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newsletter that highlights the wonderful partnership work among our metro school districts, our rural partner school districts, our four higher education partners,
 our national partner - National Commission on Teaching and America's Future (NCTAF),  
     and our digital partner - Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB). 
Partner Highlights
Gwinnett County Partners


Lilburn Middle School Cross Career Learning Communities 
by Dr. Gene Taylor, Principal
Lilburn MS administrative and instructional teams uue CCLC protocols to conduct business
(featured left to right  are  Bert Smith, Gary Williamson, Theresa Braddy)

Possibly the greatest benefit Lilburn Middle School receives from its experience as a NET-Q school is professional learning specific to Cross Career Learning Communities. 

All six members of my leadership team, including over 20 of my teachers and myself (principal),  have participated in a week-long summer CCLC Institute. To build on this work and make CCLCs an integral part of the way we do business at Lilburn Middle,  Read More...


South Gwinnett High School

CCLC Summer Institute Training 
by Tina Duncan, Assistant Principal and NET-Q Site Coordinator  
S. Gwinnett HS CCLC Summer Institute
There is a buzz in the air at South Gwinnett High School; with the training from Cross Career Learning Community 5-Day Institutes we are using open, equitable dialogue.  The teachers are using Connections to begin their weekly Collaborative meetings and full day staff developments.  Protocols have become a part of everyday conversation.  Collaborative Content teams use protocols weekly during their meetings to engage in equitable conversations centered on student learning.  Read More... 
Fulton County Partners
Banneker High School: What Works? CCLCs 
by Eugenia Fulton, Banneker HS Site Coordinator 


Chart Talk is just one of the protocols being used by students at Banneker High School.  The faculty received training on CCLC protocols this summer at a 5-day institute and they have been able to continue learning protocols throughout the year with Connie Parrish  and Susan Taylor.


Students are more willing to express themselves when it can be written, instead of verbal. One student said, "I feel more comfortable writing what I have to say because the students can't make a smart remark." This has really increased classroom participation,and I think this has allowed a greater understanding of the concepts for several students. Read More...



 Atlanta Public Schools Partners

Kimberly Elementary First Graders Using Research Skills for MLK  
by Tracye Paggett,  APS NET- Q District Coordinator 


Carolyn Rivers and
 her 1st Graders'  Research Projects for MLK

At Kimberly Elementary Carolyn.Rivers' first grade students enjoyed researching and reading about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  The students were grouped to discuss and share the information they learned about Dr. King. They were very thorough in sharing their projects with the class and adult guests present.  She felt as if they learned a lot of useful information about Dr. King.  Read More...




Panther & Stinger Pride!  The Educational Pursuit Continues

by  Sherrell Minter, NET-Q Site Coordinator, Kimberly ES


Kimberly's kindergartners with (l-to-r) Margaret Tillman (paraprofessional), Cassie Cameron-Beach (GSU intern) and Sherell Minter (classroom teacher)

I am a kindergarten teacher here at Kimberly Elementary.  I serve as the Georgia State University Site Coordinator between our elementary school and the university.  This semester I will graduate from Georgia State University with my third degree, an Education Specialist (Ed.S) in Early Childhood Education.  I tell my students everyday about the need to continue education beyond their high school years.  I discuss my university studies with them and how I am working hard, just like they are, to further my education.  Read More...



Sky View Elementary's Writing Focus Study Group
by Dr. Annette Waller by NET-Q Cobb Co. District Coordinator
Dr. Matthews, GSU/Reading, Skyview ES, Cobb Co.
Dr. Mona Matthews facilitates a Sky View ES writing focus study group teachers: Cindy Volkmann, Daphne Patton, Terni Dubre, Linda Harris

Dr. Mona Matthews, GSU professor, facilitated an after-school writing focus study group with primary grade teachers at Sky View Elementary in Cobb County. The teachers used mentor texts to teach writing to students in grades K-2.    Features (l-to-r) are Dr. Matthews (green shirt), Cindy Volkmann (first grade teacher), Dalphne Patton (kindergarten teacher), Temi Dubre 

(first greade teacher), and Linda Harris (ESOL teacher/grades K-2).





