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*New* Store hours effective November 4th - December 28th 2013.

Tis the Season for Giving...
Meier's Wine Cellars is not only your one stop shop for all your favorite Meier's fruit, table, sparkling and dessert wines but we also offer a large variety of wine related gift items! We have decrative wine stoppers, gift bags, wine bottle tea light holders, wine charms, bottle necklaces and so much more! When planning your holiday celebrations this season don't be caught with out a house warming gift for your host!

Gift items starting as low as $ 0.99
              A Toast to All!
When celebrating this season make sure you have something for every one to sip on. J. C. Meier's Non- alcoholic sparkling  juices are perfect for the whole family to raise their glasses with and toast to the season. With 11 different signature flavors you are sure to find something to please every one. All of our juices are now available to order online though, and Stock up today and take advantage of our 10% discount on full case sales!
$2.69 a Bottle 
$29.05 Full Case
* shipping charges are applied through online orders*
Local distributor highlight!
Heinen's Fine Foods

Now available at local Heinen's grocery stores are Meier's Wine cellars products such as Kentucky Pete's Hard Cider's. Follow the link to see what deals Heiens is offering on Meier's products and other savings store wide!

Winter Winederland!

Meier's Wine Cellars is at it again! 
Please join us on December 14th from 3 pm- 7pm for our holiday wine tasting event.  

Thank You for Your Support!
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