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Vol. 2, Number 2 ~~ October 2012 


Mentor Modules.com is a free online multimedia course and resource for developing mentor teachers and instructional coaches in PreK-12 schools.

These instructional resources help to prepare experienced teachers, instructional coaches, teacher educators, and administrators to mentor new teachers. You may have heard about NETQ, a project initiated by Georgia State University with funding from a U.S. Department of Education's Teacher Quality Partnership grant. One of the NETQ initiatives is to help prepare and induct new teachers. These modules are part of that 

NETQ mission.

The modules are a resource for professional learning facilitated in schools, districts, and in colleges of teacher education. They are free and available to all! The modules include multiple video samples, links to articles and research reports, and activities.

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Dr. Dooley Coordinator of Mentor Modules  


Dr. Caitlin Dooley provided the leadership for and coordination of the development of the new Mentor Modules, in collaboration with our NET-Q digital partners (Georgia Public Broadcasting).  For more information, contact: cdooley@gsu.edu

Caitlin McMunn Dooley, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Early Childhood Education Department/Georgia State University

Director, Ph.D. Program in Early Childhood and Elementary Education

Co-Editor NCTE's Language Arts

Co-P.I. NET-Q Teacher Quality Partnership Grant

Dr. Benson Goes to Washington Summer 2012 
Dr. Gwen Benson, Associate Dean, Community and School Partnerships,  Georgia State University

Benson Goes to Washington: 

AACTE Supports New Educator Preparation Reform Act


Sen. Jack Reed and Rep. Mike Honda hosted a press conference on the Capitol grounds in Washington, D.C. to announce the introduction of the The Educator Preparation Reform Act. American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) was featured with Georgia State University's Associate Dean of the College of Education,  Gwen Benson, and recent GSU graduate Rachel Mendel outlining the importance of the Teacher Quality Partnership (TQP) grants.

This will take you to the video on youtube.
Viewing Tip: Remember that Gwen Benson starts around 6.30 and Rachael Mendel starts
just before 12 minutes.)


".. a very important and exciting advocacy success for AACTE members.

AACTE has been hard at work, diligently advocating for greater federal support of educator preparation reforms to be included in the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) and Title II of the Higher Education Act (HEA). After analyzing AACTE's policy recommendations for ESEA and Title II HEA, Sen. Jack Reed (D-R.I.) and Rep. Mike Honda (D-Calif.) introduced "The Educator Preparation Reform Act," a bill that incorporates a considerable number of those priorities. Among the key provisions are: strengthening and expanding the Teacher Quality Partnership (TQP) grants, reforming the TEACH grants, strengthening accountability for programs that prepare teachers, supporting the development and use of a pre-service teacher performance assessment, and streamlining and updating data collection requirements. Currently, 25 national higher education and K-12 organizations have endorsed the bill, including members of the Higher Education Task Force on Teacher Preparation...."


Excerpts from letter by Sharon P. Robinson, Ed.D.

President and CEO American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (September 21, 2012)
Albany State Award Recipient 1  

 Aletha Armour, Albany University Partnership Teacher Resident 

Gloria Peterson, Albany University Partnership Teacher Resident 


Georgia Council for Exceptional Children 
Mini-grant for New Teachers  
The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) is the flag-ship organization in the field of special education, and the work of this group is critical in promoting the success of all learners. We are thrilled to learn that the vision Althea Armour and Gloria Peterson hold for their work as a special educators was recognized by our state's chapter of this incredible organization.
The New 2012-13 Special Education and Mathematics Teacher Residents Prepare for Their School Year 



CCLC Training for New  Teacher Residents 

Employed and Working Successfully in 

High Need Public Schools


Click here to view a directory of teacher placements  

Many, J. E., Fisher, T., Ogletree, S., & Taylor, D. (2012). Crisscrossing the university and public school contexts as professional development school boundary spanners. Issues in Teacher Education, 21 (2).


P-12 and university educators who prepare preservice teachers need tools to facilitate mutual understanding and bridge differences between stakeholders, structures, and norms in university and public school contexts.   A boundary spanner, who is an individual who bridges discourses, provides cultural guidance, and acts as change agent, can serve as a tool to accomplish this (Buxton, Carlone, & Carlone, 2005). This research concerned the perceptions and experiences of boundary spanners who were involved in teacher preparation initiatives through the public school and university professional development school partnership. Three themes were evident in their work: (a) their strengths at understanding the other, (b) their attempts to deconstruct traditional power relationships through support of and dialogue with stakeholders across contexts, and (c) their ability to draw on prior knowledge in order to shape the ways they engaged with colleagues in their new spaces.

Research Wednesday Lecturer


In addition to presenting at the Research Wednesday, sponsored by the Educational Research Bureau of the College of Education, Dr. Leonard also devoted a special conversation with K-12 Special Education teacher residents, secondary education mathematics teacher residents, along with the NET-Q District Coordinators and grant leadership team members.



