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July, 2015

Why Summertime is the HOT time
for Home Redesign

As the mercury in the thermometer rises, so does the forecast for a successful, un-stressful, home redesign. Take advantage of this "hot" opportunity to put your plan into action.  And, as fall approaches, you can sit back and relax in your newly redesigned space while everyone else fights the crowd and pays full-price.

Save Money:
The heat of summer seems to slow everything down, including retail sales. Since those lazy days equal lower sales, you can find deep discounts at almost every store as they discount inventory to spur customers to spend. Plus, with Shea Interiors' Professional Discount Sharing you'll save even more!

Save Yourself Stress:
Summer days may be lazy, but fall ones are crazy! Remember, the holiday season starts in September. Retail stores and interior decorators alike experience a surge in business as the holiday rush approaches. This often means that supply is exceeded by demand, creating waitlists, backorders and delays in shipments.  Get a head start on your home redesign (and holiday decorating!) now and beat the rush.

Save Time:
For most of us, summer comes at a slower pace and affords us some time to relax. School is out; schedules are less hectic. Between days of summertime fun, why not spend a bit of your extra time taking care of the home redesign project you have been putting off? You may even find it comes together quicker, since you'll be able to focus more fully on the task-at-hand. 

By completing the projects you have in mind during the summer season, you'll save time, money and stress- a hot combination in any climate!

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Happy Fourth of July to my friends, family and business partners.    

Enjoy!  Amy


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