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February, 2015

Color Your Space
Set the Mood with the Right Hue


Choosing the perfect color palette for your rooms can be a challenge. With literally thousands of options available, it's no surprise that one of our most popular service requests is for color guidance.


When it comes to color, there's even more than meets the eye, though. Each hue carries its own connotations and can evoke certain emotions, making selecting the right shades even more important.


Characteristics of Color:

  • White: Airy, Serene.  

    Sometimes avoided for fear of creating a cold or bland space, the right white can beautifully expand a room.

  • Blue: Calmness, Faith.

    Truly versatile, blue can be used in any room. Bring blue into your room without "overdoing it" by painting an accent wall a muted blue-gray shade.

  • Red: Excitement, Intensity.

    While it may not be the best choice for (most!) bedrooms, red can add a boost of energy to a living or dining space.


  • Green: Tranquil, Composed.

    Green is a go-to color for any room you'd like to have a relaxed atmosphere. However, avoid green in small rooms with mirrors-such as powder rooms-as green is not a very complimentary skin color.

  • Yellow: Cheery, Optimistic.

    Dispensed in small doses, yellow can feel like bringing rays of sunshine inside. A light, muted yellow in a playroom, for instance, can add to the room's carefree vibe. For large spaces, however, it's best to avoid using yellow as it's reported to induce feelings of frustration. Too much of a good thing, perhaps?

  • Orange: Stimulating, Fun.

    Orange is said to be the "most creative" color. Reportedly, painting office walls orange can stimulate the brain. Whether this is true or not, your office's orange walls are bound to stimulate some attention!

  • Brown: Strong, Reliable.

    Neutral and inspired by nature, brown is as versatile as it gets. Use it in its lightest form to paint an entire room "mocha" or try a single "chocolate covered" accent wall for a touch of rich boldness.

  • Gray: Confident, Calm.

    Set the backdrop in gray, and your options are endless. Whether the selected shade has warm or cool undertones, gray is the ultimate neutral. For artwork and accents, almost anything goes, giving you the option of editing your décor as frequently as you like without having to repaint. Go gray in an entire room or put it into play as an accent color. 

Whatever mood you'd like to set in your room, a bit of professional input can be a valuable place to start. If you'd like guidance through the kaleidoscope of nuances color presents, contact us. Shea Interiors can help you select the perfect palette to color your space.

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