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Dear OM Sanctuary Community,
Thank you for making 2015 such a success for OM Sanctuary recipients, with much more to share on the horizon! As many of you know, we have been bringing restoration to a property that was in need. With a diligent staff and your generous donations, we are excited to announce that this was the first year we've been fully open to the public in over four years since our inception and receiving our non-profit status. We are grateful that you are taking this journey with us, as we continue to grow stronger in our mission, serving the Southeast and beyond through holistic education in sustainable living, wisdom & inspiration, transformational arts, mindful practices, and health & wellness. 
One of the core values of OM Sanctuary is whole-systems thinking. The OM Sanctuary staff and Board of Directors is looking under every lovely, moss-covered rock on our 54-acre campus with strategy, passion, curiosity, and innovation, in order to bring you a higher level of service and programming in 2016.

Thank you for making this world a better place! Through our combined commitment to healthy lifestyle practices, in 2015 OM Sanctuary has offered:
  • Over 275 holistic classes
  • Nearly 300 scholarships
  • 20 Enrichment Seminars
  • 11 Presenter Led Programs
  • 3 OM Sanctuary special events
  • 1 OM Care Award
  • 4 Legacy Scholarships
This has allowed us to serve almost 2,500 OM Sanctuary retreatants in 2015 on a national and local level. 

Let's leap into 2016 together!
We'll begin announcing our new 2016 programming on Monday, February 29, 2016. Become an OM Sanctuary Member and stay informed. Make your tax-deductible gift and Donate Today! All gifts received will be matched 1-to-1. Read below for more information on this exciting new matching gifts initiative.


Shelli Stanback                          Jonathan Frappier
President and Founder            Executive Director
"...hOMe is where the heart is."

2015 Highlights  
Jonathan Frappier, his wife Ashley, and their son Risden.
Executive Director
This year OM Sanctuary hired our Executive Director! Jonathan Frappier has a long and successful background in non-profit executive management, most recently as the Executive Director of Institutional Advancement for a university with five locations on three continents. As a yogi, meditator, and vegan, he and his family feel blessed to have returned home to Asheville. Jonathan is committed to working alongside President and Visionary Founder Shelli Stanback, introducing healthy lifestyle practices to assist individuals in meeting the growing demands found in our modern world. As the OM Sanctuary Executive Team, Jonathan and Shelli are bringing the OM Sanctuary strategic plan to fruition, with the assistance of our wonderful staff and the generous support of our growing donor base. 
Conservation Easement 
(placed on 40 acres of Urban Forest)
After three years of diligent team work between OM Sanctuary and Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy, the two organizations successfully preserved over 40 acres (of our 54 acres) of urban forest in Buncombe County along the French Broad River. Future generations to come will be able to enjoy nature's wonders because of organizations like ours that understand and value the relationship between nature and people. Studies have proven that a walk in a natural setting can calm the parasympathetic nervous system and aid in reducing symptoms of stress.  

Holistic Management Plan 
Step into the woods with us and join the 2016 next step efforts to implement OM Sanctuary's Holistic Management Plan Phase 2. Your 
donation will help in developing OM Sanctuary's Serenity Garden and the nature trails for centering, our educational programs, restoring the native plants, invasive plant removal and adding educational signs to the trail.  Our forest has song birds and other amazing wildlife.  
2015 Programs Review 
As we finalize preparations for our 2016 programming in the coming months, we are incredibly grateful to the faculty, students, and those individuals and organizations that brought support this year.  There are five types of programs students participated in: Presenter Led, Professional Programs, Special Events, Sacred Ceremony and Personalized Healthy Lifestyle.  
  • OM Care Awardee: The OM Care Initiative offers a self care and renewal opportunity to non-profit caregivers that diligently dedicate their lives in service to others. Stephanie Moore, Executive Director of the Center for Craft.
  • Affiliated Partnership recipients:   Our Affiliated Partnerships enable OM Sanctuary to offer discounts to several deserving non-profit organizations, including Women for Women (cfwnc), Asheville Rhythmthe TemplateWildlands Network, and mountaintrue.
  • Venue Scholarship: OM Sanctuary awarded a 100% scholarship to a Healing Cancer Naturally Support Group (run by Julie Parker) who held monthly meetings for over a year.  OM Sanctuary provided the donated space to hold these meetings as well as extended the serenity, tranquility, and opportunity for growth by allowing the group to attend other holistic classes and events held on our campus. 
  • Women's Enrichment Award: OM Sanctuary events included our Mother's Day Garden & Gallery Stroll where Annelinde Metzner (Linda) was honored with the first Women's Enrichment Award for her dedication to helping women in need and offering her musical talents to benefit local charities and nonprofits. 
  • Women's Enrichment Scholarship Fund: Artist Francoise Lynch's gallery showing has been on display since May 10, 2015. To-date, ten of Francoise's paintings have been sold with 50% of all proceeds being given in support of these scholarships.
  • Conservation Easement Celebration: We were honored to hold our Open House and Conservation Easement celebration on June 6, 2015. There were holistic classes and food demos, lectures, an informational hike, and a raffle and silent auction in support of OM Sanctuary. This highlighted and shared our connection with nature as we are now able to provide our Asheville community with an unheard of 40-acre urban forest only 1.5 miles from the heart of downtown Asheville. 
  • Supporting the Board: Board of Director, Christina Morrison, offered a viewing of Course in Miracles documentary, with space and equipment donated by the organization. 
  • Legacy Scholarships: Legacy Scholarships make it possible for qualifying individuals or groups (regardless of financial status or background) to participate in or hold classes, seminars, certifications focused on holistic education and other life-enhancement learning opportunities. 
    Looking toward 2016 is an exciting time for OM Sanctuary programs. Since finalizing our 2016 Venue Reservation Application Form mid-November, we have had over 50 application considerations! Contact our Programs Coordinator, Alyssa Tenace, at to inquire about your program in 2016. 

