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June 14, 2012




It is Flag Day! And it's hard to believe that it is June!

We continue to work hard here at PACT and we are seeing several families and individuals and making some referrals after assessments. We will report separately about the developments at Riverside, which are going well.

We promised updates on the babies... so here are pictures of the sweet new babies and quick notes from their Moms, Lynette and Melissa.   People keep asking, but we are protecting Melissa and Lynette as they wish...They will give us all information on what is next, but that won't come until the early fall after their maternity leaves are over.  



I had a nice visit with Nate and one with Jen. I saw KC in a Riverside Supervision session. I had dinner with Holly who is doing well and is very busy at Riverside Norwood, and I'm making some referrals to Laura and to Judy Hu and Katie Jones after consultation and figuring out best fit!


We have a survey that we will put on survey monkey soon, but in the interim if you'd like to help us out by filling it in and returning it to me at [email protected] that would be grand. These things are most helpful in accessing funding, which is what we need to do to grow our services.


Again, to make things clear...   At PACT and Pavao Consulting, I am doing consultations and coaching for parents (birth and adoptive) and professionals and adopted folks. I am not taking insurance but do have a sliding scale.


I am building a network and will be working closely with people that I have trained to provide the ongoing work with insurance.   I am also building a Riverside (AACT) network of post adoption services, which you will learn more about by late summer, if not before.


As far as I can tell from calls and emails etc.,the services that we most need to establish and develop are:


  • Groups   Groups    Groups     for children, youth, adults, parents etc.


  • Clinically Supervised Visitation Model that I created must be replicated and must be available to the community and to the courts


  • Open Adoption Assessments and Opening of Closed Adoption Assessments and Follow Through are integral and since more minors are taking this on themselves via Facebook it is imperative to educate parents and to work to contain and create good and lasting plans for these Open Arrangements.


  • Assessment for Open Adoption Agreements at time of finalization


  • Sibling Visitation Model and work to establish real relationships among the families involved.


  • Assessment for Normative Developmental issues related to school, identity, trauma, loss and attachment for children of all ages and their parents.




Another area that is clear to us and needs addressing is ongoing training for both parents and professionals to become first, adoption sensitive and second, adoption competent in the many facets and areas of adoption that impact the lives of all involved.




Let us know what else you need after adoption so that we can develop a plan and fund that plan 




Help us to help you with an array of Post Adoption Services...




On another note, I got a package in the mail from my Publisher, Beacon Press, and when I opened it there were two copies of my book published in Hungary!!

Very fun to see my book in that language!

I'm hoping to see it in Italian, Spanish, French and Russian soon!!  

  Lynette gave birth to her daughter, Helen, on April 13th. Lynette and Helen are both doing well!  




Nolan was born on April 19th. He and Melissa are both doing well and enjoying getting to know each other.  

The Annie E. Casey Foundation issued a report, "Stepping Up for Kids: What Government and Communities Should Do to Support Kinship Families," that recognizes the benefits of kin care for children in the child welfare system and makes recommendations for more effectively addressing kin caregivers' needs. While 26 percent of foster children nationally are with kin caregivers, states vary tremendously in their reliance on kinship care (from 6 to 46 percent). The report recommends that all states opt into the federal government's Guardianship Assistance Program to make subsidized guardianship a permanency option; 21 states have not yet done so. To read the report, go to: CLICK HERE

The Adolescent Brain: New Research and It's Implication for Young People Transitioning from Foster Care
Many disciplines have contributed to the knowledge base regarding what enables young people in foster care to succeed. Now, neuroscience has added critical data to that base by revealing that in adolescence, the brain experiences a period of major development comparable to that of early childhood. Among the implications of the new data is this: Adolescents must take on distinct developmental tasks in order to move through emerging adulthood and become healthy, connected, and productive adults-and young people in foster care often lack the supports needed to complete these tasks. This recent report, released by the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative, introduces readers to new research on brain development in the adolescent years and encourages policymakers and practitioners to consider recommendations put forth to change the treatment of older youth in foster care. To access this report visit:  CLICK HERE 

Parent/Professional Advocacy League 2nd Annual Conference & Celebration
Friday, June 22nd
8:30 am - 3 pm Best Western Marlborough

Join PPAL for an incredible day of sharing, networking and support. Connect with professionals and family members in our community.

Stay tuned for further details about our keynote speakers and workshops. We look forward to seeing you in June!

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