November 25, 2013
Dear IONS Community Group Leaders,
Please forward this email to members and participants of your community group and other interested persons.

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Worldview Explorations and Cross Cultural Journeys Offer Trips and Youth Scholarship


Over the past 3 years, IONS has explored in-depth how a person's worldviews are formed and how our own worldviews unconsciously affect our thoughts and actions. Over the past 23 years, Cross Cultural Journeys (CCJ), has been offering meaningful travel experiences to IONS members to over 25 countries. Now, IONS' Education Department and CCJ have joined forces and integrated IONS' worldview research with CCJ's cross cultural expertise to offer travel experiences specifically for members of IONS' community groups. This unique alliance was the result of a very successful pilot trip to Cuba a year ago for IONS members, suggested by the following quote:

"I am still on a 'high' from this extraordinary trip. IONS, an organization I knew almost nothing about until this trip, constituted the majority of the travelers. I am in awe of their spirituality, their quest for knowledge and worldview, which was the focus of this journey." -A.M. Cuba 2012

Cross cultural Journeys (CCJ) and IONS' Education Department are partnering on four trips in 2014 and 2015: Cuba, Bali, Turkey and Brazil. Dr. Katia Petersen, IONS' Director of Education, will be the IONS leader on the trip, joining with CCJ. If you would like to contact Katia, you can d so at or at 707-779-8217.  Below are links to these journeys. While individuals are welcome to sign up, we also want to encourage groups to travel together as a community. 


Cuba: The People, Art, and Music Through Worldview Explorations, May 14-21, 2014


Bali: The Balinese Way of Living: Harmony, Community, and Spirit, June 16-27, 2014


Turkey: Weaving History and Mysticism, September 12-24, 2014


Brazil: Exploring Other Realities, June 2015

Young Adult Scholarship 
As an additional incentive, CCJF will offer a scholarship to any young adult, (aged 16-30) who wishes to participate in any of these trips. This individual must be nominated by a community group to go and a total of $2,000 must be raised by the group to fund a portion of the land costs. CCJF will provide a scholarship for the entire remaining land costs. If you would like to nominate a candidate or obtain more information, please contact CCJ at (800) 353-2276.

Please act quickly if you are interested in the trip to Cuba as both U.S. and Cuba restrictions require that everyone be finalized by February. If you would like more information or to sign up, please call Cross Cultural Journeys at (800) 353-2276 or email:
In community,

Cathy Coleman

ION Global Community Network Liaison