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Special Event: Celebrate Summer 
in Cincinnati!!! 
Join us on Saturday July 13th for a summer celebration at Meier's Wine Cellars in Silverton, Ohio. We will enjoy LIVE MUSIC with Roy Bushman, snacks, RAFFLES, and special event cocktails. All this, plus 5 wine tastings and a souvenir Meier's wine glass for just $10!!!! The event goes from 1 pm -4 pm, so bring a date and don't be late! :) 
Simply Sweet ...
The savory turns sweet when considering the sweet table wines 
that Meier's has to offer. Once 
known simply as Red, Rose and 
White table wines, these traditionally delicious wines have been appropriately re-branded to 
SWEET Red, Pink and White 

 The Sweet White is made from the Catawba and Vinifera with a fruity noise and smooth finish. 

Our Sweet Red is produced from the Concord grape and is greatly enjoyed with a meal & on its own. 

The Sweet Pink, derived from the Catawba and Concord grape, is smooth and fruity with a refreshing finish. 

All three wines are to be served chilled and
enjoyed by you!!


Dip into this...
Here at Meier's Wine Cellars, we encourage supporting local businesses. Ohio pride is a consistent theme, when deciding what items and accessories to stock. 

We proudly carry Cincinnati's own, Little Dipper Company bread mixes and dipping oils.
We stock five varieties of their easy to make Bread Mixes: Country Herb, Olive Oil & Rosemary, Focaccia, French and Five Seed.

We also have six Dipping Oils in a great bottle including: Parmesan & Roasted Garlic, Red Chili Pepper, Garlic and Herb, Pesto, Lemon Pepper, and Spicy Italian.
Visit the store for a sample!
Parallel Universe...
Sparkling grape juice can class up any event or celebration you may attend this summer. Whether a wedding, work event or summer block party, one may prefer a non-alcoholic beverage.

At Meier's, we offer the most
delicious alternative with our J.C. Meier Signature Sparkling juices. We even offer parallel flavors to your favorite Meier's champagne and wines. 

Our award-winning Pink Catawba, White Catawba, and Spumante Signature Juices mirror the sweet flavor profiles of their wine alternative, with a few more bubbles.

Stop and stock up, mix and match your favorite flavors into a case or 2. We are still offering our special 10% off each case, making a case of signature juice (12 bottles) just $29.05.

**SLUSHIE MACHINE!!** On Fridays & Saturdays, we'll have Wine Slushies for you!!! 
This week: Ros Sangria Slushies

We're looking forward to seeing you this Saturday (7/13 1-4pm) to celebrate summer in Cincinnati. During the event all wine tasting will be offered at the special rate of $10 for 5 tastes (and a souvenir glass). All of our wines will be available for tasting, but our normal "a la carte" (pay per taste) menu will be honored before and after the event. 

The wine is chilling, the cider is on-tap, the slushies are spinning. Your snacks and cheese will be prepared, glasses cleaned and polished. See you on Saturday!! And bring friends!!

Stephanie Moore
Meier's Wine Cellars

  Meier's Wine Cellars offers $1 tastings of our Wines, Ciders and Champagnes from 9am - 5 pm, Tuesday through Saturday, located in Silverton, Ohio.
(excluding special events). 
We also offer Wine Flight ideas and light snacks available!