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ROR Partners for Governor's Coastal Forum
The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana is hosting a 

Coastal Candidate Forum
2015 Governor's Race

Co-hosted by:
Nicholls State University
Peltier Auditorium
Thibodaux, LA

August 18, 2015

Coastal restoration is one of the most important issues facing our state.  Learn firsthand how our next Governor plans to deal with challenges and opportunities related to our coastal land loss crisis.
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Water Institute and Nicholls Awarded Blue Crab Grant
The Water Institute of the Gulf, in partnership with Nicholls State University, has been awarded funding under the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Saltonstall-Kennedy (SK) Grant Program for a project that will focus on linking shifts in blue crab population dynamics to changes in the coastal landscape. The principal investigator on the project is Tim Carruthers, Director of Coastal Ecology. Collaborating partners include the Institute's Kelly Darnell and Ann Hijuelos, as well as M. Zachary Darnell of Nicholls State University. The proposal will be funded in the full amount of $283,578 beginning on September 1, 2015.

With a focus on maintaining fishing opportunities and jobs, the study will raise awareness and increase understanding of the connection between blue crab populations, marsh fragmentation, and submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) distribution. The outcomes will inform discussion of management issues and decision-making for the blue crab fishery.

For more information, click here for the press release.
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While there are many more i's to dot and t's to cross on the agreement, we have been provided a great opportunity.

Settlement Summary: 
  • On July 2, agreements in principle were reached between BP Exploration and Production (BPXP) and the US Government and five Gulf Coast states to settle all federal and state claims arising from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon event.
  • Louisiana should recover over $10 billion in fines, penalties, and damages, from the largest environmental settlement in US history.  This settlement, five years after the disaster, cuts short years, maybe even decades, of litigation, allowing the State to begin diligently implementing the State Master Plan and mitigating for natural resource damages. 
  • Louisiana has committed, and even statutorily or constitutionally dedicated, a large majority of the related funding to coastal restoration and natural resource mitigation.  

By ROR Staff

April marked the fifth anniversary of the devastating Deepwater Horizon explosion that claimed eleven lives and caused extensive environmental and economic damages across the Gulf coast. This month, there was a huge step "to make it right."


Bayou Dupont 4 On July 2, agreements in principle were reached between BP Exploration and Production (BPXP) and the US Government and five Gulf coast states to settle all federal and state claims arising from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon event for a total of $18.782 BILLION.


Louisiana should recover over $10 billion in fines, penalties, and damages from the largest environmental settlement in US history.  This settlement, eliminates years, perhaps even decades, of litigation and appeals, allowing Louisiana to begin diligently implementing the State Master Plan and mitigating for natural resource damages.


Breaking the numbers down, Louisiana should receive a minimum of $787 million through the Clean Water Act fines through the RESTORE Act. Coastal parishes will also divide $92 million as part of the RESTORE formula. This direct RESTORE funding allocation to the parishes is separate from the millions in economic damages the parishes and other governmental entities reached agreements on as well. 


The State and Parishes will also greatly benefit from the $5 billion, or 60% of the total funds allocated, in natural resource damages that will go directly to Louisiana.  These projects will occur in the form of coastal or wildlife restoration projects intended to mitigate for the damages to the thousands of fish, birds, turtles, and other natural resources injured as a result of the spill.  Through an early allocation of these funds, Louisiana has already been apportioned $300 million from this source alone.   The State will also receive interest, as well as reimbursement for the considerable funds already expended for impact studies and clean-up.


Spread over the range of 15-18 years, the agreement also allows the State to leverage $1.2 billion in criminal fines from Deepwater Horizon, directed to barrier islands and diversions through the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, as well as the State's share of impending offshore royalty revenues known as GOMESA or the Landrieu bill which allocated the funds, Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act.


Louisiana has committed nearly all of the RESTORE and natural resource related funding to coastal restoration and mitigation of damages, even going so far as to dedicate many of these funding streams by law or constitutional amendment.  Kudos to those who had the foresight to dedicate this money in advance, as well as a heartfelt thank you to those who negotiated this deal for Louisiana.


While there are many more i's to dot and t's to cross on the agreement, we have been provided a great opportunity; however, many challenges and tough decisions remain.  Now more than ever, through continued  transparency and public participation, Louisiana and our coastal parishes must show ourselves and the nation we have always been prepared to "make it right."  


Now, let's get to work!


Click here for a downloadable PDF with the numbers and more details about the settlement. 

Applications Open for Water Start Up Assistance
Propeller, a business development non-profit in New Orleans, is currently accepting applications for its a 12-week intensive program, specifically designed to connect early-stage entrepreneurs and businesses with the resources they need to turn their ideas into tested and viable solutions.

What is it?! 

STARTUP ACCELERATOR:  This 3-month intensive program is for early-stage ventures with viable and innovative solutions in the coastal/water sector. Participants of our 12 week-program will work with our expert-led team to receive personalized assessments and a tailored growth strategy that fits your needs. Needs could include market understanding, customer validation, organizational structuring, legal corporate set up, product development, prioritization, financial planning, go-to market strategies, and more. 



(1) Join New Orleans' hub for social entrepreneurship

Propeller offers deep sector expertise and connections to a community whose knowledge, passion, and dedication is moving the needle for underserved populations.  

(2) Receive coaching and acceleration from successful, experienced founders and CEOs Lead Mentors for our 2015 Startup Accelerator including Mike Eckert, Founder & former CEO of the Weather Channel, & Neil Gibbons, CEO of GenoFAB LLC.

(3) Benefit from a robust network of resources to help you reach your goals Network and strategize with our team of 30+ Executive Mentors like John Elstrott, Chairman of the Board of Whole Foods Market and Charles Rice, CEO of Entergy. Utilize technical support from 180 pro bono members including PwC, Morgan Stanley, FSC Interactive, EMH Strategy, and more. 

(4) Enjoy free office space at our co-working facility

Collaborate with a community of 80 like-minded companies, while benefiting from free access to a shared desk, WiFi, printing, mailing address, conference rooms, locker storage, and parking. See the space



In each of our 4 sectors (public health, education, food access, and water), we're seeking up to 10 promising ventures that have identified a meaningful problem, have a compelling solution with a sustainable revenue stream, and are looking to build initial market traction. For-profit, non-profit, and hybrid models are welcome to apply. For full eligibility requirements, click here



Q&A Sessions: July 8th, July 15th - RSVP 
Application Feedback Deadline: June 9, 2015, 11:59pm CST

Final Application Deadline: July 31, 2015, 11:59pm CST

Program Dates: September 12, 2015 - December 14, 2015



Propeller drives social, environmental, and economic impact by incubating ventures tackling critical challenges in our key sectors of water, food, health, and education.  Since 2011, Propeller has incubated 60 ventures that have collectively generated over 100 new jobs and $20 million in external financing, revenues, and grants. Propeller and its Fellows have received notable national attention from The New York Times, TIME, Los Angeles Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, GOOD, and Forbes. 




We are grateful for our supporters who allow us to continue working daily on saving this irreplaceable region!

Simone Maloz

Executive Director


John Lombardo

Outreach Coordinator