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              Congratulations to Kentucky Petes!
We are pleased to announce that all three flavors (Just apple, Cherry apple , and Cask apple) of our Kentucky Pete's hard cider took home  gold medals from the 2013 International Craft Beer Awards! Be sure to try all of the award winning flavors available at Meier's Wine Cellars and a local store near you!
Coming Soon... All flavors of KY Pete's hard ciders will soon be available in 12 oz bottles ( sold in 4 packs)!
Ky Pete's Hard Cider Starts at $6.99 / 22 oz bottle
Stuck inside this winter? Try home brewing!

Have you ever thought about making your own beer or wine, but don't know where to begin? Meier's Wine Cellars is a great place for a new brewer/ vintner to stock up on all they need to make their own beer and wine in the comfort of their own home! From starter kits to extra carboys and bottle jet cleaners we have everything one needs to get started with the most rewarding hobby one can have. Stop by today and ask us how to get started!

Beginner kits start as low as $49.99
Wine Is for Lovers...
Please join us on February 15th from 2 pm- 5pm for our Valentines Day wine tasting event.    

Singles $10
Couples $18
To find out more click HERE!  

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