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Christ Our Savior
Lutheran Church
5 South 8th Street
Louisburg, KS 66053

Worship 8 a.m., 10:30 a.m. & 7 p.m. 
Sunday School 9:15a.m.-10:15a.m.
Pastor Andy Writes...
Pastor Andy Keltner
Teach Them Well 

What is the code you live by? I know I have stolen Graham Nash's Lyrics, but it is important what we teach our children. This is why the church has an education ministry. "Now, O Israel, listen to the statutes and the rules that I am teaching you, and do them, that you may live, and go in and take possession of the land that the Lord, the God of your fathers, is giving you." (Deuteronomy 4:1) When a child is baptized the parents agree to teach their children the Lord's Prayer, the Ten Commandments and Apostles Creed. This is the code we wish our children would live by.

Historically in our Lutheran churches we have confirmation classes. This is where Luther's catechism with its six chief parts is taught. Some churches begin confirmation beginning in the early grades. We teach confirmation in the seventh and eighth grade. Truthfully, if a child is not exposed to the statutes and rules of God until they are school age this is too late. An infant is to be baptized into a family where God's interaction with his people is celebrated. The histories of God demonstrating his love for his chosen children are to be discussed and celebrated at the family alter. "Only take care, and keep your soul diligently, lest you forget the things that your eyes have seen, and lest they depart from your heart all the days of your life. Make them known to you children and your children's children." (Deuteronomy 4:9)

Sunday school is offered for parents to share the Biblical histories with other children. The children encourage one another. This should stimulate discussions about God's Word as families gather around the table. Adults should come to Sunday school in order to be ready to give a reason for the hope they have. Parents come to me because their child asks them a tough question. Some questions do not have easy answers. Sometimes as parents we answer the wrong question. Often the best answer is to sit with your child and look for the answer. Google is a useful tool for finding answers but you should always consider the source of the information and the answers you receive. Parents need to be grounded in the word of God. Adult Sunday school has value.

As adults we teach our children by our actions and activity. If you look at your calendar, what are you teaching your children about the place God should have in their lives? Is a relationship to our Lord something that is important? Or is our relationship to Christ something we get to when everything else is done? Teach your children well. Sunday school, confirmation, and regular worship are healthy habits to share with our children.

Confirmation for 7th and 8th graders begins September 9th at 6pm. Sunday School happens every Sunday at 9:30am. There is a topical Wednesday night bible study that will meet at 7:15pm. Worship is every Sunday at 8am and 10:30am and again at 7pm. What are you teaching your children about the value of their relationship with God? How are you testifying to your colleagues and neighbors about the reality that you are God's child? The child should desire to learn from their father. Exploit the opportunities that you have to learn about God and teach your children well.
Sunday School
Sunday School
Sunday School classes for the fall begin Sunday, September 13th at 9:15am.
Children will begin their classes in their assigned classroom. If you would like to teach, substitute, or help in any other way with Sunday School please let Pastor Andy know.

Confirmation Classes

Confirmation Classes for 7th and 8th graders will begin Wednesday, September 9th at 6:00pm.

A letter has been mailed to all parents - if you didn't receive a letter and you are the parent of a 7th or 8th grader contact the church office at 913-837-4502.
"Why We Say What We Say"
What is a "Collect"? What does the phrase "Agnus Dei" mean? These words and titles appear in the worship service on a regular basis. We may read them in our hymnals or see them printed in our worship bulletins. Do we ever give thought, however, to what these words actually mean? Do we ever consider why we say what we say in worship?
The service on September 20th at 8:00am and 10:45am is meant to do just that: to reflect on what the different elements of worship mean. Whether you are a first-time guest or a longtime member of this congregation, this insight will give greater depth to the time we spend together in God's name. You might be surprised to see just how much of the liturgy comes straight out of God's Word. Not only that, the liturgy is centered on the One who is the Word made flesh, Jesus Christ, and what He has done for us.

The service appropriately named "Why We Say What We Say" would also be a good time for you to invite that friend, neighbor, or co-worker to worship with you!

