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Psalm 16:11
You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.
October 2014
Celebrating 30 Years!

Members of Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church (COS) came together on Sunday, September 21st, to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Pastor Andy Keltner in the ministry.  Paul Richards, President of COS, congratulated Pastor Andy on this momentous accomplishment.  When asked if there is a moment in time or an event that impacted his ministry, Pastor replied "Every week in the ministry, there is a new story and event that impacts my relationship with Christ. God forgives sinners every day and each day as his child is a new adventure with opportunities to share his truth."

To see Pastor's biography, visit our website at and select the page "Our Pastor".


Pastor Andy Writes...
Pastor Andy Keltner



Plato once said that man is a featherless biped.  A rival philosopher, Diogenes, plucked a chicken and set in the public square with a sign 'Human'.  Plato amended his definition "man is a featherless biped in search of reason".  One of the great gifts of the Reformation is that Luther defined what it means to be human.  This is important in our society as the Supreme Court and ethicists have attempted to define human and what is the essence of being human.  Luther defined human in the context of his relationship to God.


The classic definition of man is that they are animals that have reason/language.  Theologians accepted this definition.  Luther, based on Scripture, expanded on this definition of human.  He says that man is eccentric and responsoric.  These are Luther's words to describe what it means to be human.


Man is eccentric.  This means man's center is outside of self.  From Scripture, Luther understood that as those created in the image of God humans should have God as the center of their being.  Since man is reborn in Christ, by faith, the center of man should be Christ.  In order to be truly human man should be Christocentric.  Sin is selfish.  Man centered on self is sinful.  Sin leads to death.  Self-centered man is not alive but is dead in his relationship with his creator. 


Man is responsoric.  This term was coined by a German theologian Wilfried Joest in his study of Luther's anthropology.  "It means that a human is one who is addressed by God and who answers to the word of God.   The proper response, though, is created by God's address in the Gospel and consists in faith.  To be human, therefore has this relational aspect that contradicts the understanding of man as a self-subsisting substance." (Concordia Theological Quarterly volume 78 Number 1-2 page 109)


One of the values of the Reformation is in Luther's definition of what is means to be human.  This was attacked in the late 19th century with the promotion of evolution and the denial of the existence of God as creator.  This folly leads back to Plato's definition of human as featherless bipeds in search of reason.  Man is not a child of God but an animal with reason.  The denial that God is creator and that humans were created in the image of God leads to all kinds of evil in our society.  Scriptures reveal that there is a loving creator God.  His foremost visible creature is humanity.  Man is created in the image of God.  This image was lost in the fall.  Christ is the new creation restoring the image of God to fallen humanity.


We were created to be eccentric.  Our relationship with the creator God was central.  We were created to be in relationship with the creator.  Without Christ as our center we lose our hope and our value.  Our sense of value and worth is centered on our relationship to Christ.  We were created to be Christ centered.

We live Christ centered lives responding to the revealed word of God.  God leads us in his ways.  His truth sets us free.  He empowers us with his Spirit as he works in our lives through his means of Grace which are His Word and Sacraments.   How we define humanity is one of the essential teachings of the Reformation.  We are God's children precious Holy and dearly loved.  This is why we celebrate our humanity and all humanity has value in God's eyes.


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Community Outreach

A sea of teal blue Christ Our Savior t-shirts flooded the parade route for the Labor Day Parade.  The theme for the day was "Christ Our Savior Loves Our Veterans".  Veterans participating in the parade included Don Newman, Bill Richards, Bob Richards, and John Schlegel.  John Schlegel drove his classic military jeep with the veterans catching a ride.  Rich Walania made a flag holder for his pickup with the US Flag and the flag from each branch of the military.  Bibles, cross key chains and lots of candy, purchased with funds from a Thrivent Action Team project, were distributed along the parade route.  Others participating to make this an amazing outreach event for Christ Our Savior included:  Mindy Bell, Christine Fauss, Richard Fauss, Cindy Frazier, David Frazier, Nicole Geckeler, Debbie Keltner, Kelsey Keltner, Pastor Andy Keltner, Bob Kirkpatrick, Kathy Kirpatrick, James Martin, Bob Rolofson, Garrett Rolofson, Teresa Schlegel, Heather Smith, Steele Smith and Kelly Stohs. Thank you to everyone involved for making this such an amazing experience!


