Top Five Design Trends for 2016

Start the New Year in Style:
With the new year comes a fresh start. As you usher in 2016, make a resolution to refresh your nest with some of these timely trends in interior décor. 

1.  Wallpaper it:  

The writing is on the wall...Wallpaper is back! But today's fashionable wall coverings are far removed from the mauve floral brocade of your grandma's era. Current designs in wallpaper provide gorgeous texture as well as color. The possibilities are limitless; you can even transform your favorite fabric into customized wallpaper!

2.  Keep it Sustainable:  

These days, nearly every industry is rising to the challenge of assuring sustainability. Textile and furniture companies are thinking long-term; we should be, too.  Shopping for home décor with concern not only for our own environment, but also for the Earth's, helps us all.

3.   Make it (Warm) Modern:  

Modern means clean lines. Modern means simple style. Modern means warm and welcoming??  Today's modern designs are a distant cousin to the cold, edgy interiors of yesteryear. Warm modern means keeping things "no fuss, no muss" while incorporating rich fabrics and soothing colors. The result is an atmosphere that is at once chic and inviting. 

4.  Un-Colorize it:  

White-ironically defined as the absence of color- is the "it" color for 2016. Painting your walls white can lend a fresh, clean feeling to a room.  Although here, at Shea Interiors, we love color...we must agree that white walls provide a beautiful blank palette upon which your furnishings, artwork and accessories, can truly shine.

5.  Mix it up with Metallics:

Metals shine in 2016, making them the crown jewels of any room. Whether it's pewter, gold, brass or silver, mixing metallics will lend sparkle to any space, adding an abundance of visual appeal.

Whether your 2016 resolutions include large-scale interior projects or simple upgrades, the top trends for the new year offer exciting, attainable ways to reach your design goals in style.

Shea Interiors

To my friends, family, clients and business associates;

I am looking forward to another wonderful year full of inspiring and creative design.  All the best to you and your loved ones in 2016.