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Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington, Indiana
Friday, August 21, 2015

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Sunday, August 23, 2015     9:15 a.m. 11:15 a.m.
Rowing Across the Atlantic 
The Reverend Lisa Presley
     There are times in our lives when we are called upon to be heroic--if not in the large sense, at least in the smaller sense.  Sometimes, it feels like adventure; other times, not. What do Antarctica and the Atlantic Ocean have in common, and what lessons can we glean from considering them in the same light?
     Lisa Presley is a life-long UU who did almost every job a lay leader can do before she entered the ministry in 1991. She has served as called minister, interim, and as UUA staff for our part of the MidAmerica Region for a total of 8 years. She lives north of Ann Arbor (Go Blue!) with her partner and their cat--that is, when she's not on the road!
UU Freethinkers Discussion August 23
All are welcome to join the UU Freethinkers discussion this Sunday, August 23 at 12:45 p.m. in Room 208. No topic, no presenter--just free thought discussion. --John Crosby
Reproductive Justice Task Force Meeting August 24
The RJTF will meet at 7:30 on August 24 in the Church Library.   We will be discussing upcoming legislation regarding Planned Parenthood, activities at the All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center, and fund-raising/volunteer opportunities for the upcoming year.  Please come and share your concerns, ideas, and energy!  Contact Melinda Swenson for more information at 812-332-1020 or
Parking Lot Striping on Wednesday Morning, August 26
Please Park Off-site
We are having the church parking areas' striping repainted on Wednesday morning, August 26. Please note that our parking lot will not be available that day until 2:00 p.m. If you have business at the church that day, please park across Fee Lane on the paved area near the ball diamonds, or at Marching Hundred Hall across the Bypass. Thanks! -Carol Marks, Church Administrator,  
Our folks...
Our thoughts are with Siri Montecino and family upon the passing on Saturday, August 16 of her husband Alfonso. A memorial service for Alfonso will be scheduled at a future date.

Religious Education News

Preschool children meet every Sunday for class; if your child is entering or graduating from the preschool class, please contact Adrienne Summerlot so the RE Team can help make this transition smooth for you and your child.


Kindergarten-8th grade have the opportunity to explore Art, Outdoors or Photography from August 9th-30th.  Note: photography is only available during the 11:15 session.  


Fall Religious Education classes for Kindergarten-5th grade will be offered at both services.  6th-8th graders or YUUMS (Young UU Middle Schoolers) will begin meeting regularly at 11:30am on September 13th.

Office Assistant Wanted in UU Church Office
This part-time position averages 11 weekday office hours per week, including 3 hours on 2 or 3 Sunday mornings per month. Starting pay $10.00 per hour. Skills include bookkeeping, editing, website updating, data entry, greeting and assisting members of the community, taking phone messages. The person filling this position will work closely with our other Office Assistant to accomplish numerous and detailed tasks. Members or friends of our congregation are welcome to apply; please note that a high degree of confidentiality is required for the job, and becoming an employee of the congregation changes your relationship with your religious community. Please send resume and letter of interest to Carol Marks, Church Administrator, or to Carol Marks , UU Church, 2120 North Fee Lane, Bloomington IN 47408. Application deadline is August 31. No telephone inquiries, please.
Masthead Painting: "The Gulf Stream" by Winslow Homer
Seeking the Spirit, Building Community, Changing the World
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Carol Marks
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