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October, 2015

Functional & Fabulous:
Creating a Living Room You'll Love

As an interior decorator, I find the space clients most often request help with is the living room. The living room is of particular importance, since it's where we spend a great deal of time, gathering for relaxation and conversation. It's also usually one of the first areas to greet guests as they arrive in your home.

With a bit of planning and professional guidance, you can create a living room that feels and functions as fabulous as it looks.  Here's how I create a design plan to help clients achieve a luxurious living space at a variety of price points:

1.   Furnishings & Fabrics

First things first: Based on your input from our initial consultation and the architecture of your space, the foundational items for the room's décor are selected. These include furnishings such as sofas, chairs, tables, etc., and fabrics, such as rugs, window treatments, etc.

To ensure the suggestions are a perfect fit for your budget and taste as well as your space, 2-3 options for each foundational item, ranging in price, are provided.

 2.   Light it Up

With the foundation for your living room design in place, I will build upon it by illuminating your space with the ideal lighting. A crucial-yet often overlooked-design element, lighting influences the mood of the room while accenting and highlighting focal points.

The possibilities for lighting are practically limitless. Lamps, chandeliers, pendants and more can all be found in a range of styles at any given price point.

3.   Accessorize!
Finally, I find the finishing touches to complete the room. Accessories such as pillows, artwork and other décor items are a fun way to add personality and panache to a space.  

Whether you plan to host a celebration, hang out for movie night or simply snuggle up with a good book, a luxurious living room is a space you-and guests-will enjoy for years to come.  If you need some guidance in creating a fabulous living room space (or any space), I would love to help.   :) Amy
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