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PACT NEWS May, 2013

Welcome to spring. We are about to get the 'yard' cleaned at 220 Concord and start some planting. That will give us a more festive feeling.  Mary and I are working very hard - (seems like more and more work but the pay is the same!!) 

We have a nice routine here at 220.  


We work hard from 9 to noon (I'm often in at 8 or a bit earlier)- either seeing clients, doing phone consults, or writing and more writing. At noon we have lunch.  We either split one of the giant Hi Rise sandwiches, get a couple of Armando slices of Za, or get the yummy Curried Chicken at Sarah's Market. 

Then it's back to work with more clients, consults and projects for the remainder of the day. On Wednesdays Wendy is in the office and that is great, and on some Tuesdays, Sue is here. Occasionally we have a pop up party with the Interfluve guys upstairs. Mary zips out for coffees and teas and to mail things intermittently throughout the day, and sometimes we take walks around the block and do mobile meetings and stop at Formaggio Kitchen for caffeine.

Once a month, we travel to a DMH office in Westborough, Quincy, Boston, Arlington or somewhere to do consults/trainings. Another once a month, we do DCF consults/trainings in Lawrence, Lynn, or Arlington. And another once a month we do trainings at Riverside and a monthly consult session at Guidance Center.


We have court cases and write affidavits galore making recommendations for children and families in open adoption, divorce, transition planning etc. - when necessary there is expert witness work relating to the court cases.  We meet with students who want to work in the field and would like an informational interview, students doing film projects at Harvard, and adults who want a change of career that involves adoption. 


CNN sent a film crew to tape us regarding talking to children about trauma and traumatic events after the dreadful bombing at the Marathon. I also did an interview for Huffington Post on the same subject.  We were all touched by that tragic event,  and knew some of the victims.  We were also touched by the manhunt and chase...the chase went right by my home and the manhunt ended up five doors from Mary's house. 


I volunteered for the Red Cross after the bombings and was amazed at the very thorough process one goes through to be a 'volunteer'. They did an online background check on me for volunteering, but I don't need one to buy a gun? Is that right? Hmmmm.


I've been doing more supervision for psychiatrists, psychologist, social workers and marriage family therapists and licensed mental health workers around special issues in adoption. I took my course for CEU's for Approved Supervisor Status renewal for American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.  

I'm eager to do more supervising of people in this field who need specialized adoption competent supervision. Taking Referrals.


Also see the blurb about Coaching and be sure to contact me if you think I can help with parent coaching or professional coaching.

For Training and Keynote Speeches, I am always available. Call to find out about fees and agreements for these in the coming year.


You will see a link to the ARC Summer Intensives

Shaping up beautifully with great speakers and subjects. Please help us to market this great educational and fun event.


NYC Adoption Therapy Training was huge success.  Next year we will repeat the year-long training, and will add a Supervision/Consultation Group for those who have taken the course.  Contact us to learn more.

Boston deserves an Adoption Therapy year-long Training as well and we will begin that in the fall. 

We are taking registrants now.


Our TableTalk About Adoption series is beginning soon. We've had a rough start, but by the next newsletter you will have a link to my interview with Sue Harris O'Connor about her book: An Introspective Study of a Transracial Adoptee The Harris Narratives.



Since we last news'ed you, I have done my class and consultations in NYC and have been to Cleveland for the American Adoption Congress conference.  


We have seen families and children who want to learn more about talking about birth family, about opening closed adoptions, about re-connecting with birth parents that were last seen at the birth of the baby(who is now 10 or 14) about trips to country of origin and how and when to do them, about behaviors that are putting pre adolescent and adolescents at risk, about what schools will best serve which kids, about parents separating and divorcing and how to talk to kids and how to make sure the children stay central, about  adult children who are having a hard time getting a start in life, about the impact of adult children on the relationships of the parents, about people moving and wanting to prepare the children for the move and about finding resources in their new area. 

Presidential Proclamation -- National Foster Care Month, 2013


- - - - - - -



As a Nation, we have no task more important than ensuring our children grow up healthy and safe. It is a promise we owe to the hundreds of thousands of youth in foster care -- boys and girls who too often go without the love, protection, and stability of a permanent family. This month, we recommit to giving them that critical support, and we recognize the foster parents and professionals who work every day to lift up the children in their care toward a bright, productive future.

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27th Annual ARCheology  

Summer Intensives 


June 23-24, 2013

At the Provincetown Inn Provincetown, Cape Cod, MA

For more information please contact:

Mary Limerick [email protected]


This year's ARC Summer Intensives aims to take a look at the aspects of adoption that involve the awareness of transitions, trust, trauma and the truth for the better education of professionals, as well as parents.


As ever, ARC will use narratives, digital sto­ries, performance and movies, as well as keynotes and panels,  to discuss the many emotional and psychological elements that can make adoption a challenge and a joy for all involved.  We will explore how the hard work of people who have been pioneers and change agents has made a difference for all of the larger Family of Adoption.


These ARC trainings are called "The Intensives" because we work and think very hard about what is needed in families associated with adoption and other complex blended families.


They are intense but in a gentle setting!


Presented by:

Adoption Resource Center (ARC) and Riverside


In Order To Make This Years ARC Excellent And Fulfilling, 
And To Provide Access To Some Folks Who Need Scholarships, 
We Need Your Support And Donations!   
27th Annual ARCheology Summer Intensives June 23-24, 2013

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   Gardens at the Red Inn

"The Talk"- about adoption.        

 Dr. Joyce Maguire     2009


Start Early. Even if your child does not understand, it is good practice for you to learn to talk about this difficult and complex subject. ... Click Here


Certification in Adoption Therapy

Course Fall 2013-2014

Dr. Joyce Maguire Pavao 


and New York class


The Certificate Program in Adoption Therapy provides non-credit

bearing advanced education and training for mental health

professionals, in specialized theories and practices for working with all

members of the adoptive triad, including birth mothers and fathers;

adoptive mothers and fathers; and the adopted persons. The

continuum of care from foster care (or orphanage) to kinship,

guardianship or adoption is an important foundation of understanding

necessary to be competent in working with families and children in the

world of adoption. 

For more information please contact: Mary Limerick [email protected] 


Click Here MA Course Outline  


New York 

Click Here for NY Adoption Class Information 

 Click Here NY Class Outline 

The Center for Child Health & Development

in conjunction with the Greater Newbury Adoption Group

~ Adopt Parent Support Group ~

      2nd Tuesday/Month

      May 14tth , 2013

      7:00 - 8:30 PM     


      Plum Island Coffee Roasters

      54 R Merrimac Street,



 Dr. Joyce Maguire Pavao will be joining us on Tuesday, May 14

 from 7:00 to 8:30 pm! 

Click Here for Flyer  

May is Mental Health Month

May is mental health awareness month. Did you know Abraham Lincoln, Charles Dickens, and Earnest Hemmingway are a few of the people with mental illnesses who have enriched our lives?


Here are few interesting facts:

  • One in five Americans have a diagnosable mental illness
  • Suicide is the 11th leading cause of death among Americans
  • Serious mental illness, which affects 6% of American adults, costs society $193.2 billion in lost earnings every year
  • Success rates for treating mental illnesses are high:
    • 80% for bipolar disorder
    • 65% for major depression
    • 60% rate for schizophrenia

 For comparison, treatment of heart disease has a 45% success rate.

For more information, please visit the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health website Click Here

"Dr. Laura....How do you hold a child accountable for her behavior without punishment?" 

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