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June, 2015

Why Hire an Interior Decorator?
Five Reasons a Professional is Worth the Price

With so many magazines, TV shows and blogs dedicated to decorating, it's no wonder more and more people have become inspired and decided to undertake their own projects.   However, to make sure the "big reveal" is the result you really want, hiring a professional makes perfect sense.

1.  The"WOW" factor
While many people are blessed with the ability to match colors and select furnishings, an interior decorator can offer additional insights to make sure your completed design exceeds your expectations. With the guidance of a professional, your newly decorated room will "WOW" you-and anyone else-every time you step into the space.

2.  Save money
Granted, hiring a decorator may cost a bit more upfront. In the long run, however, a professional can help you avoid costly mistakes and "do-overs."  The bottom line: Getting it right the first time will save you time, money and your sanity!

3.  Connections
Sure, it is about what they know, but it's also about who they know! As industry professionals, interior designers have many trade connections that grant them exclusive access to many items not readily available to the public. Utilizing these connections will ensure that you have the best possible choices for everything from furniture and flooring down to the smallest décor details.

4.  Benefit from Experience
Design professionals have been there, done that. Take advantage of their experience for determining feasibility, creatively solving problems and simplifying choices that may seem overwhelming.

5.  Peace of Mind
Whether you are focusing on a single space or tackling an entire home, redecorating requires a great deal of time and attention to detail.  Advice from a trained interior decorator will save you stress in the project management process and will save you the anxiety of second-guessing your decisions.

Remember: It's never as quick and easy as it looks on TV!  In real life, your best bet for a thrilling "room reveal" you will love (and a design journey you can enjoy) is to place your next project in the hands of a professional.

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