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November, 2015

Top five signs it's time to redo your "loo"

1.  It's Not-so-Groovy, Baby...
Do you get 1970s flashbacks every time you take a shower?  Whether it's harvest gold tile, floral wallpaper or outdated fixtures (or a combination thereof!), updating with current materials can bring your bathroom into the current millennium. Floating cabinets, glass and mosaic tiles and stone are all excellent ideas for bathroom modernization and flashback prevention!

2.  It's a Golden Oldie...
Silence is golden. Your bathroom grout should not be.  Even in the cleanest of homes, passage of time can cause white items such as paint, cabinets and grout to take on a yellow hue. Ridding the room of these faded foes will brighten your bath and give it a fresh clean feel.

3.  It's Short on Storage...
Does your bathroom suffer from counter clutter? Or perhaps there's a "towel mountain" in the corner? You aren't alone; in most bathroom, storage is sorely lacking. Fortunately, solutions to give you more abundant bath storage now abound. For total renovations, current trends in bathroom layouts allow for plenty of storage of towels, sheets, cosmetics and medicines.  For existing bathroom modernization, tall cabinets that utilize both vertical and horizontal space are the answer.

4.   It Needs a Facelift...
Time can be cruel, doubly so for bathroom walls. Over time, moisture can damage drywall and cause paint to peel. Repairing or replacing drywall and updating with a fresh coat of paint will give your bathroom the youthful lift it needs.

5.  It Lacks Spa Quality...
There's no need to wait until your bathroom is in dire need of a redo to make changes! Perhaps you'd simply like to give your bathroom "spa quality" to make it more luxurious.  Every home deserves a bathroom that feels fresh, fabulous and a little-or a lot!- luxurious. 

If your powder room could use a bit of polish, let Shea Interiors help you devise the perfect bathroom design with a new look that jives with your lifestyle.

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