IONS Community Groups Network Newsletter                                                          April 2014
Cathy Coleman
Dear IONS Global Community Network, 


The Community Group Leadership Council, consisting of about 10 leaders of passion project groups, have embarked upon an outreach call project, superbly organized and managed by Santa Rosa Community Group Leader Mary Gordon. 


The goal of this project is to connect with every community group leader by phone. Each council member has about 15 group leaders to call to learn about the groups. The callers will be: verifying the information that we have; making sure they are being included in and supported by what is now happening (calls/emails/complimentary membership offer), and; inviting them to the autumn gathering at EarthRise on November 14-16. Please be on the lookout for your call, and if a caller has left a message, you could help out by returning his or her call.


We are excited to build our membership numbers and our connections and are now mailing out beautiful new fliers to each group offering a 6-month complimentary membership to all who attend community group meetings and are not currently IONS members, so look or yours in the mail.  We will rely on Community Group Leaders to encourage complimentary membership sign-ups at each meeting and mail us any new memberships collected.   Our goal is to compile and maintain a list of all current members for both IONS and Community Group Leaders.


New groups continue to get started, and inquiries have come in from Melbourne, Australia; Cuenca, Ecuador; and Bodega Bay, California. Launching recently are groups in the Twin Cities (MN), Marin (CA), Indianapolis (IN), Honolulu (HI),  and Brisbane, Australia.  


It was exciting to read the enthusiastic email responses from Twin Cities IONS members who were notified a community group was launching in their area.  Engaging with all the sprouting and growing community groups around the world is one of the most fun parts of my job!


Cathy Coleman

IONS Global Community Liaison


Be a Noetic Scientist!


There are a number of IONS research experiments online that you can do yourself or with a few others. For example, the double-slit experiment is one you can do on your own, and the telephone telepathy experiment is one you can do with two friends or family members (or try this fun activity in small groups at a community group meeting). 



The telephone telepathy experiment takes about 20 minutes to register and do the activity, and the research team could really use more data, so please help us out and get a taste of what it means to be a noetic scientist! 

Around The World With IONS Community Groups


The Borderland IONS Community Group (El Paso, Texas) discussed
Systems Thinking: the Science of Wholeness.



Marin IONS (CA) hosted IONS Research Scientist Arnaud DeLorme, who talked about IONS' mediumship study.


Quad Cities (Iowa) will host on May 8 Bobby Middendorf from the IONS group in Chicago.  She is a lifelong creator and collaborator, poet, writer, teacher, publisher, facilitator, and creative catalyst. She will create an experiential wisdom circle, where we will journey inside, co-creating a sacred field of dreams. 


SCIONS (Florida Coast-St. Petersburg) held a meeting on the topic "Walking the Field," and is participating in Evolving Tampa Bay.

Honolulu, Hawaii IONS' First Restart Meeting

  CG Facilitators,


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   your news with others around the world, or email me at


   Thank you!


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Here is a video of President Cassandra Vieten giving a TED talk on "The Science of Interconnectedness." View it yourself or share and discuss it with your group.

Note that there is a message that appears "This talk falls outside TedXs curatorial guidelines," due to the noetic subject matter presented.  You can simply close the window that appears with this statement.


Research Explorations

The Scientific Study of

Spirit Possession


The Epoch Times reported on the practice of spirit release therapy. This article reports on various thinkers who have scientifically approached spirit possession, also known as exorcism.

Read more


Welcome New Groups!


Petaluma, California

Colette McMullen, Leader 


Honolulu, Hawaii

Robert Olaguer, Leader 


Twin Cities, Minnesota

Ann Thompson and Mikki Morrissette, Co-leaders ; 


Winter Haven, Florida

Ina Plympton, Leader


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Cathy Coleman, Ph.D.

IONS Global Community Network Liaison 



Lisa Reagan

IONS Global Community Newsletter Editor


Healing light and energy to Lisa Reagan, Williamsburg (VA) IONS, who recently severely fractured her leg and ankle.


For now send newsletter feedback to Cathy Coleman.