Covered California Special Enrollment: Act by April 30


Don't miss the chance to enroll in health coverage for 2015 if you owe the fee.


The Health Insurance Marketplace is providing one last chance to get covered in 2015 to individuals and families who owe the fee when they file their 2014 taxes.


This is too important to put off. If you don't have coverage for the remainder of 2015 you'll risk having to pay the fee again next year for the portion of this year that you don't have coverage. The fee for people who don't have coverage increases in 2015. If you don't have health coverage for 2015, the fee is $325 per person or 2% of your household income - whichever is higher.



Sens. Urge Covered Calif. To Make Pregnancy a 'Qualifying Life Event'


On Wednesday, Sens. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) and Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) sent a letter urging Covered California officials to allow women to sign up for coverage outside of the open enrollment period if they become pregnant, KQED's "State of Health" reports.


Blue Shield of California fights to keep state tax exemption


Health insurance watchers are wondering why the state Franchise Tax Board decided to revoke the tax-exempt status of Blue Shield of California.
A Sense of Purpose May Benefit Your Brain


THURSDAY, March 19, 2015 (HealthDay News) -- Having a strong sense of purpose in life may lower the likelihood of brain tissue damage in older adults, new research suggests.

Autopsies conducted among adults in their 80s revealed that those who felt their lives had meaning had far fewer "macroscopic infarcts" -- small areas of dead tissue resulting from blockage of blood flow.


Test your Antioxidant Levels*


***Antioxidant levels tested with the Biophotonic Scanner, as seen on the Dr. Oz's show:



Dr Oz With Antioxidant Biophotonic Scanner
 *For more information email   [email protected]

Check status of federal tax refunds

Most refunds are issued within 21 days after the IRS receives the tax return.


Spruce up your  property  


Check the condition of the roof and gutters. Replace drafty windows. Pressure-wash your deck. Organize the garage. Have trees pruned, and plant some new ones.

Plan a yard sale

Make signs with big letters. An arrow is more effective than directions.

Cheer for your golf favorites

The prestigious Augusta National Championship rounds are from Thursday, April 9, through Sunday, April 12.
Jazz up your days

April is Jazz Appreciation Month.

Food Allergy Testing: What Parents Should Know


The number of children with diagnosed food allergies has increased by as much as 50 percent over the past 2 decades.

As of 2010, about 8 percent of children under the age of 18 have a food allergy and 38.7 percent of them had a history of severe reactions to food. There are many scientists researching the reasons for the jump in food allergies, but currently the cause remains unknown.

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