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October 2015
A Little Warrior Finds a Forever Home
Malnourished Cat Overcomes His Illnesses
One cold day in February, a very sick and frightened cat was brought to Foothills Animal Shelter. He was in bad condition with several infected areas of skin. He was also suffering from malnutrition. The future for this little guy looked pretty bleak.

One of the Shelter's previous employees and current volunteers, Jessica, found out about this little kitty, quickly bonding and falling in love with him. Jessica decided to take the sick cat home to care for him as part of the Shelter's Foster Care Program.

While in Jessica's home, her family decided to call him Owen, which means "little warrior." They thought the name fitting since they knew he would have to valiantly fight through his sicknesses to keep his life.

It's Time for Dogtober Fest!
Big Dog Adoption Special This Weekend
Forget Oktoberfest, it's time for Dogtober Fest! October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, which means it's time for our 6th annual Dogtober Fest. It's a way for us to remind the community of the variety of terrific canines looking for their forever homes. To celebrate, we're offering $50 adoption fees for all big dogs 6 months and older Friday, October 16 through Sunday, October 18! The regular adoption process still applies and the spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchip and health check are included.

Pet Licensing Fee Change
$20 Flat Fee for Licenses Starting Nov. 1
Starting November 1, 2015, annual pet licensing fees in Jefferson County will shift from $15 for altered pets and $30 for unaltered pets to a $20 flat rate (altered or unaltered). This fee was decided in hopes that more unaltered, lost dogs can get back home safely. This is the first adjustment in pet licensing fees in seven years.

Licensing fees not only go to help lost pets get home safely, but now also to help provide life-saving care to the more than 9,300 homeless pets that enter Foothills Animal Shelter each year from the community. 

Pet Licensing
An annual pet license not only helps get your lost pet home, it also supports us so we can continue to give life-saving care to thousands of homeless animals each year. License Today
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Shelter Teams Up With Jefferson County Public Library
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Welcome Home
In September, 504 pets in our care found forever homes and 121 lost pets were reunited with their families! We appreciate your continued support as we help orphaned animals get the best chance at a better life.
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