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April, 2015

Create Your Dream Space: The Shea Interiors Simple Four-Step Design Process

Shea Interiors utilizes a four-step design process for each project to help ensure that the experience is fun and rewarding for their clients.

The method is simple and streamlined for clients, enabling us to maintain our eye for detail and work to fulfill as much of your design "wish list" as possible.

Step 1: Evaluation
For our initial meeting, I will meet with you-at no charge-at the location of your design project (home, office, etc.).

During our session, we will discuss the scope of your project, your color and style preferences, and possibilities for your given space and budget. At the completion of our evaluation meeting, you will be able to make an informed decision of whether or not you wish to proceed with our services.

If you decide during our meeting that you would like us to proceed with the project, we will take measurements of your space on the spot. If you need additional time to decide, that's fine. We can return to take measurements later.

Step 2: Presentation
Approximately two to three weeks after our initial evaluation, we will present our design plan to you.

The design plan will include recommended options and samples for items such as: floor plans, furnishings, paint colors, fabrics, rugs, cabinet finishes, backsplashes, countertops, window treatments, etc., along with each item's price. At least two options for each of the project's components will be included.

After reviewing the design plan, you will have a complete understanding of the amazing transformation that Shea Interiors can implement in your space.

You may make your selections at the time of the design presentation or take as much time as you need to think it over. Once you make your selections, we will immediately begin working toward bringing your design plan to life.

Step 3: Accessorization
Once you have made your selections of the main pieces from the design plan options, we will work to find the perfect finishing touches to accessorize and enhance your new space.

Step 4: Implementation
It's time to bring it all together! Shea Interiors will see that your design plan is expertly implemented, with each part of the process carried out with great care. We will coordinate all purchases, deliveries, labor and installation/placement of items. Your job? Sit back and watch the transformation evolve!

Step 5: Elation!
Finally, unofficial step five comes in to play...
Enjoy your space and the elation that comes with seeing your perfect custom design plan carried out and brought to life!

Shea Interiors

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