August 2013 Newsletter
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License Your Pet Today
License your pet today!
If lost, could your pets tell anyone where they live? Could they hop on a bus or call a cab? In a perfect world, we'd like to prevent lost animals from ever ending up at Foothills Animal Shelter. We also want to ensure that you and your pet are never separated. So we offer an annual pet license to help you and Fido or Fluffy enjoy a long, happy companionship together.

Cat Adoption Special
Caturday Adoption Special 
Every day is CATURDAY in August! Adopt any adult cat for free! We have more than 100 wonderful cats over the age of 6 months that are looking for families to love. This free adoption includes spay/neuter, health check, vaccines and a microchip to make sure your new cat is happy and healthy.

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Happy Tails - Pet License Reunites Lost Dog
Labrador RetrieverIn early July, a Labrador Retriever mix was unfortunately lost in Centennial, some 20 miles from its Lakewood home. After making the long journey back to Lakewood, the Lab couldn't find its owner and was running loose for several days, lost, skittish and afraid.

When Lakewood Animal Control was finally able to catch the dog, a pet license was the crucial link in reuniting the Lab with its owner. The license provided the owner's name and contact information. Having the license really paid off, Lakewood Animal Control Officer Bonnie Martin said. The dog and its owner were thrilled to see each other.
Did you know your pet's Jeffco license can be traced online by anyone who might find your lost animal? The pet could be returned directly home to you without stepping paw into the Shelter!

Adopt Me
Oscar, adoptable dogHi, my name is Oscar. I am a 10-month-old Dachshund mix with lots of playful puppy energy. I am a happy-go-lucky guy with beautiful dappled fur. I love being the center of attention. My Pet ID# is 114348. Visit today!
$15 Could Save Your Pet's Life
Kitten receiving a vaccineRabies is a deadly virus that is affecting more and more animals throughout Colorado. Any warm-blooded animal, such as wildlife, pets - and even humans - can be at risk. Protect your entire family by having your pet vaccinated for rabies.
Visit your veterinarian or come to one of our low-cost clinics. We offer $15 rabies vaccines which protect your pet for one year (or three years if their current rabies vaccine has not expired).
Volunteer of the Month - The Martin Family
The Martin FamilyLearn how this fun, active family uses hugs, hard work and humor to lovingly foster baby animals for Foothills Animal Shelter.
Welcome Home
Last month, 473 pets were adopted into loving new homes and 186 lost pets were reunited with their families. Thank you to everyone that has adopted a pet, volunteered, or made a gift to support our lifesaving work. You are our heroes!

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