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 The following article (Part 1 and Part 2) are from the Oregonian and are by Katy Muldoon.   This is glimpse into the life and search of an internationally adopted adult, who learns that she was basically trafficked from Columbia to the US with her sister as a young child.  Astrid has attended many of our ARC and ACTION conferences and is a good friend and colleague.




Space For Rent CAMBRIDGE 


For Adoption Competent Therapist



(Pre/Post Adoption Consulting and Training)

a space (and referrals!) for an adoption competent therapist

(preferably trained by me at CFFC or elsewhere).

220 Concord Avenue, Cambridge MA 02138

On the bus line, and a brisk walk from Porter or Harvard Squares.


617 547 0909 is the phone,

Executive Assistant, Mary Limerick is at [email protected]

and Dr. Joyce Maguire Pavao is emailed at [email protected]


The space has a shared bathroom, a full kitchen for employees only, and small waiting area.  

The office, utilities, and internet- as well as fully furnished space-

to be rented one day a week (from 12 noon to 8p.m. but can be flexible.)available beginning September 5, 2012

at  $350.00 per month.

(We do not provide any administrative, billing, or other services - that is all yours.)

Choice of day, and which 8 hrs per day, can be discussed at interview. Call for interview and tour of facility.




For many people, summertime does not necessarily equate with easy living.   Many of our families, with children who have suffered early trauma, have a difficult time with all of the transitions that are a part of new camps, new summer programs, vacations etc.  


For our children, who have early trauma histories, transitions are triggers and can therefore result in some behavioral issues and some emotional setbacks.


Remember that children are not 'doing' this to you.  They are reacting to very complex feelings in their bodies that remind them of a hard time - it may have been pre- or peri-natal, pre-cognitive, or in another language- but it is real.


Summertime  at  PACT

(Pre/Post Adoption Consulting and Training)

has been busy so far. 

  •      We are working with families who are mediating, or re-mediating relationships with birth families and working toward more openness to prevent 'surprise' connections by minors on Facebook, or Google. 
  •      We are working with families who want to know if the behaviors of their children are normal for their age, and are they about adoption?
  •      We are working with parents who want coaching and support in navigating best parenting practices for children with trauma,  or who may need help in conveying difficult and complex stories to their children.
  •      We are working with adult adopted people who are wanting to learn more about their origins, and hoping to search for themselves and also sometimes, for their children's sake.
  •      We are working with birth parents who have received contact from a child placed long ago, or not so long ago, for adoption and who need help to manage their feelings and to tell people in their lives in order to pave the way for possible new relationships.
  •      We are working with relatives who are raising children from another family member and dealing with summer events where the whole family is together, and perhaps not clear about roles and responsibilities.
  •      We are working with lawyers who are trying to learn as much as they can to help their client who is dealing with adoption related issues and confusion.
  •      We are working with families where the children are from donors and where the story is even more complex to explain, and yet the truth must be told.
This is just a tiny tip of the iceberg of what complex blended families need to have some consulting and coaching on- in order to be strong and healthy


We are doing several consultations per week, and doing some coaching of professionals, and coaching of parents.   


Attached you will find flyers -

  •      About our coaching for parents and professionals
  •      About our couple and family 15k mile check ups
  •      About our year-long training for adoption sensitive                 therapists in NYC to begin in September
  •      About other new initiatives that are underway                         through PACT

All of these can be done live (the best), by skype, or by phone and we work with people from all over the globe.


Pavao Consulting also does consulting and coaching for non-adoption related families, executives and managers, small businesses, corporations, and nonprofits.


We are growing our business, and look forward to any referrals that you might have, and any help in getting the word out. 


Please Forward the Attached Flyers and Help Us to Expand!  


 Certificate Program in Adoption Therapy   

(additional info for NY training to come) 

Dr. Pavao presented in Tom Cottle's course on Children at Risk at Boston University in the spring, she presented at a course on Adoption at Mt. Holyoke College in So. Hadley and at a forum at UMass. Amherst for the Rudd Research Center on Adoption.

She did an institute and keynote for professionals at the American Adoption Congress in Denver Colorado and presented a workshop for participants at the same conference. She presented at Harvard Medical School at a conference on Child-Centered Practice.


Dr. Pavao is working on a new version of her award winning book, The Family of Adoption and is working on two other books.


News From AACT's Parent Organization   



Save the Date for Riverside's Blue Jean Ball





Riverside Community Care, AACT's parent organization, is having their major fundraiser in November and it is our pleasure to invite you to join us for this special evening!


Wellesley Country Club in Wellesley, MA

November 16, 2012


 Click here for a PDF of the Save the Date! 


Last year, the Blue Jean Ball raised $130,000, and this year we aim to surpass that amount with your help! If you are so generously inclined, any sponsorship of the Ball can be restricted for us by the AACT program while still providing the benefits of sponsorship. We are building a network of adoption sensitive and adoption competent practitioners throughout Riverside's 70 core communities and we need your help to make this happen. Thank you in advance for your support!  


For more information, please contact:

Tracey Monti at [email protected] or 781-320-5389


Updates From:


AACT is building a network of adoption sensitive and adoption competent practitioners throughout Riverside's 70 core communities and we need your help to make this happen.   

Your donation restricted to AACT will help to bring post adoption services to the community.    

 To make a donation, please call Tracey Monti at 781-320-5389 or send in a check (with a note that says you'd like your gift restricted to AACT) to this address:


Development Office
Riverside Community Care

450 Washington Street, Suite 201

Dedham, MA  02026


In our first four plus months as part of Riverside, we have been working with DMH to explore what the community needs are regarding post adoption services.  We will be writing recommendations and then working to fund the project.  In addition to several focus groups, we have done consultations to both Riverside and to DMH professionals around specialized adoption related issues.  



Dr. Joyce Maguire Pavao was one of the presenters at the Lt. Governor's Summit on Post Adoption in Worcester at UMass Medical School along with Asst. Commissioner Joan Mikula from DMH, and many others representing various departments that see the need for continuity of services and competency working with these families and children.

Thank you so much for your continued support of AACT and our work with pre- and post-adoption families.  We are truly making a difference.



New Film Development

Geographies of Kinship - The Korean Adoption Story is the latest documentary from award-winning filmmaker, Deann Borshay Liem. The film follows Korean adoptees from the U.S. and Europe on their journeys to reconnect with their birth country and piece together their past. Their riveting stories serve as a springboard for exploring the complex history of transnational adoptions of Korean children from the 1950s to the present. The film is the recipient of a development grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. To continue the momentum on this project, we are raising funds for production on Kickstarter! Please check out our video and join our team! 


Dr. Joyce Maguire Pavao

Pavao Consulting and Coaching
220 Concord Ave
Cambridge, MA 02138
617 547 0909