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Vol. 2, Number 1~~ September 2012 

This issue of the NET-Q Communique is devoted to the many 2011-12 presentations and awards that have included a focus on grant-related work and - most of which - have been funded by the grant. For more information, access the links to presenters' complete conference proposals.  Our readers and partners are encouraged to contact presenters for (1)  additional pertinent information/materials presented at the conferences and (2) school-based/district-based or university-based professional development venues. 

Poster Presentation, The Psychology of Mathematics Education, North American Chapter, Reno, NV 
(October 2011)

Presenters: Dr. Pier Junor Clarke (l) and Erika C. Bullock (r) 

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Partnership Building in a 

Context of Change


  NAPDS Joe Feinberg presents V2, No1


Professional Development Schools National Conference, Las Vegas, NV (March 2012) 

Presenter: Dr. Joseph Feinberg

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National Association of Professional Development Schools, Las Vegas,  NV (March 2012)

Presenters:  Dr. William Curlette, Harley Granville, Dr. Joe Feinberg, Dr. Pier Junor Clarke, Dr. Gwen Benson, Dr. Susan Ogletree, Robert Hendrick (Georgia State University);  Wilihelmina Veazie, DeKalb County School System/NET-Q District Coordinator

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Using the NAPDS Nine Essentials and NCATE PDS Standards to Support Partnerships: A New Online Instrument 
National Association of Professional Development Schools, Las Vegas,  NV (March 2012)

Presenters: Dr. William L. Curlette; Robert Hendrick; Dr. Susan L. Ogletree; Dr. Gwendolyn T. Benson; Harley Granville (Ga State University); and  

Dr. Colin Martin, Gwinnett County Schools/Dept. of Research and Evaluation

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Exploring the Impact and Risks of the 2008 Recession for Marginalized Communities and High Poverty Schools and Student Achievement

National Association of Professional Development Schools, Las Vegas,  NV (March 2012)

Presenter: Dr. Miles Irving and Lidia Quinones

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NAPDS Drs Patterson and Dunn
Dr. Alyssa Dunn and  Dr. Day Patterson



Relationship Building from the Front Line: Supporting Pre-Service Mathematics Teachers in Urban Professional Development Schools

Professional Development Schools National Conference, Las Vegas, NV (March 2012)

Presenters:  Dr. Pier Junor Clarke,  Erika C.  Bullock, and Dr. Joseph Feinberg

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 Annual Meeting of American Educational Research Association, Vancouver BC, Canada (April  2012)

Presenters: Dr. Alyssa Dunn and Dr. Kara Kavanagh

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Annual Meeting of American Educational Research Association (April 2012)

Presenters: Dr. William L. Curlette, Robert Hendrick, Dr. Susan L. Ogletree, Dr. Gwendolyn T. Benson, and Harley G. Granville  

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Is There a Globally Responsive Pedagogy?
Dunn 1


Annual Meeting of American Educational Research Association,Vancouver, BC CANADA (April 2012)

Presenter: Dr. Alyssa Dunn

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AWARDS  see awards - descriptions

1) Distinguished Dissertation Award, given by AERA's CESJ SIG

"Global Commodities or Culturally Relevant Educators?: Foreign Teachers in U.S. Urban Schools"

(2) Carl V. Patton President's Outstanding Faculty Award for Community Service and Social Action (April 6, 2012 University Service Awards ceremony)
This university-wide award is given annually to one faculty member who has demonstrated excellence in providing, developing, and/or sustaining opportunities for students to engage in community service/social action, while addressing a community need.