Christ Our Savior was well represented in the 5K during Blazin' the Burg.  Allison Walania placed 1st in her age group.  Kara Raetzel, Huntre Graham and David Frazier placed 2nd in their age group.  Austin Raetzel placed 3rd in his age group.  Numerous other church members participated in the race.  Congratulations everyone!


As part of the pre-race activities Christ Our Savior had a free bean bag toss booth.  Funding from a Thrivent Action Team Grant provided prizes for the free game.  Thank you so much Thrivent for helping make this event possible!


Children (and adults) of all ages, as well as KC Wolf, participated and walked away with a prize of their choice.  Cindy Frazier said "The neatest part of the entire event was seeing everyone's faces when we were told them the game was free.  People went from being hesitant and asking how much it cost, to being thankful and having fun.  She said everyone was able to participate from the very young to older individuals.  She also said it was great giving back to the community!  It's important to get our name out there and participate in these types of events."


A big thank you to Aaron and Kelly Stohs for applying for the Thrivent Action Team Grant.  A big thank you to David and Cindy Frazier for buying all the prizes.  All those who worked the booth - thank you - they included Cindy Frazier, David Frazier, Michelle Henry, Pastor Andy Keltner, Debbie Keltner, James Martin, Bill Murphy, Sharon Murphy, Shae Murphy, Aiden Murphy, Bob Richards, Addy Stohs, Rich Walania, Tricia Walania, Nate Walania, Allison Walania, Grace Walania, Drew Walania and Sam Walania.



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A BIG thank you to Tricia Walania for heading this fundraiser and for all of her time and efforts!


Tricia would like to say...Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful donations for the garage sale.  We had such a great variety of things thanks to all of you!  I also want to say thank you to Paulette Varns, Michelle Eickhoff and Gloria Rolofson for helping to get things set up and ready to sell.  We had a great turn out and a beautiful day on Saturday, I know it helped that we had a bunch of smiling faces helping us that day too!  So thank you to Paulette, Drake and Brock Varns, Michelle and Micaela Eickhoff, Nate and Allison Walania, Angie and Avery Graham, Debby and Wyatt Axmann, Cindy Karrow and Jill Carlson.  We couldn't have done it without everyone's help, so thank you all again!


We raised approximately $957 towards our goal of $7700.  We could not have done this without all of your help!


COS "You"th Fall Fling - Hayride/Bonfire!

We need more to sign - up or else we may need to cancel this fun event! Don't let this happen!! Please call the Eickhoffs at 913-837-5276 by Wednesday to let us know if you can make it and how many are in your group!


When:   THIS Saturday - October 4

Time:    5:30pm-9:30pm

Where:  Meet at the church to travel to the Karrow's Farm

What to bring:  Something to sit on - folding chair, blanket- to keep warm, a side dish to share with us all.
Who can attend:  Grades 6-12, your entire family and bring your friends!!  



Kansas District Youth Gathering 2014

Want to get a taste of what the National Youth Gathering will be like in New Orleans?  Well, here is your chance to get a taste of what it's like but right here in Kansas.  If you are interested in having your son or daughter attend a Christian event like no other - contact us immediately to get our early bird registration costs and begin to fundraise - NOW!   You can reach us at: 913-837-5276 (leave us a message if we're not home) or at   Once we know who is interested, we can begin to meet, coordinate, plan some fundraisers and get ready for a fun time in Topeka! 


When:  November 21-23, 2014 (Friday night - Sunday late morning)

Where: Capitol Plaza Hotel, Wichita

Hotel Cost:  $91 per room (plus tax) per night.  Each room will

                   sleep up to four people. (This cost is split 4 ways.)

