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September, 2015

Enhance Your Entryway
Five Easy Ideas for an Ideal First Impression

As everyone knows, you only get one chance to make a first impression. The same is true for your home. When guests cross your threshold, the entryway gives them an immediate sense of your home. Make sure everyone who graces your entrance feels they have arrived in style with the following five easy ideas.

Mirror, Mirror
Since most entryways are on the small side, mirrors can give the illusion of greater space. Group multiple small mirrors together or hang a single large mirror. Either way, the reflection will catch the light from nearby windows and lighting to bring brightness into the small area.

Go Bold & Beautiful
Nothing makes a big statement in a small space better than bold color! Paint your entryway a daring shade that complements the colors of adjacent walls. The contrast will help define your home's entrance area while also accenting nearby rooms.

Light it Up
Add visual interest while illuminating your entryway by installing a new light fixture. Whether your style calls for a chic chandelier, sleek pendant or an elegant pair of sconces, a gorgeous light fixture will add sparkle and shine.

Provide an Interesting Aside (Table)
As far as furniture goes, console tables may the best multi-task masters around. Unassuming in their narrow width, yet suitable for nearly any space, the classic console table truly shines when placed in an entryway.  A live-edge wood console is an ideal accompaniment and will add a rustic touch. For a more modern take on the classic console, try a white table with a glossy finish.

Add an Artistic Accent
From the moment guests walk into your home, interesting artwork can serve as a conversation piece. Add an eye-catching painting, a collage of photographs or a metal wall sculpture that captures your passion.

Enhancing your entryway can be a fun, simple and inexpensive way to add personality and panache to your space. Implement the ones which speak to you to create an entrance that offers a stunning first impression.

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