(3) The EU-Atlantis Faculty Mobility grant

"Multiculturalism in a Global Perspective" at Malmo University in Malmo, Sweden (series of lectures and workshops, May 2012)  



"TIP"-ing Through Mathematics Teacher Education: A Triadic Approach to Teacher Preparation
Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association,  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (April 2012)

Presenters: Dr. Pier Junor Clarke and Erika Bullock

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SMARTBoard and IPAD Training    

SMARTBoard Training 

Facilitated by Jean O'Keefe  


SMART Board Training O'Keefe V2, No2 Fall 2012

  • Date: February 24, 2012    
  • Target Audience: College of Ed, Middle and Secondary Instructional Technology Faculty (MSIT)                     

 SMARTBoard Training 

Facilitated by Jean O'Keefe

  • Date: March 9, 2012             
  • Target Audience: College of Ed, Early Childhood Education Faculty (ECE)
  • Contact Person:  Dr. Joe Feinberg

 IPAD Training 

                    Facilitated by Tim Merritt                                     

  • Contact Person: Dr. Joe Feinberg
  • Date:  March 2012          
  • Target Audience: MSIT Faculty                  
  • Location: College of Education, The Forum
NAPDS Award Dr. Benson

Associate Dean, Dr. Gwen Benson, Accepts Spirit of Partnership Award




2012 Spirit of 

Partnership Award 

Presented to Georgia State University -  PDS/NET-Q 


At the National Professional Development Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, the University of South Carolina Conference Planning Team presented Georgia State University with the 2012 Spirit of Partnership Award in recognition of GSU's persistent support of the annual PDS National Conference.  "While we work on our end of things to facilitate the conference every year, we know that our work would count for very little if we did not have institutions like Georgia State who year after year not only attend the event but make significant contributions to the four-day dialogue through thoughtful presentations that invariably influence in a very positive way the national and international PDS dialogue that takes place as educators leave the conference and return to their home sites., " according to 

Dr. Bruce E. Fields, Executive Director 

School-University Partnerships and Clinical Experiences

College of Education, University of South Carolina

NAPDS Award Dr. Patterson
Dr. Day Patterson, 
NET-Q Project Director, showcases the 
2012 Spirit of the Partnership Award; 
Mina Veazie, 
District Coordinator for DeKalb  County NET-Q Partners, 
shares the moment proudly.

NAPDS Conference 2012 Pt 2

      Georgia State University 
NET-Q Team 
      of Presenters and  partnership award recipients for March 2012 National Professional Development Schools Conference (Nevada)
Institute General Session

3rd Annual NET-Q 
Summer Institute 

Thursday, June 14, 2012




Teacher Quality in the Accountability Era: Examining Common Core, Best Practices, and Partnerships


Summer Institute '12 Common Core Curric Panel

Dr. William G. Wraga 
Professor in the Program in Educational Administration and Policy in the Department of Lifelong Education, Administration, and Policy in the College of Education at the University of Georgia
Dr. Eric Wearne 
Assistant professor in the School of Education at Georgia Gwinnett College where he teaches assessment and foundations classes for undergraduates 

Dr. Jim Arnold

Superintendent of Pelham City Schools; 
contributes regularly to the Atlanta Journal Constitution and Washington Post on educational matters



Contact Information

Dr. DaShaunda Patterson

NET-Q Project Director

NET-Q Teachers in Residence-Special Education

Clinical Professor, Educational Psychology and Special Education



Dr. Gwen Benson               

Associate Dean of School and Community Partnerships           



Dr. Bill Curlette    

NET-Q Evaluation and Research

Professor of Counseling & Psychological Services     



Dr. Caitlin Dooley               

NET-Q Coaches in Residence and Digital Partnership

Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education          



Dr. Joe Feinberg

NET-Q Teachers in Residence

Assistant Professor, Middle-Secondary Education      



Dr. Susan Ogletree            

Director of Educational Research Bureau     



Ms. Connie Parrish            

NET-Q CCLC Coordinator               



Dr. Dee Taylor    

NET-Q Leadership Support     

NET-Q Communique Editor         



Dr. Susan Taylor

NET-Q CCLC Coordinator               



Ms. Patsy Terry   

NET-Q Pathway Scholars and Higher Ed. Partnerships            



Dr. Gwen Williams             

NET-Q Liaison for Satellite Teacher Support - Initiatives (for Albany State University) 







Dr. Dee Taylor, NET-Q Communique Editor