Who can attend:  Youth in grades 9-12

Speaker: Rev. Travis Hartjen

Band:  Bread of Stone

Registration Cost:  Early - $95 per person begins Sept. 1          

                             Standard - $115 per person begins Oct. 1


Van/Suburban Rental? Cost dependent on # of kids going.  If we have a large # going we will need to rent a vehicle.  If not, we can probably manage in our own personal vehicles that seat 5 and 4 comfortably.

*Registration includes programing, workshops, and activities, gathering t-shirt and Saturday lunch, but NOT HOUSING.

*All youth registrations must be accompanied by a primary adult leader registration, maximum nine youth per adult.

*All other meals - plan on an average of $10 per meal (Friday night, Saturday morning (everyone bring something for breakfast to share), Saturday Evening, Sunday Morning (unless we get donations??), Sunday Lunch) = $50 per person


COS "You"th Group Meetings



WHO:  COS "YOU"th in grades 6-12 & friends/family

Date: Sunday, October 26

Time: 12:30pm -5:30pm

Where: COS basement while we are making Bierocks!!

What to Bring:  Yourself, Friends, & your parents!

What:  Baking of bierocks (baking on 2 days- Saturday October 25: 7:30 a.m. - 12:30; 12:45 pick-up time & Sunday, October 26: 12:30-5:30; 6:00 pick-up time) Reminder of time for Movie/Popcorn/PJ night - Saturday, November 15 @ 7 pm in Community Building; Discuss Operation Christmas Child (filling shoeboxes)

NEED HELP:  donating lunch items for this meeting - sandwich meat, bread, mayo, chips, drinks, etc.  


Grace United

YOU ARE INVITED!!!-GRACE'S TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY -Sat., Oct. 25 - This event, at Grace, will be to celebrate our 10-Year Anniversary (with God's hand, past and present, succeeding in serving a hurting community, despite huge challenges) and to celebrate our future!  Michael Mayberry will lay out our vision for expanded programs for children and adults.  Our recently being able to obtain the neighboring property (for free) will play a role.  The event is promoted as 2-4PM, but the program in the sanctuary will be 2:30-3:30, and before and after, there will be tours of the renovated facility, mingling, and refreshments.  Let me know if you plan to attend.  Carpooling will be helpful.


THANK YOU!! - AWESOME!! - 13 sacks of groceries were recently donated in just 24 hours to help restock our Food Pantry's bare shelves!  In the past month, Bob Richards' family has donated a wonderful supply of blankets, toys, and clothing.  Larry Swinnerton donated Arlene's clothing.  Today, Rich Walania delivered to Grace some 30 bags of used clothing (all nicely presorted by Trish and those helping her) plus some boxes of toys and children's books that were also unsold at Saturday's  Youth Garage Sale.   The toys can be exchanged for "Grace Bucks" earned in our After-School Tutoring program.  This is all a huge outpouring from our church.  Thank you so much!


Bob Kirkpatrick - Home: 837-5804 -


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Friends for Christ  

Friends for Christ will meet at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 4th, at the home of Pastor Andy & Debbie Keltner.

October is Octoberfest - German Food. If you have a German dish to share that's a bonus. Baked potatoes will be provided. Bring your favorite topping, salad or dessert. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend. There's plenty of room, great food, fellowship and devotion. This is a great way to end the week.

For more information call Debbie at (913) 837-5382.

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Craft Group

The Craft Group will take a field trip to the Sugar Mound Arts and Crafts Festival on Saturday, October 11th.  We will meet at church at 8:00 a.m. and carpool/drive to Mound City, Kansas where we'll enjoy over 600 booths of crafts and food!

Call, text or email Cindy Karrow to let her know that you will go with us (913-269-1935 cell phone or

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Blue Paraments

This Advent season, you will see new paraments adorning the altar.

Paul and Linda Richards purchased these paraments in memory of Paul's Mother, Adelene L. Richards and Linda's Mother, Faye D. Ash.

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Lutheran Women's Missionary League

Lutheran Women's Missionary League (LWML) regular meeting will be held Monday, October 13th, at 7:00 pm in the church basement. There will be a Bible study and a short business meeting.

