March 2016 Checklist 

Spring forward: Daylight Saving Time begins at 2 am Sunday, March 13. Move clocks ahead one hour.

Don't miss flexible spending account deadlines: If your company offers a grace period to spend money in your 2015 account, you must use it-or else lose it-no later than Tuesday, March 15. The last day to submit 2015 medical claims for reimbursement-including any grace-period claims incurred in 2016-is Thursday, March 31.

Keep kidneys healthy: March is National Kidney Month. Minimize use of ibuprofen and other ­nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. They can cause damage if taken regularly over a prolonged period.

Check out Jupiter: Our solar system's largest planet will be especially bright all night long on Tuesday, March 8. Its biggest moons should be visible through binoculars. They look like bright dots at the sides of the planet. 

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Licking Wounds, Insurers Accelerate Moves to Limit Health-Law Enrollment

Stung by losses under the federal health law, major insurers are seeking to sharply limit how policies are sold to individuals in ways that consumer advocates say seem to discriminate against the sickest and could hold down future enrollment.

In recent days Anthem, Aetna and Cigna, all among the top five health insurers, told brokers they will stop paying them sales commissions to sign up most customers who qualify for new coverage outside the normal enrollment period, according to the companies and broker documents.
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Kaiser Health Tracking Poll: February 2016

The February Kaiser Health Tracking Poll asked the public about broad options for changing the health system that are currently being discussed and finds more Americans (36 percent) say policymakers should build on the existing law to improve affordability and access to care than any other option presented.  Sixteen percent say they would like to see the health care law repealed and not replaced, 13 percent say it should be repealed and replaced with a Republican-sponsored alternative, and 24 percent say the U.S. should establish guaranteed universal coverage through a single government plan.
Full List: US Cities Ranked by Well-Being
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A new Gallup-Healthways survey ranks 190 U.S. communities by their level of well-being in 2014 and 2015.

The highest rated community for well-being was Naples-Immokalee-Marco Island, Fla.; while Charleston, W.Va. came in last, according to the survey results.

Lead Poisoning Risk From Cosmetic Clay: FDA
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FRIDAY, Jan. 29, 2016 (HealthDay News) -- A beauty clay sold at major retail outlets may put users at risk for lead poisoning, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned Friday.

Alikay Naturals Bentonite Me Baby is sold online and in retail stores, including Target, and Sally Beauty Supply, according to the FDA. Alikay Naturals' website claims that the clay purifies and clarifies both skin and hair.

ID Shield

Identity theft has been the top consumer complaint filed with the FTC for 15 years straight. Victims are spending an exorbitant amount of time and money dealing with it. The criminals are getting smarter. And they're not going away. That's why you need a company that's more than a website. You need an established institution that understands all the potential threats, how to prevent them and how to restore any damage.

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Identity Theft Information for Taxpayers and Victims
Identity theft presents a challenge to businesses, organizations and governments, including the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS meets the challenge of tax-related identity theft and is making progress against it with an aggressive strategy of prevention, detection and victim assistance.
Tax-related identity theft remains a top priority for the IRS in 2015. This year, the IRS continues to take new steps and strong actions to protect taxpayers and help victims of identity theft and refund fraud.

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