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Just in time for the summer season, Meier's Winery,  located in Silverton, Ohio, is now carrying wine jelly! 
This delectable jelly is made from our delicious Meier's brand wines, right here in Ohio!
Lori Fratena of The Wine Jelly Shack in Valley View, Ohio enjoys our sweet wines so much she wanted to eat them, and now you can too!

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Crafted right here in Silverton, Ohio, Kentucky Pete's Hard Cider is smooth and refreshing. Available now in three varieties, Pete's Just Apple Cider is pure and simple, while the Cask Apple possesses a mellow bourbon blend. Do not underestimate the Cherry Apple, for it is infused with tart dark cherries that will most definitely leave you reaching for a second bottle on a hot summer day.


Summer Savings!!!

Just $7.99 


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Local Reds!


Meier's Winery produces many sweet and simple red wines. Try our Sweet Redchilled on a hot game day or pair our Red Seedling with all your favorite BBQ platters. Both are sure to impress your family and guests with their sweet and smooth taste. Be sure to support your local "Reds" both on the field and in the glass! 


Summer Savings!!!

Red Seedling: 750 ml - $6.99

Sweet Red : 750 ml - $8.99


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Non-alcoholic sparkling juices made by J.C. Meier are enjoyable for kids and adults alike! We produce 11 different and delicious flavors of juice varying from basic grape to our award winning Pink Catawba. Join us in our store front where we feature free Juice samples every day.
Summer Savings!!!
Meier's Signature Juice
Just $2.69

Kick your summer off right by joining us in our wine bar and store for daily wine tastings, unique wine accessories and, of course, the wonderful and afforable wines themselves! We are keeping our prices low as the temperature rises so grab your pals and come on down! We are eagerly waiting to assist you, whether you're an old friend or a new face, here at Meier's we have a refreshing solution to beat the summer heat.
Stephanie Moore
Meier's Wine Cellars & J.C. Meier Juice Company
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All Cases
All cases of wine and juice are 10% off. A case consists of twelve 750ml bottles or six 1.5 liter bottles.

Stock up on your favorites or mix and match to create the perfect variety pack.