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Google Glass Article
Google Glass In The ER? Health Care Moves One Step Closer To Star Trek ...

Imagine walking into an emergency room with an awful rash and waiting hours to see a doctor until, finally, a physician who doesn't have specific knowledge of your condition gives you an ointment and a referral to a dermatologist.


Calif. Patients Say HIEs Worsen Patient Data Privacy 

While EHRs and HIEs are being touted as necessary tools for the improvement of the nation's healthcare system, some Californians believe that the use of HIEs in fact worsen patient data privacy, according to a recent study.

Fire Fighter Article
Nearly 1 in 4 Compton firefighters is working without an EMT permit

Nearly one in four Compton firefighters is working without a permit to perform emergency medical care, a key credential required by other local fire agencies, a Times investigation has found.
New Genetic Tests for Breast Cancer Hold Promise

A Silicon Valley start-up with some big-name backers is threatening to upend genetic screening for breast and ovarian cancer by offering a test on a sample of saliva that is so inexpensive that most women could get it.

Test your Antioxidant Levels*

***Antioxidant levels tested with the Biophotonic Scanner, as seen on the Dr. Oz's show:

Dr Oz With Antioxidant Biophotonic Scanner
Dr Oz With Antioxidant Biophotonic Scanner

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May Checklist
Get ready for hot weather

Have your central-air system serviced. Clean filters and coils on window units. Consider installing ceiling fans.

Keep your garden healthy

Pull weeds as soon as they surface. Be vigilant about spraying roses for insects and disease. Remove wilting azalea and rhododendron blossoms. Prune forsythia and other flowering shrubs after they bloom.

Photograph your property at its peak

Colorful spring photos will cheer you up next winter. Bonus: If you plan to sell your home, the photos should help it sell.


Legislation Revives Effort to Limit Medi-Cal Estate Recovery

California Lawmakers are considering a bill (SB 33) to limit the amount of assets that California can recoup from deceased Medi-Cal beneficiaries, KQED/Kaiser Health News reports.

Medi-Calis California;s Medicaid program (Aliferis, KQED/Kaiser
Health N
ews, 3/27)

Legislation/Medi-Cal Article

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