IONS Community Groups Network Newsletter                                                          March 2014
Cathy Coleman
Dear IONS Global Community Network, 

IONS Community Groups worldwide are growing like wildflowers! There are some 35 new groups emerging from inquiry to having launched recently. Groups that have recently held first meetings are those in Indianapolis; Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina; Cape Town, South Africa, and; Marin County, California. The New York City group recently re-started.


Nearly every day I receive an inquiry from some place in the world.  I am excited about supporting these new groups in getting started.  I also want to foster inter-connection between groups, and we're hoping that many community group members will join together in the Fall of 2014 for an experiential meeting at IONS' EarthRise Retreat Center November 14-16 as well as at the Summer 2015 International IONS Conference (place to be announced - maybe Chicago).


To help encourage community group engagement, we're launching a complimentary six-month membership program, available to all IONS Community Group participants who are not currently members.  Please let me know how many membership brochures we can send you, and encourage your community group participants to all become members!


In other CG news: 

Ten community group leaders gathered at the EarthRise campus March 14-16 to discuss community group governance, membership, how to support new groups, and to plan the fall gathering. 


Two leaders launching new groups attended:  Ralph Walker, who is starting a new group in Atlanta, and Alida McDaniel, who is shepherding a new group in Santa Monica.  Passion Project Group Leaders attending included: Janet Walden (Sacramento, CA) on governance; Blake Paysse (Sacramento) on Energy Work and Youth; Mary Gordon (Santa Rosa, CA) on resources; Bob Blackstone (Sacramento) on membership; Tahdi Blackstone (Los Angeles) on new groups; and Nelson Barry (San Francisco) on gatherings. Also attending were Shawne Mitchell (Santa Barbara, CA) and Dottie Koontz (Vancouver, WA).


In addition to supporting community groups, I've recently taken on the role of managing IONS' Planned Giving Program and look forward to enhancing and building the planned giving effort at IONS, also known as "The Visionary Circle." 


I'm heartened by your good work in community groups raising consciousness!  

Cathy Coleman

IONS Global Community Liaison


New Collective Consciousness App

Technology entrepreneur and consciousness researcher, Adam Curry, recently gave the IONS staff in Petaluma, California, a symposium presentation. He discussed the many implications and applications of the mind-world connection, especially in our relation to and the development of consciousness-based technology. Curry also detailed his journey from the PEAR lab investigating anomalies in random data, to Psyleron, and ultimately to his current endeavor, creating a collective consciousness app for mobile phones. You may want to click on these links and take a look at the consciousness app that he is creating. Adam can be reached at: 

Around The World With IONS Community Groups

Borderland IONS (El Paso, Texas) hosted Raul Tarango (GreyWolf), an expert in shamanistic practice, who gave an introduction to the origins of Shamanism and how it can be applied to today's world.


Iowa Quad Cities hosted speaker Rochell Rittgers  on "You Are a Healer Too!"  


The Diablo IONS Group (Walnut Creek, CA) hosted a presentation on dreams by Jane E. Carleton,  a Consulting Dream Specialist.


The Ventura County (California) IONS Group has been reading and discussing Michael Singer's book The Untethered Soul. 



   CG Facilitators,

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   your news with others around the world, or email me at


   Thank you!


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