Stewardship Event
"Blessings", "Bounty" and "Beauty" are the service themes for our Stewardship event the first three Sundays in October.
Stewardship means the management or care of something, particularly the kind that works.
Mark your calendar now to also attend the dinner which will be provided October 18th. Watch the Sunday bulletins and October newsletter for more details..
Bill Richards Open House
On September 20th at the Fox Hall from 2-4pm there will be an Open House celebrating Bill Richards 90th Birthday. Please come help Bill celebrate!

No gifts please.
Fall Cleaning and Repair
sunday workday
If you are interested in preserving and enhancing our place of worship, and willing to donate effort toward some additional cleaning, painting, landscaping or even repairs, please plan on attending a pre-planning meeting Thursday, September 10th at 7pm.

We will congregate in the narthex. We will walk the property, to gather and solicit for talent and material donations, toward the planning and completion on decided tasks. We are earmarking the event to be held either the weekend of Saturday, October 17th, or Saturday, October 24th. 
For further information contact Richard Fauss at 913-219-7107.

Kansas District Youth Gathering
Want to get a taste of what the National Youth Gathering will be like in New Orleans? Well, here is your chance to get a taste of what it's like but right here in Kansas. If you are interested in having your son or daughter attend a Christian event like no other - then contact us immediately to get our early bird registration costs and begin to fundraise - NOW! You can reach us at: 913-837-5276 (leave us a message if we're not home) or at Once we know who is interested, we can begin to meet, coordinate, plan some fundraisers and get ready for a fun time in Hutchinson!

November 20-22, 2015 (Friday night - Sunday late morning)
The Atrium (formerly Ramada), Hutchinson, Kansas
Hotel Cost:
$80 per room (plus tax) per night.  Each room will sleep up to four people. (This cost is split 4 ways.)
This Life Based on John 10:10
Who can attend:
Youth in grades 9-12
Rev. Jeffrey Meinz
Registration Cost:
Early - $95 per person begins Sept. 1
Standard - $115 per person begins Oct. 1
Van/Suburban Rental:
Cost dependent on # of kids going. If we have a large # going we will need to rent a vehicle. If not, we can probably manage in our own personal vehicles that seat 4 and 5 comfortably.
  • Registration includes programming, workshops, and activities, gathering t-shirt and Saturday lunch, but NOT HOUSING.
  • All youth registrations must be accompanied by a primary adult leader registration, maximum nine youth per adult.
  • All other meals - plan on an average of $10 per meal (Friday night, Saturday morning (everyone bring something for breakfast to share), Saturday Evening, Sunday Morning [unless we get donations?], Sunday Lunch) = $50 per person unless we raise enough funds for meals!
Bake Sale Fundraiser
Proceeds for Kansas District Youth Gathering
Suggested Donations
To help our Youth raise funds for registrations/hotel costs to attend the Kansas District Youth Gathering in Hutchinson, Kansas in November!
Sunday, September 13th & October 4th
Between church services (9-10:15), after 2nd Service & Evening service!
In the Church Narthex

Biscuits & Gravy Youth Fundraiser
Proceeds for National Youth Gathering in New Orleans
Come on down for an "All You Can Eat" Biscuits & Gravy, hashbrowns with fruit, coffee and juice.
Suggested $5 donation
To help us raise funds to get us to New Orleans for the National Youth Gathering in July 2016!
Sunday, September 27
Between church services (9-10:15)
COS Basement

COS "YOU"th September Outing
Putt Putt Golf
Putt Putt Golf- Cool Crest; Independence, Missouri
Saturday, September 26
9:00am - 2:00pm
Meet in the COS Parking Lot
We will be eating lunch there - here are food add-ons!
Slice of Cheese Pizza & 12oz. Drink - $2.99 Per Person
2 Slices of Cheese Pizza & 12oz. Drink - $3.99 Per Person
Hot Dog & 12oz. Drink - $2.99 Per Person
1 Hour Unlimited Pizza Buffet with Drinks - $7.99 Per Person
For standard group rates of 10 or more in a group: $10.99 a combination of 3 attractions: 18 hole mini Golf; Go-Kart Rides; 10 Arcade Tokens OR Saturday special - From 10 - Noon
$10.99 per person - Unlimited Miniature Golf, 2 Go-Kart Rides, 40 Arcade Tokens
What to Bring:
Money for Putt Putt & Lunch, waiver (If you are riding with someone other than your parent.)
Who can attend:
COS Youth in Grades 6-12, friends and your entire family!!
On the Youth Group poster board in the Narthex by Sunday, September 20 or call the Eickhoffs @ 913-837-5276 (please leave us a message if we are not home) cell: 913-302-2795 (Gerry); 913-302-5282 (Michelle) - you can text us also. Or email us at:

