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Amazing Things are Happening!
We have so many amazing things going on and happening at Christ Our Savior!!!  This newsletter is packed full of events, meetings, celebrations, etc. all taking place at Christ Our Savior.  It is truly exciting to see what's God's people can accomplish when they gather for fellowship and fun.  Come celebrate with us! Join in on the fun!  Find something to be a part of!  Give God the Glory!!!!

July 2014
Spirit Fest
Approximately 90 people, including 25 guests, joined together to celebrate the power of God's Spirit.  The festivities included an amazing lunch, inflatable obstacle course, bounce house inflatable, face painting, variety of games, pie eating contest, balloon release, restored military jeep, and much more.

Thank you so much to Tricia and Rich Walania for coordinating this event.  There were countless people involved in making this event such a huge success.  Thank you so much to everyone who gave their time and efforts.

Watch the Website and August Newsletter for additional pictures.
Youth Group News
There are so many fun and exciting things going on with the "You"th Group!  Don't miss out!  Get involved!  Bring your family and friends!!!!!
On July 7th, the Youth Group is going to Schlitterbahn.  This will be fun day filled with swimming, food, and fellowship.

On Saturday, July 12th, from 8:00 a.m. - Noon, the Youth Group will have a Car Wash Fundraiser.  The car wash will be held in the parking lot between the church and the community building.  There will be refreshments to purchase and enjoy while you are waiting for your car to be washed, vacuumed and dried.  All money raised will be used for the Youth attending the National Youth Gathering in New Orleans in 2016!  Bring your cars and help out the Youth!

We need lots of Youth, parents, adult volunteers, and lots of cars to wash in order for this to be a successful event!



Flamingos have landed!


What a fun and successful event this has been and continues to be. Thank you so much to everyone who blessed yards with such beautiful decorations and those who purchased insurance to keep flamingos from landing in your yard.

Week of Fun at VBS
Kids filled the Community Center, Church building, and outdoors last week to celebrate Vacation Bible School.  The week was filled with Bible stories, crafts, music, games, and delicious meals.  The theme this year was "Gangway to Galilee".  The kids set sail on an amazing grace adventure learning how Jesus gives amazing grace.  The theme bible verse was from Ephesians 2:8 "For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God."
Thank you so much to Torry Turney, Cindy Frazier, and Brandy Kalinka for organizing and putting together this year's VBS.  Thank you as well to David Frazier for providing the Bible story each day; Christine Fauss, Linda Newman, Teresa Schlegel, Bob Chester, Walter Chester, and Gwen LawRance for providing the meals each night; Michelle Henry, Brooke Frazier, Grace Rolofson, Zach Waite, Willard Scammey, and Maddie McDaniel for helping with crafts, games, and anywhere else they were needed; Donica Littrell and Kim McMahon for Music.  There were countless others who jumped in and helped throughout the week wherever they saw the need.  Thank you to everyone involved!
Meals on Wheels - Pie Auction

Delicious food, amazing pies, and fellowship filled the American Legion hall on June 21st.  Everyone gathered to raise money for the Meals on Wheels program.  By the end of the night, $2700 was raised for this much needed program.


Beth Ramsey, committee chairperson, would like to thank the following people for their amazing efforts to make this event such a success.  Christine & Richard Fauss, Don & Linda Newman, Pastor & Debbie Keltner, Rick Peek, Gwen LawRance, Bob Richards, and anyone else who contributed to the event's success.

Relay for Life
The COS Relay for Life team was awesome!  I would like to say "Thank You" to my wonderful teammates for taking this year's relay journey with me: Christine Fauss- my cocaptain, Rich Fauss, Linda Newman, Don Newman, Sandy Barsh, Robyn MacClymont, Elizabeth MacClymont, Gerry Eickhoff, Christian Eickhoff, Micaela Eickhoff, Debbie Bell.  The rest of the Bell family also came out  and walked  to support cancer and participated in the fun activities that night.  We raised $235 at our on-site fundraiser - track your lap beads.  We walked numerous laps and for us that was pretty good.  Christian walked the most laps that night with 44 (11 miles), Gerry with 32 (8 miles), and the rest I believe had 12 laps (3 miles).  It was a very cold night and we were very proud of ourselves for pulling through it.  We just found out our Relay team won the award for the most laps!  Go figure even with all of our team injuries!!!!  Way to go COS Relay Revelers!!!!  See you all next year and there is always room for more to join us!


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Grace United Update
Grace Harambee

MIRACLE GIVING, FROM GOD!!!!  SUMMER PROGRAM GOT FUNDED, & IT'S GOING GREAT!  Thanks for your prayers.  Last month, I wrote that we were shocked to find the rug was pulled out from under the funding for Grace's summer program - four weeks before we were set to open!  The miracle is that while we always struggle to meet payroll & to pay our monthly insurance and KCP&L bills, over $50,000 has quickly poured in to fund this 6-week program!!  Exceeding ALL expectations!!  Thank you, Lord!!  Christians received our eAlert 5/22, saw an urgent need, and they responded, immediately!!   Amazingly, many large gifts were from first-time donors to Grace!


