Notes from the Road
August 29, 2016 

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Scripture Readers are needed for the following weeks:

September 25

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October 30

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Facebook Help

Several Facebook questions have come up in the last few weeks. If you would be interested in meeting to learn more about the basics of using Facebook, please let us know so that we can figure out where and when! Thanks!

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Did You Know?

When Charles Wesley was studying in Oxford, he assembled a small group of students who worked together to take their faith seriously. 

He recruited his older brother John, who was working as a fellow at the university, to lead them in their endeavor. Together they studied, prayed, served those in need, and visited the sick and in prison. 

Other students took note of their zeal and began calling them the Holy Club, Bible moths, and even Methodists because of their methodical approach to the Christian faith.
Christ Church College

Oxford, England
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We are the people of the United Methodist Church.

Notes from the Road is one of the ways that we at Journey stay connected. Connections and community are keys to a vital church ... and are part of what keeps us bound together in the service of Christ.

So, welcome to you as we journey together on the road where we as a spirit-filled, forward-leaning community of believers seek to become the hands and feet of Jesus.
Bits and Bytes
Community Focus!

Volunteers are important in any church. Folks willing to give of their time and their talents are a huge part of what makes church a community - and keeps the wheels moving. 

In a church like Journey, there are a special set of people who, quite literally, make church happen - the set up crew.

Journey has been blessed with, arguably, one of the most dedicated and resilient set up crews ever. From trailer pick up to making sure all of the cables are connected to the right spots ... they are there working in the background to make sure we can see and hear. From buying flowers and making sure our alter is just so to preparing for our communion table ... they are there working to transform a multi-purpose room to room with a very singular purpose.

We couldn't do this without them - the unsung heroes of our community. Next time you see of of them - at Journey or at the church you attend, give them a hearty thank you for all they do!
How Is It with Your Soul?

Joseph Yoo, associate pastor at First United Methodist Church in Pearland, Texas writes that "John Wesley would open up all small group meetings with the question "How is it with your soul?" That's a far deeper question than, "How are you?"

The question from Wesley opens the doors to questions like: 
  • What are the things that I'm engaging in that bring my soul closer God? 
  • What are the things that I'm doing that are putting a wedge between God and myself? What are the things that I'm doing in my life that really make my soul shine brightly and flourish? 
  • What are things I'm engaged in that are draining the life out of my soul?
So, how is it with your soul? 

Read the full article at Ministry Matters.

News and Notes ...  from the Blog
Terry Kim

Galatians 2:20 "I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me." As Christians, we know our faith in Christ defines who we are...

The post Faith in Action appeared first on Journey Church.

Online Giving

Online giving is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to give back to the church and help it grow. 

Please consider setting up recurring electronic payments through our online payment system. 

It's simple to set up and manage! No more check writing or missing opportunities to give  when you are not able to attend services. 

Questions? Contact Joy Bentley, JUMF Treasurer.

Mark Your Calendar!
  • 30th - SPRC Committee Meeting
    • 6:30 PM at The Saltas
  • September 
  • September is beans and rice month for the food bank!
    • 10th - Women's Breakfast

      • 9 AM at The Duke
    • 13th - NOW Meeting
      • 6:30 PM at Barro's Pizza

    • 17th - Kids Day Maricopa
      • 10 AM - 4 PM at Maricopa Wells Middle School

    • 18th - Celebration for Rev. Susan Brims
      • Worship at 3 PM at First UMC Mesa
      • Reception following worship.
      • RSVP to Carla Whitmire by September 11th
  • Our events calendar has more! 
    We're young and old and we come from all walks of life. We don't check your ID, the make-up of your family, your tax returns, your political affiliation, or require a test for you to be part of our family! 

    All are welcome in this place.


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