry team is tireless and makes sure our kids have room to grow in the faith. And, Ms. Trudy provides us with beautiful music. 

These amazing people share their gifts with us every Sunday and we are so very grateful. 
A Message of Hope
Terry Kim 

Romans 15:13

"Our hope comes from God. May He fill you with joy and peace because of your trust in Him. May your hope grow stronger by the power of the Holy Spirit."
In Dante's Divine Comedy, hell is famously described as a place without hope. When Dante's guide, Virgil, leads him to hell's gates, the inscription above the entrance reads "abandon all hope, ye who enter here." 

Hope is precious. Hope is necessary. Hope gives us the strength to go on when our burdens become unbearable. Without hope, life may seem like eternal suffering. 

Unfortunately, there will be times in our walks with Christ when we feel hopeless, when we feel like abandoning all hope due to the sheer gravity of our problems. But we must never forget there's always hope, and that it's never far away. 

Scripture tells us that our hope comes from God. But notice the condition here; in order to experience the amazing joy and peace that comes from this Godly hope, we need to first put our trust in God. Our gracious Father is always willing to give us the very best, if we'll just trust in Him, and give our cares over to Him. 

Because of God, we don't have to give in to those moments of despair and hopelessness. May this Scripture verse encourage us to always look to our heavenly Father in seeking the hope that we need to persevere.  
News and Notes ...  from the Blog
Jen Salta

"Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can."


This quote, often attributed to John Wesley, is a favorite of mine. To...


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Mark Your Calendar!
  • September is beans and rice month for the food bank!
    • 10th - Women's Breakfast

      • 9 AM at The Duke
    • 13th - NOW Meeting
      • 6:30 PM at Barro's Pizza
    • 17th - Men's Breakfast
      • 9 AM at The Duke
    • 17th - Kids Day Maricopa
      • 10 AM - 4 PM at Maricopa Wells Middle School
    • 18th - Celebration for Rev. Susan Brims
      • Worship at 3 PM at First UMC Mesa
      • Reception following worship.
      • RSVP to Carla Whitmire by September 11th
  • Our events calendar has more! 
    We're young and old and we come from all walks of life. We don't check your ID, the make-up of your family, your tax returns, your political affiliation, or require a test for you to be part of our family! 

    All are welcome in this place.


    Your Journey Leadership Team
    Betty, Jen, Joy, Khyle, Marvin, and Terry

    Journey United Methodist Church 

    P.O. Box 684
    Maricopa, AZ 85139