OM Sanctuary is delighted to announce its first artist-in-residence, Omilieye Achikeobi-Lewis. Her six-month residency will begin in January 2016 and run through June. Students will be served by the resident artist's inspiring weekly classes, workshop offerings and personal sessions TBA. Omilieye is a self-taught artist and author of several books born from a long line of Caribbean and African seers and wisdom keepers. She travels around the world protecting our waterways, healing our Mother Earth and communities through the ceremonies, prayers, songs and wisdom of her people and other ancient wisdom cultures. Humble and compassionate in all that she does, she spreads the seeds of love wherever she goes. 

We Believe! With this time of managed growth for OM Sanctuary there have been additional facility upgrades and equipment purchases necessary in order to serve our retreatants and expansion toward a point of sustainability.  
By believing strongly in our mission and working toward each next phase, the OM Sanctuary Board of Directors and Executive Team is proud to announce a new matching gifts challenge for all gifts received in 2016-17 designated toward capital projects. This includes (after multi-purposing the dining room for four years) a 1,500 square foot expansion to our Renewal Center for additional program space! 
Your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar and our goal is to raise $250,000 in the next two years to complete $500,000 in capital improvements.

This is a Game Changer! 

Our 1,500 sq. ft. expansion, with 16' tall pyramid shaped roof and floor-to-ceiling windows, reaching out into the edge of our 40-acre urban forest. 
Construction is on schedule to be completed by April 2016. Your support is critical for completion of these capital projects. 
As a non-profit holistic retreat inn, OM Sanctuary's future sustainability and health is supported by your generosity in contributions. Help us complete our much-needed facility improvements in 2016-17 and make your gift today!
Double the impact of your gift with a contribution toward our capital projects. Leave your legacy by creating a ripple affect of positive change for generations to come. For more information and a full list of projects and naming opportunities, please contact Jonathan Frappier, Executive Director via phone at 828.252.7313 or via email at
Total 2016-17 OMS Capital Projects
Renewal Center addition: adding an 1,500 sq. ft. of program space!
Renewal Center Renovation, current structure (Wellness Center, Meditation Room, Program Space, Meeting Rooms, Private Studios)
Total Sanctuary Pavilion, facility upgrades
Total Cottages (interior and exterior)
Total Surrounding Grounds
Maintenance Storage Area
Facilities/Maintenance Reserve Fund
2016-17 Total Capital Needs

Additionally, through your 2016 OM Sanctuary Membership, you provide support to OM Sanctuary and receive benefits in return, including member discounts on future retreats, insider's access to private events, and first choice reservations on renowned guest speakers and other programming. 

Set Your Goals for 2016 

"Disconnect" from the fast pace to "Reconnect" to your natural rhythms. Enjoy a personalized stay with additional program options.   Step into this beautiful location to sooth your body-mind-spirit.  Visit the Serenity Garden and waterfall, meditation room, nature trails or revitalize in the Renewal Center with a holistic class (such as yoga and Qi Gong), a massage or sauna. Breakfast and holistic classes are included in the Renewal Basics package.  1.5 miles from the heart of the city of Asheville.
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"Whole people are needed to create a whole planet, with each action creating a ripple affect of positive change for generations to come."
Shelli Stanback, President/Founder, OM Sanctuary