IONS Community Groups Network Newsletter                                     October 2013
Cathy Coleman
Dear Global Community Network,

We celebrate the launch of a new IONS Community Group Newsletter!  Envisioning community group members becoming more interconnected, we want you to learn more about each other and your groups' activities. We also want to foster a sense of shared mission toward the study of and participation in the expansion of consciousness.  


This monthly newsletter will be sent directly to Community Group leaders, who will forward it to their group members. We will be sharing what is upcoming in some community groups around the world. We'll also share a little about what is going on at the IONS Petaluma headquarters, and let you know how you can more fully participate. Each month will feature a call for suggestions on a certain topic, and the responses will be shared in the next newsletter. The power and potential of the newsletter will grow over time. Lisa Reagan, Williamsburg, VA, Community Group leader has volunteered to assist me in creating this newsletter. We look forward to engaging with you each month through the newsletter, and to meeting many of you in person along the way.


A little about me:  I directed the operations of IONS' EarthRise Retreat Center for the past 10 years, and recently moved out of that role to work at the IONS Petaluma Foundry Wharf Office on education and community groups. Prior to working at IONS I worked in various administrative roles at the California Institute of Integral Studies, CIIS, including dean of students from 1982-2001; and as president of Kepler College in Lynnwood, Washington 2001-2003. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ecuador from 1978-1979. In service to a passion to serve young people, I developed and directed eight youth conferences. I have a Ph.D. in East-West psychology from the CIIS, a master's degree from Washington State University, and a bachelor's degree from Iowa State University. I've been married for 25 years to consciousness pioneer, psychologist, and author Ralph Metzner, a long-time friend of many of IONS' past leaders and elders. And I have a son, Eli, who lives and works in Boston, as well as a daughter, Sophia, who is finishing her bachelor's degree at the University of San Francisco. 


I look forward to bringing my passion for IONS, my experience and community-building skills to you and your local groups. Please reach out and share your thoughts and ideas with us as we go forward, together.   



Cathy Coleman

IONS Global Community Liaison

Musings from a Community Group Leader
Things Are Moving For IONS Community Groups!

Hello Community Group network!  

I've become very excited lately! 

When I was at the 2013 IONS Conference in Indian Wells, CA, I met some fired-up people who wanted to see Community Groups move to a new level. I jumped aboard ship and started brainstorming with my new IONS friends on how this could happen... and quickly. This has developed into a powerful movement, headed by Cathy Coleman from the IONS hubquarters. This movement will revitalize the relationship of Community Groups and the IONS headquarters and provide new resources, broader communication and sharing, and a stronger connection for all of us. I encourage everyone to take a peek at what is coming, become engaged with the groups working on this endeavor, join in on calls and meetings to share your ideas and vision, and bring these resources to your local groups to strengthen our mission to advance the science of consciousness and the human experience. I look forward to connecting with more Community Group members and leaders as we build the Community Group platform within the Institute of Noetic Sciences.  


Mary Gordon

Santa Rosa IONS

Community Group Coordinator

IONS Community Group Happenings

Boise, Idaho IONS presented Deepak Chopra Foundation's commitment for the future featuring "The Consciousness Project (TCP) -- Hopeful Solutions for Epic Problems."


Chicago IONS presented psychic/medium, Stacey Cripps; shamanic practitioner, Jean Tindle; and intuitive healer, Robert Taub, together in a program on exploring other dimensions of consciousness called: "When the Veils are Thinned: Connecting to Different Realms."


SacIONSSacramento, California, screened a DVD recording of Eben Alexander's talk at the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology's 15th Annual International Conference. Dr. Alexander is the author of Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife.


San Francisco IONS hosted Rev. Madalyn Suozzo who spoke on "Using Physics To Understand The Dynamics Of The Psyche." Out of a desire to help others activate and control the very natural ability to self-heal and revitalize, Madalyn teaches a powerful hands-on energy technique called Regenesis. She lectures on the physics of the psyche, the connections between the seen and unseen worlds, where body mechanics and self-awareness meet.


Seattle IONS, Indra's Rainbow Group, discussed "Psi: Show Me the Evidence," encouraging members to first read IONS Senior Scientist Dean Radin's blog.


West Virginia IONS, "I Have No Idea" Group, Charleston, discussed Morgan Freeman's Can We Travel Faster Than Light?
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March 14-16, 2014 will be a large community group member meeting, networking opportunity, and mini-conference. This is offered at a 50% discount for lodging and meals.  
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Featured Media
Here's a 3-minute message from IONS founder Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, recorded on Edgar Mitchell Day in Petaluma, October 27, 2012. Play it at your next community group meeting and/or watch it here.
IONS Community Recommends
This section of the newsletter will have recommendations from the community on a certain topic such as books, films, websites, telecourses, etc. The theme for November will be book recommendations. Send your recommendation of a good read to Lisa Reagan at
Noetic Sciences are...
The word noetic comes from the ancient Greek word 'nous,' for which there is no exact equivalent in English. It refers to inner knowing or intuitive consciousness--direct and immediate access to knowledge beyond what is available to our normal senses and power of reason. Noetic sciences apply the lens of science, its rigors and standards of evidence-based research, to the multidisciplinary study of the mysteries of consciousness.
Community Group Tip: Using Meet-Up can be a very valuable resource for IONS community groups. It is a free social media service that anyone can sign up for and post "Meet-Ups" about the meetings, classes, workshops, clubs, and other events that you are hosting in various categories in your local communities. People who are interested in the topics you assign to your meetings will find them, sign up for them, and may or may not show up - but it helps get awareness out there! 


Your group can start a group profile where people can join as members and see Meet-Ups and messages by that particular group. The original founder of the group moderates the settings, able to decide who becomes organizers, administrators, or who can become regular members and what functions they have access to. It is very flexible, and provides step-by-step guidance on their site for new members. There are functions for collecting dues, RSVP's, hosting forum discussions, and a wide variety of extra options to customize your posts that are fun to explore!  


For SacIONS (the Sacramento Community Group for IONS), we created a Meet-Up group profile and have over 250 members on our mailing list. When we have a general meeting, we post it as an event. When any of our members wants to host a discovery group (a sub group that focuses on one or two particular areas of interest, such as shamanic journeys, energy healing, video viewing, group meditations, mindfulness, local community issues from an IONS perspective, etc.) he or she can post a Meet-Up through the group that will be seen by the members of the mailing list.


-Blake Paysee 

Sacramento IONS