Clayton County Partners

Morrow High School: Chemistry Teacher Resident Team
by Terry Magaro,  NET-Q Clayton County District Coordinator
Teacher Resident Julia Pendexter and Mentor
Nicole Johnson (mentor) and Julia Pendexter (teacher resident)
    "When I first walked into the exhibit hall and saw the gadgets, exhibits, and resources present there, I was so excited because I knew that I would be acquiring many new tools to improve the quality of my lessons." recalls Julia Pendexter, teacher resident at Morrow HS, when she began her chemistry internship at Morrow HS.   Read More...



Anderson Elementary: Partnership Work Published in the Georgia Social Studies Journal

Dr. Lydia Mays, Georgia State Univ. Professor,  and Anderson ES Teachers 


Dr. Mays GSU Collaborates with Four Anderson Teachers
Anderrson ES teachers (l to r): Carey Hory, Attlilah Brookshire, Shonneka Smith-Du-Priest, and Dr. Lydia Mays
(GSU Professor and NETQ Coach in Residence)

Using children's questions, related to their own interests, to guide instruction is a valued approach to planning and teaching. At Anderson Elementary School the fourth grade teachers honored their students' wonderings and revamped their teaching to include student reflections on valuable instructional content.   Read More...


DeKalb County Partners 


Tucker Middle School: The Edible Cell Project (Science Teacher Resident) 

by Mina Veazie, DeKalb County NETQ District Coordinator

 Tucker MS Science CELLS PROJECT - Teacher Resident

Tucker Middle School Life Science Resident TeacherTiffany Kennedy led her 7th graders in an innovative homework Edible Cell Project to extend their learning about cell structure and student understanding of organelles in the cell and their function. This individual assignment involved parents as partners in the provision of supplies and supervision of the creation of the replicas. With three weeks lead time, students also wrote summaries and gave verbal presentations of their findings.   Read More...

Albany State University Partners


A True Work Experience

by Gloria Peterson, Albany State University Teacher Resident

Albany State University Teacher Resident
Gloria Peterson, Albany State University's Teacher Resident at Carver ES, Dawson County, GA

All I can say is,  "To God be the Glory. "  My internship experience at Carver Elementary School, located in Dawson, GA is absolutely outstanding!  I have been given a "true work experience".  My mentor is Ella Robertson, an artful and knowledgeable veteran teacher. I have been assigned to the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade class and teach in an inclusion classroom setting.  Read More...



Good-Better-Best Mid-Term Summaries:

Mid-Term Testimonials of Teacher Residents, Special Education 


Aletha Armour, Terrell County, Ga.

My experiences with the program so far have been interesting. I have learned so many new and exciting things about myself and the students whom I serve.   Read more about three other Albany teacher resdients...




Fulton County's Early Childhood Student Interns 
Supervised by Dr. Lydia Conway, Fulton County's NET-Q District Coordinato
Student Inerns Supervised by Dr. Lydia Conway, District NETQ Coordinator
Dr. Lydia Conway Guides Mimosa ES's Student Intern, Kristen Thompson


"I supervise for ECE at Mimosa Elementary and this is currently my third semester of supervision. I supervise general education student teachers and in ESOL as well.  I have thoroughly enjoyed supervision.  It gives me the opportunity to not only support teachers, which is a personal passion, but it also gives me the opportunity to see firsthand the quality of teachers that are entering the work force and potentially Fulton County!   Read More...



Clayton's  Early Childhood Student Interns 

Supervised by Terry Magaro, NET-Q District Coordinator


Clatyon ECE Interns and Terry Magaro
Early Childbood Student Interns Supervised by Terry Magaro, NET-Q District Coordinator

"Four truly outstanding beginning educators" is how Ms. Terry Magaro, ECE supervisor and Clayton County NET-Q coordinator, describes the student teachers at NET-Q's Anderson Elementary. These young teachers (2nd from L: Chenoa Brown, Sheniece Welch, Amy Olson, and Leandra Lawrence) make a difference in the lives of their students everyday Read More...