"Education Before Recreation" is going great.  Average daily attendance is 78.  Mornings begin with breakfast and 30 minutes of Harambee/"Cheers & Chants" followed by classes focusing on reading and math.  United Way chose Grace to kick off its pilot program of "Summer Reading Kits," handing out lots of books, with UW's volunteers participating; the first of its four fun events was Tues. 


Afternoons are fun activities, including recreation twice a week in a nearby Salvation Army gym.  On Wed., the little kids had special educational activities at Deanna Rose; the older kids enjoyed a field trip to Earth Works, exploring five Midwestern habitats down in the caves, with hands-on things to do.   Paul -- KCMO's Fire Dept. and fire trucks are coming out, for fire safety and touring the trucks!  Michael wrote the Board that he's "very impressed with the Group Leaders (Lori) and their ability to work with the children and keep the program in high gear."  WANT TO VISIT BEFORE FRI., JULY 18?


Narthex Collection-Toilet Paper, Diapers, Feminine Hygiene Items-THANK YOU!!  The coordinator of Grace's Food Pantry asked me if I could provide toilet paper, and also diapers and feminine hygiene products.  Food stamps don't cover them, and Grace has almost never had any of these things to offer the very poor.  Can we imagine not having toilet paper?!  To stock Grace's Food Pantry, we must rely entirely on in-kind donations. Our assortment does not begin to compare with what is stocked in by Agape's Food Pantry.  But thanks to members of COS, ...!!


Bob Kirkpatrick - Home: 837-5804 -

Mom's Strength - by Kelly Stohs

My mom was sick for many years before she passed away in July 2012.  She had a lung disease that was diagnosed when she was a child.  For the last two years of her life, she spent more time in the hospital than she did in her home.  The disease took control over her body and left her gasping for breath for more than a year.  I cannot tell you exactly how many times she was placed on life support, but it was many. 


From the doctor's perspectives, mom's situation was somewhat unique.  She had fought for her life while on life support many times - and survived.  After transitioning on and off life support a number of times, yet anticipating she would need the support again, the doctors gave her an option to elect to be conscious - unsedated - while on life support, or "tube."  She agreed.  And so, the next time she was intubated, she was sedated only as the breathing tube was inserted, and when her stats returned to a safe range, they lifted the sedation.  She was "awake" while on life support.  Although confined to her hospital bed and living off the support of the tube, she was able to see and hear family and friends, and most importantly, she could communicate with us by writing.  


While on life support, the doctors informed mom that some recent medical studies tracking patients on life support across the world indicated improved rates of recovery when patients exercise by walking while on life support.  Only three other patients had been physically able to walk while on life support at KU Med, and mom agreed she would try to be the fourth.  On the scheduled day, there was a quiet energy of excitement in mom's room in ICU.  A medical team had assembled in her room and was preparing for mom's journey.  A physical therapist looped the blue walking belt around her waist to catch her if she fell.  One technician stood ready to roll her IV medicine drips, another stood ready to roll the life support machine, another steadied the tube that was connected to mom's mouth.  Mom had already spent the majority of a year laying in a bed or sitting in a chair, and the strain was evident in her eyes as she strained to slide her body to the side of the bed.  When mom's feet touched the floor, an intense hope filled every heart in the room.  Our voices quieted, which made the mechanical sounds of the air being pushed and pulled into mom's body and beeping of the machines sound very loud.  Slowly, mom stood.  And after a long pause, she shuffled.  Step by shuffled step, with technicians and nurses on all sides of her, she slowly shuffled out of her room.  She slowly stepped into the hallway.  A crowd of doctors, students, and nurses had gathered to watch her. 


I distinctly remember seeing the flash of a camera as one of the doctors took pictures.  My sister took a video with her phone.  And my dad smiled.  To a stranger passing by that ICU, mom might appeared to be a 60-year old woman fighting to take some of the last steps of her life.  But to those of us who knew what she had been through, in that moment, mom was the strongest woman on earth.


It was a beautiful moment - a painfully, beautiful moment.  But the months that followed were hard.  Hard for mom, and hard for all of us.  She fought hard to live in those months.  She battled for life on another bout of life support, and in perhaps her strongest moment, mom wrote that she was ready to die.  I cannot imagine the strength it would take to write those words, but mom, again, revealed her strength.  She was ready to be free of disease.  Mom passed away on the Fourth of July, ironically, as it was certainly her own day of independence from the pain. 


