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August, 2015

Interiors Inspired by Nature

Everyone loves to connect with nature. Whether your ideal way to spend time in the great outdoors involves hiking in the mountains, soaking up sun at the beach or simply taking in the scenery from your back deck, the motivation is much the same: a sense of calm centeredness.

The first step in creating your sanctuary is deciding: Which natural elements speak to me?  Wood, brick, seagrass and stone are a few popular choices at the moment, though the array of natural décor elements is endless. 

Here are three suggested elements for a nature-inspired interior as timeless as it is tranquil:

1. Wood. 
Wood seems an obvious choice for bringing natural elements inside. However, wood can offer a beautiful foundation for much more than just flooring. Wood walls, done well, can be a stunning addition to any room.

Consider your personal style as well as the architecture of your home. A rustic wood accent wall will provide interesting contrast in a modern home. More traditional spaces may be best suited to a wall comprised from a rich timber such as mahogany. 

2.  Brick and Stone.
The color, texture and dimension of brick and stone lend an especially unique flair to entire rooms or accent walls.  Brick or stone walls can liven up a space of any style, adding warmth and a definitive "wow" factor.

3.  Sunlight.
Yes, sunlight.  It may sound surprising, but sunlight can actually be one of the most exciting design elements in a space. That's because it invigorates us and makes us feel alive. So, treat yourself by replacing heavy draperies with sheer panels or cellular shades or shutters that ensure privacy at night but allow the sunlight to stream through during the day.

Since most of us spend far more time indoors than we would like, finding ways to bring the outside in is a bright idea that offers an abundance of benefits.  The same serenity that you enjoy outside can be accomplished within the walls of your home or business. By incorporating materials of organic origin, your interior will inspire feelings of peace and well-being.
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