If you have any questions, Please contact Sandy Barsh at 837-2997 or Linda Newman, 837-5116. 


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Altar Flowers


10/05  Walania Family
10/12  Heather Smith
10/19  Open
10/26  Katie & Travis Becker

Sign up for flowers in the narthex or call Sandy Barsh at 837-2997.


Bring flowers to church before the 8:00 a.m. service or contact Sandy Barsh to provide the flowers for $15 (checks payable to Sandy Barsh).  Flowers can be taken home after the 2nd service.Vases should be returned to church.


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Kansas City Crossroads Zone Fall Event
October 18th

All women of the church are invited and you are welcome to bring a friend to this year's LWML Fall Event!  The event is being held at King of Kings Lutheran Church (306 E. Madison Street, Gardner, KS).


Registration for the event begins at 8:30 a.m. with a $5.00 entry fee.


Bring your Mission donations: gently used jeans, sweaters or non-perishable hygiene, paper or food items.  These items will go to the Joy Closet and Gardner Multi-Purpose Center.


Hope you can make it.


Sandy Barsh


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October Education



Confirmation Class

6:00 p.m. 


Evening Bible Study

7:15 p.m.  



Sunday School

 Ages 3-Adult

9:15 a.m. - 10:15 a.m.  


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Thank You
Thank you so much to Paul & Linda Richards for organizing and hosting the 30th Anniversary celebration for Pastor.  Everyone had a great time acknowledging Pastor's accomplishments!

Thank you also to Christine Fauss. The cake you made for Pastor's anniversary was amazing!

The Louisburg Food Pantry is currently low on food.  They are looking to provide enough food to feed 40 families (approximately 100 people).  We need your help!  Please consider purchasing items from the list below and dropping them off in the box located in the narthex.  This is another great way to give back to our community!  Thank you so much in advance for your help!


Food Requested:

*Canned Tomatoes (preferably
  whole but diced will do)
*Pork & Beans in cans
*Canned mixed vegetables
*Canned chili with meat & beans
*Canned peaches & canned pears
*Toothpaste (medium size as most
  of our families are 1&2 persons)
*Dried rice in small packages.
Official Acts  


Emma Jane Knop
September 7, 2014

Memorial Service
Arlene Swinnerton
September 20, 2014

Transferred Out 

Kyle, Donica, & Ava Littrell
First Baptist Church
Louisburg, KS

Loren & Carrie Hoskins
First Lutheran Church
Paola, KS


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In the Military
Military members and friends of our congregation include: 


Jim Buckman


Mark Edgar

(stationed in Africa)


Ray Gigliotti


 Greg Jeffrey


 Lindy Kalinka


 James Keltner


 Clara Littrell


Rob Ortman


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October Anniversaries


10/5/2002   Josh & Kim Weber

10/7/1989   Rob & Alicia Vance

10/8/1994   Kyle & Donica Littrell

10/24/1970 Rich & Judy Lohse

10/27/1979 Rick & Debi Stephens


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October Birthdays


10/3       Jared Stewart

10/9       Carrie Gregar

10/11     Lily McDaniel

10/11     Alyssa Raetzel

10/13     Bill Smith

10/15     Jordan Mynsted

10/17     Chris Brown

10/17     Ainsley Vance

10/19     Craig Holtzen

10/19     Kimberly McMahon

10/21     Katie Becker

10/22     Jodi Hovey

10/22     Mike Smith

10/23     Hannah Mathis

10/24     Brynn Aguayo

10/24     TJ Becker Jr.

10/24     Abbey Frazier

10/27     Brook Frazier

10/28     Alyse Moore


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Message from the office

Changes are made weekly to the Church website.  Check out the Photo Gallery, What's Happening, and Youth Ministry pages. Also, Pastor's weekly devotions are available to read.  You can access the Church Calendar from the website to see everything going on at Church. The website is a great source of information. 


Have you liked our church on Facebook?  If you haven't, be sure to do that!  This is another great way to keep up on things happening at church.  Search for Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church - Louisburg, KS and "like" the page.


Thank you everyone!


Gloria Rolofson


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