"Effective health care depends on self-care; this fact is currently
heralded as if it were a discovery."
- Ivan Illich

September 2015 Checklist

Plan holiday travel:
Booking activity heats up after Labor Day. For the best Thanksgiving deals, fly out the Monday or Tuesday before or on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday, November 26). Return the day after Thanksgiving, or wait until Monday or later.

Eat safer while wasting less: 
September is Food Safety Education Month. Keep up-to-date on recalls.

Go beyond McIntosh and Delicious: 
International Eat an Apple Day is Saturday, September 19.

Gaze at the moon: 
The full moon may look especially big on "Super-Moon Sunday" (September 27) because of its proximity to Earth. Also occurring on the 27th: A lunar eclipse, when the full moon "disappears" into Earth's shadow. 
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Blue Shield To Repay $82M; Anthem, Kaiser Say They Owe No Rebates

Blue Shield of California has to issue $82.8 million in rebates to consumers and small employers under an Affordable Care Act provision, the Los Angeles Times reports. The state's other two largest insurers -- Anthem Blue Cross and Kaiser Permanente -- say they do not owe any refunds this year.

Under the ACA, insurers that do not spend at least 80% of premiums on medical care must issue refunds.
'Cadillac tax' could wreck popular medical accounts

A popular middle-class tax benefit could become one of the first casualties of the Affordable Care Act's so-called Cadillac tax, affecting millions of voters.
Flexible spending accounts, which allow people to save their own money tax free for everything from doctor co-pays to eyeglasses, may vanish in coming years as companies scramble to avoid the law's 40 percent levy on pricey health care benefits.

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Bone fractures do not heal the way we thought, study finds

This was the surprising conclusion of a new study led by Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, TN, that may cause textbooks on bone fracture healing to be rewritten.

The team expects the findings, published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, will prompt a rethink on how fractures heal and change the way doctors go about promoting fracture repair.

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