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*New* Store hours effective November 4th - December 28th 2013.

Reiem, or Meier spelled backwards is our delicious line of sparkling wine and champagnes! Perfect for any occasion especially New Years!  We offer a quality product at an affordable price point. With five flavors to choose from, one is sure to find something to please all your holiday event attendees! Ranging from a dry Brut to a sweet Rose Spumante Meier's has covered all taste points for every pallet. This low price is only valid through January 1, 2014, so stop by Meier's Wine Cellars to stock up and save!
Please drink responsibly.

              A Toast for All!
When celebrating this season make sure you have something for every one to sip on. J. C. Meier's Non- alcoholic sparkling  juices are perfect for the whole family to raise their glasses with and toast to the season. With 11 different signature flavors you are sure to find something to please every one. There is still time to order before the holidays! All of our juices are now available to order online though, and Stock up today and take advantage of our 10% discount on full case sales!
$2.69 a Bottle 
$29.05 Full Case
* shipping charges are applied through phone/online orders*
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