COS "You"th Group Meetings
Every 4th Sunday this fall/11:45 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.
COS "YOU"th in grades 6-12 & friends/family
Sunday, September 27
11:45 p.m. -1:15 p.m. - Right after church!!!
COS Basement
What to Bring:
favorite sandwich meat & cheese, yourself, friends
(Drinks, plates, cups, bread and condiments provided.)
Preparing for the baking of bierocks in October (baking on 2 days depending on sales- Saturday, October 10: 7:30am - 12:30pm; 12:45pm pick-up time & Sunday, October 11 if needed: 12:30pm - 5:30pm; 6:00pm pick-up time) - set prices, ask for donations of beef again and other items to help defray costs:  October Fun event - Go to Corn Maze/Pumpkin patch???

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Why We Say What We Say
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Kansas District Youth Gathering
Bake Sale Fundraiser
Biscuits & Gravy Fundraiser
Youth Group September Outing
Youth Group Meetings
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go-team-fans.jpg Friends for Christ  
Friends For Christ will meet at the home of Pastor Andy and Debbie Keltner, 1507 N Broadway St., Louisburg, on Saturday, September 12th at 6:00 p.m. Tailgating is the theme. Brats and hot dogs and all the fixings will
be provided. Bring a dish to share of your favorite tailgate food. If you are reading this - you are invited. Amazing food, great fellowship and a Bible study - what a great way to end a weekend in the 'Burg!

Lutheran Women's Missionary League

LWML will hold their regular meeting Monday, Sept. 14th at 7:00pm in the church basement. There will be a Bible study and a short business meeting after the Bible study. All women of the church are members of LWML and welcome to attend all meetings. 

Meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month - Sept. thru May at 7:00pm in the church basement.

If you have any questions, please contact Sandy Barsh at 837-2997 or Linda Newman at 837-5116. 

Hope to see you there! 

Altar Flowers

Linda Newman's Birthday

Cindy and Carl Karrow's Anniversary

Ted Nay's Birthday

Those who have signed up for flowers have two options: 
  1. You can provide you own. They must be at the church before the 8:00am service. 
  2. Sandy can get them for you. (As of October 1st,  I will need to begin charging $20 for flowers.)
Flowers may be taken home after the 10:30am service. Please return vases to church when flowers are done. You may contact Sandy Barsh at 837-2997 for questions or to fill an open date.


MONTH Education



Confirmation Class

6:00 p.m. 

Evening Bible Study

7:15 p.m.  



Sunday School

 Ages 3-Adult

9:15 a.m. - 10:15 a.m.  


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Official Acts  


08/02 - Charlotte Nancy Strubbe

Graveside Service
08/14 - Elenore Turner


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In the Military
Military members and friends of our congregation include: 


Jim Buckman


Mark Edgar

(stationed in Africa)


Ray Gigliotti


Greg Jeffrey


Lindy Kalinka


James Keltner


Clara Littrell


Rob Ortman


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September Anniversaries

09/05  Glenn & Deanna Pooler
09/12  Karl & Cindy Karrow
09/14  Jim & Debbie Bell
09/30  Stan & Jean Flick
September Birthdays
9/1   Debbie Keltner
9/3   Glenn Pooler
9/6   Richard Fauss
9/8   Linda Newman
9/10 Jeff Axmann
9/13 Travis Becker
9/13 DeAnn Dotson
9/15 Diane Lynn
9/16 Harry Lukas
9/16 Audra Robinson
9/16 Tricia Walania
9/17 Pat Lightner
9/18 Willard Scammey
9/18 Addy Stohs
9/20 Bill Richards
9/22 Sandy Barsh
9/22 Kim Nemitz
9/23 Walt Chester
9/26 Ellie Kalinka
9/27 Isabelle Holtzen
9/28 Charlotte Heishman
9/30 Josh Berve 

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