Kitchen Remodels
Six Trends in Good Taste
     Whether you are a fervent foodie or simply want a chic space to gather as you pack kids' lunches, having a deliciously stylish kitchen at the heart of your home will always be the icing on the cake.  Here are some of our favorite trends:

Thick countertops
     The popularity of thick countertops is on the rise.  Regardless of whether they are composed of granite, quartz, butcher block or cement, countertops with 2-3 inches of thickness add a layer of decadence to your workspace.

Flush countertops
     If a modern look aligns with your taste, consider flush countertops to give your kitchen a design edge.  Eliminating the standard bit of overhang to keep counters in line with cabinets serves up a neat finish.

     To cook up a clean, no fuss look in your kitchen, opt for built-ins wherever possible.  Cabinets made to encase appliances and store kitchen gadgets keep the room's appearance neat and sleek.

Tall Cabinets
     Elongating your cabinets will achieve added storage space while providing a long, lean line that is pleasing to the eye. 

Open Shelving
     Consider lining your kitchen's walls with open shelving instead of traditional cabinets.  To truly embrace a contemporary look that shines, select stainless steel materials for your shelving.

Glass Backsplashes
     The addition of a glass backsplash to a kitchen's decor is the cherry on top.  Try a glass subway tile or a decorative glass tile with fun colors.  From traditional to modern, there is a perfect glass tile available to suit your style.

     A kitchen remodel can be an overwhelming experience.  But, sticking with the above six trends will always be in good taste.
 In the above kitchen renovation, we added a glass backsplash, thick countertops, tall cabinets and built-in double ovens.

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