Jacqueline Leonard (Ph.D., Mathematics Education, University of Maryland at College Park, 1997) is the Director of the Science and Mathematics Teaching Center (SMTC) and Professor of Mathematics Education at the University of Wyoming. She is the first person of color to serve as the SMTC Director in the Center's 40-year history. Dr. Leonard is the recipient of several federally funded grants that examine issues of culture, language and opportunities to learn STEM in urban settings. Other degrees include Bachelor of Arts from St. Louis University, Master of Arts in Teaching from the University of Texas at Dallas, and Master of Theology from Southern Methodist University. She is also a Deacon in the African Methodist Episcopal Church and connects her research to community-based programs in churches, museums, and other local sites. Her research agenda focuses on teaching mathematics for cultural relevance, social justice, and empowerment.


The Pathway Summer Scholars Program, supported by the Network for Enhancing Teacher Quality Grant (NET-Q) in local Professional Development Schools (PDS), is offered to Teachers and Administrators interested in starting a graduate program at Georgia State University (GSU) or currently enrolled in a graduate program at GSU.  Information about the program is sent to all PDS schools beginning early fall semester and Administrators are asked to distribute among all faculty.  New graduate school applicants must apply to GSU for Summer Semester enrollment by February 1st.  

For more information, click here for Pathways 

2013-14 application details)


The Pathway Summer Scholars Program provides financial support for participants (free tuition and a stipend) during summer semester only.  In addition to taking course work, participants are matched and assigned to work with GSU faculty as Graduate Research Assistants (GRA).  The support from faculty allows participants an opportunity to design and conduct research that can inform their professional practice.  At the end of the semester, Scholars come together to share their experience and their research with each other.  Following the summer Pathway experience, participants are expected to return to their schools and classrooms and further develop the research started summer semester.  This may require them to make minor or major changes in their direction and implementation based primarily on their students need.


Some Pathway Scholars have developed long term relationships with faculty that continue to guide and support them through- out their graduate studies.  Scholars have often commented that the experience of looking at their practice and researching alternatives has helped to make them feel "empowered" to do better.  Others have said, "I've learned so many ways to be more aware of my student's needs, such as language barriers, giving explicit directions, how to better use technology and more" and, "As a new teacher, I've learned a tremendous amount about teaching Math to ELL students in the mainstream classroom".  This experience for new teachers, seasoned teachers and administrators has been one that they often request to continue to be a part of.  The support given by the faculty and the grant has given many of the Pathway Scholars a reason to continue their graduate studies.


The number of Scholars, teachers and administrators continues to grow.  Beginning in 2007-2012, 60 participants have received Pathway awards representing 24 PDS/NET-Q Schools. 


2012 Pathway Summer Scholars

Angela AnglinTucker MS



Sabrina RollinsTucker MS

Alicia LepiankaPebblebrook HS



Joi NunnallyMcNair MS



Ben SmalleyPebblebrook HS

Julia PendexterMorrow HS

Natalie Farthing,  Rock Chapel ES

Rachael MendelDunwoody Springs ES

Tiffany KennedyTucker MS

Sherelle MinterKimberly ES



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> 2011 Teacher Residents: Successfully Employed
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Kudos to Our
NET-Q Partner Named Blue Ribbon School: Hendricks Elementary 


Hendricks ES Principal with Students
Principal Patrick O'Connell and Students


In a recent interview, Mr. Patrick O'Connell, principal of Hendricks Elementary School in Austell, GA, had these thoughts to share. 

"I am very proud of the work that our school and school community have done to help our students to perform at very high levels at Hendricks Elementary School. The recognition that our school received as aNational Blue Ribbon School was earned specifically because our students have made exemplary improvements in student achievement over several years. I believe that the high quality professional learning experiences that have been available to teachers at Hendricks are among the chief reasons for the success. At Hendricks, I work hard with our staff to make sure that relevant, job-embedded professional learning activities are part of a culture of continuous improvement.  Our partnership with NET-Q is a great example of a model for school improvement.  Working with NET-Q has allowed us to expand our professional learning network; the collaborative experiences we have have helped us investigate ways to integrate technology into our instructional practices and to increase engagement, for example. The future is so bright for us, and we are pleased to look ahead with partners who share our passion."

Hendricks Principal and AP Site Coord
Principal O'Connell and Lori Beck,
Assistant Principal/NET-Q Site Coordinator
  "I'm so proud of our kids
 and our teachers," said Patrick O'Connell, principal at Hendricks Elementary School. "This is really a special way to recognize excellence."


What Determines a Blue Ribbon School? 


Eight Georgia schools, including four in metro Atlanta, were named 2012 National Blue Ribbon Schools by the U.S. Department of Education.

The schools were honored for either helping students achieve high academic performance or for dramatically improving their academic performance. A public school can be designated as a Blue Ribbon School for high performance if its scores on reading and math assessments were among the highest in the state. The school must have met federal adequate yearly progress goals for two years in a row. 


This is the link for the complete article about Hendricks ES. 


YEAR 4.  

Teacher Residents
If you know anyone interested in becoming a science or special education teacher resident, please contact Dr. Joe Feinberg - 
Dr. Day Patterson - 
special education
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