Cobb County's Teacher Resident

 with Dr. Alyssa Dunn, Supervisor

Dr. Dunn supervises all  NET-Q teacher residents in the Department of  Middle Secondary Instruction and Technology (MSIT).




National Recognition, Consortium, Council and Summer Institute Snapshots

 2012 Spirit of Partnership Award 

Presented to Georgia State University -  PDS/NET-Q 

At the National Professional Development Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, the University of South Carolina Conference Planning Team presented Georgia State University with the 2012 Spirit of Partnership Award in recognition of GSU's persistent support of the annual PDS National Conference.  "While we work on our end of things to facilitate the conference every year, we know that our work would count for very little if we did not have institutions like Georgia State who year after year not only attend the event but make significant contributions to the four-day dialogue through thoughtful presentations that invariably influence in a very positive way the national and international PDS dialogue that takes place as educators leave the conference and return to their home sites., " according to Dr. Bruce E. Fields, 

Executive Director, 

School-University Partnerships and Clinical Experiences

College of Education, 

University of South Carolina

NET-Q PEF P-12 Advisory Council - Feb. 22, 2012
3rd Annual NET-Q 
Summer Institute 

Please save the date for the upcoming NET-Q Summer Institute. DATE:  Thursday, June 14, 2012

TIME: 8:00am-4:00pm

THEME: heme for this year is: Teacher Quality in the Accountability Era: Examining Common Core, Best Practices, and Partnerships.  

Continental breakfast and lunch will be served during this event. 




You can register (FREE) for the NET-Q Summer Institute at http://c1.livetext.com/misk5/formz/public/58822/HbRVnZioUk


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Shaila Philpot
Network for Enhancing Teaching Quality (NET-Q)

College of Education

Lynn Johnson, Principal,  Mimosa ES
by Dr. Lydia Conway, NET-Q Fulton Co. District Coordinator
Lynn Johnson is in her 22nd year as an educator and she is a Georgia native.  She is currently the principal of aMimosa Elementary, which is a Fulton County NET-Q school. Lynn received 2 degrees from GSU so when the opportunity presented itself, Lynn was thrilled to be a partner to GSU as a NET-Q school.
Research Activities Underway

Each partnership school that is hosting residents (year-long student teachers) is in the process of conducting Anchor Action Research in the residents' classrooms and in a omparison classrooms. There has been excellent preparation made by the mentor teachers, residents, and supervisory professors.  Read More...


Research Consent - Assent Process

The Site Coordinators at partnership schools with residents have the Parental Letters, Parental Consent Forms and Student Assent Forms. The current effort to inform parents and gain parental consent is essential to the successful completion of an Anchor Action Research project. 


Contact Information

Dr. DaShaunda Patterson

NET-Q Project Director

NET-Q Teachers in Residence-Special Education

Clinical Professor, Educational Psychology and Special Education



Dr. Gwen Benson               

Associate Dean of School and Community Partnerships           



Dr. Bill Curlette    

NET-Q Evaluation and Research

Professor of Counseling & Psychological Services     



Dr. Caitlin Dooley               

NET-Q Coaches in Residence and Digital Partnership

Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education          



Dr. Joe Feinberg

NET-Q Teachers in Residence

Assistant Professor, Middle-Secondary Education      



Dr. Susan Ogletree            

Director of Educational Research Bureau     



Ms. Connie Parrish            

NET-Q CCLC Coordinator               



Dr. Dee Taylor    

NET-Q Leadership Support             



Dr. Susan Taylor

NET-Q CCLC Coordinator               



Ms. Patsy Terry   

NET-Q Pathway Scholars and Higher Ed. Partnerships            



Dr. Gwen Williams             

NET-Q Liaison for Satellite Teacher Support - Initiatives (for Albany State University)