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Foothills Animal Shelter Newsletter  
February 2013
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February Special Spay/Neuter 
Treat your pet to a happier, healthier, and longer life! 
Major health benefits 
Did you know that spaying/neutering can benefit a pet's health by decreasing the chance of testicular, mammary, and ovarian cancers? Hormone-driven behaviors such as urine marking and roaming can also often be modified with this surgery.   
Too many pets, too few homes  
Several million animals enter shelters nationwide every year. Many never find loving homes.  
Spay/neuter in February for a special discount
Foothills Animal Shelter is offering an extra low-cost special for a limited time. A $10 discount will be applied for the first 100 pet lovers who book a spay/neuter appointment for February. Please spread the word to help reduce pet overpopulation!   
  • Discounted pricing for dogs: $65/spay and $55/neuter.
  • Discounted pricing for cats: $30 for a spay or neuter.
Schedule today by calling (720) 407-5215.  
Save a Life - Pet First Aid & CPR Pet First Aid  
& CPR Training 
First aid skills can help save your pet's life! In this one day class on Saturday, March 9, you will gain the confidence and training necessary to handle pet emergencies.
RStubbs with his familyeunited after 6 years
It's as small as a grain of rice, but it helped Stubbs find his family after 6 long years! Stubbs has a microchip.
In mid-January, the sweet Boston Terrier was brought to the Shelter after being found without a collar and tags. This was 6 years after he was reported missing under suspicious circumstances. His family filed a police report and notified the microchip company in 2006. They never imagined they would see Stubbs again.
After a simple scan, his microchip traced back to his adoring family. The dog was overjoyed to see them again and hear his favorite phrase: Wanna go for a car ride, Stubbs?
   "A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles."
 -Tim Cahill
With help from many friends, Journey's long road led to an accepting family with patience to spare. Learn how this unique dog provides comfort when needed most.
Last month, 400 pets in our care found forever homes - that's 115 more than January 2012! Also, 102 lost pets (including Stubbs, mentioned above) have been reunited with their families! We appreciate your continued support as we help orphaned animals get the best chance at a better life.
Foothills Animal Shelter
Rocket, Pet ID 112723
Featured Pet:
We help pets from near and far find forever homes! When space is available in our adoption facility, we transfer in pets from other shelters.
Just last week, we brought in 3 pets from Maui, Hawaii, 15 from Casper, Wyoming, and 29 from Santa Fe, New Mexico, including Rocket, a handsome, friendly cat! 
Vaccine, Microchip & Licensing Clinics
No appointment needed!
Licenses and microchips can be purchased anytime during our open hours, but vaccines are only available during clinics: 
At our Shelter:
580 McIntyre St., Golden
Wednesdays & Fridays, 3 - 4 pm
In our Community:
Saturday, Feb. 16,
Murdoch's, Westminster
Thursday, March 14,
Walker-Branch Park, Lakewood
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A Simple Fix:
Mobile Spay/Neuter
February 8:
Best Friends Pet Care, Wheat Ridge
February 15: Murdoch's, Westminster
March 8:
Best Friends Pet Care, Wheat Ridge
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Volunteer of the Month
Learn how this political science professor and aspiring author steps out of the classroom and into the kennels to help care for and comfort canines at Foothills Animal Shelter.