During my own journey during my mom's final two years, day-to-day details faded under our heavy hearts and distracted minds.  For my dad, sister, and everyone that spent time with us at the hospital - it felt as though we were living double lives.  One at the hospital, and the other life, outside the hospital.  And it was the second life, the one outside the hospital, the one that had previously been the "norm," had suddenly become unfamiliar and uncomfortable.  For me, the chaos of trying to strike an "appropriate" balance between spending time with mom at the hospital and everything else in my life -kiddos,  husband, work, consumed me.  And anyone who has been in a similar situation can tell you - there is no "appropriate" and there is no "balance" in those circumstances.  Dad, my sister, and I took turns sleeping at the hospital.  I would wake up at the hospital, shower in the guest bathroom at the hospital, go to work, rush home to see the kids, and then head back to the hospital again.  It was an unpredictable, unstable, and unbalanced time, for all of us.  We knew it was temporary, and that it made it even harder.  And I guarantee I did not make all the right decisions about who to be with and when.  It was tough.   


I am thankful, that even in those moments in the hospital, there were moments of hope.  Long stretches of laughter in the waiting room as friends told stories, reminisced.  Or the time my brother-in-law made funny faces through the waiting room windows.  There was still a strong love and hope and happiness that hung on.  And we were all grateful for those moments, those gatherings and moments of laughter would have went less appreciated in other settings or in other times. 


Only two months after Mom died, I found out that my friend Lisa's mom had had unexpected complications during surgery and was in a coma.  I soon found myself sitting, in those same familiar chairs, back in a waiting room at KU Med.  As I hugged Lisa's family members, who I had never met before, and listened to her family share their story, I was acutely aware that this was something I would not have done before my journey with Mom.  To be honest - I would not have come to the hospital.  I would have replied to Lisa's text with words of encouragement and promises of prayer.  I would have called her.  But I would not have drove to the hospital to sit in the waiting room.  After all, I didn't know her that well.  I didn't know her family.  Surely they wouldn't want me to intrude.  I should give her family space.  And what would I say to them?  It would be awkward.  But amid all these excuses, the real reason I would not have visited her at the hospital is simple: I would not have been ready for the challenge. 


But, instead, there I was, sitting there with Lisa's family as they shared their story.  And I recognized that it was a privilege to be there.  While I wasn't able to do anything to change the situation, I could listen, and when asked about my own journey with my mom, I shared my own experiences and how faith in God and prayer got me through it.  And I think the sheer fact that I was able to sit there, in person, in one piece, a living example of someone who had actually survived losing her mom, offered comfort to Lisa, and to her family.  My journey with mom had prepared me, had trained me, had given me strength I needed to support Lisa during that tough time.


My own journey with mom was tough.  Her disease and her death challenged my faith.  At times, sitting in her room at KU Med, I would stare intently at the green number blinking on her monitor, which indicated her breaths per minute.  The gravity of emotion graded on my faith, leaving it feeling shredded and weak sometimes.  Those moments.  Hard ones.  A few of them, silent and somber moments, where laughter and happiness retreated, respectfully waiting to dance in memories of another day, but that laugher and happiness could not join in those moments with mom's monitors.  Those were some of the hard moments.  But particularly in the hard moments, although I didn't realize it at the time, my faith was being exercised.  It was resistance training.  Plain and simple.  And I was learning to  flex the muscle of my faith.  And in those moments that my faith felt weakest, trembling under pressure, waging a war with my body and mind, my faith was repairing.  Rebuilding.   It pushed me forward, step after step.  There was no mile marker, and no finish line.  It was an intense journey, but God gave me the strength that I needed.


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Thank You
Sunday School Teachers:
Thank you so much for giving your time every Sunday to be a Sunday School Teacher.  Your dedication, time, and efforts are truly appreciated!  This year's teachers included:  Deb Bell, Mindy Bell, David & Cindy Frazier, Angie Graham, Stacy Grove, Brandy Kalinka, Paulette Varns, Gracie Waite, and Rich Walania.
Friends for Christ  
Due to the July 4th holiday weekend, we will take this month off.  Watch the bulletin and August newsletter for the August 2nd gathering.

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Craft Group
Thursday evening, July 10th, the Craft Group will get together from 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. in the Community Center Building. We will share dinner and crafting time!  Bring along a project or just come to enjoy some time with fellow crafters.  For more information, please contact Cindy Karrow at 913-269-1935.


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Lutheran Women's Missionary League

Lutheran Women's Missionary League (LWML) will be taking a break for the Summer.  The next meeting will be held Monday, September 8th, at 7:00 p.m. in the church basement.


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flower-bouquet.jpg  Altar Flowers


07/06   Cindy & David Frazier 
07/13   Open
07/20   Justin & Larissa Scammey 
07/27   Open
Sign up for flowers in the narthex or call Sandy Barsh at 837-2997.


Bring flowers to church before the 8:00 a.m. service or contact Sandy Barsh to provide the flowers for $15 (checks payable to Sandy Barsh).  Flowers can be taken home after the 2nd service. Vases should be returned to church.


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The Next Youth Group Meeting will be held on July 11th from 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. at the Eickhoff's home.  Bring your Bible, lawn chairs, and flash lights!  We will be discussing the Car Wash on July 12th, the upcoming garage sale, back to school lock-in, and much more!


Here are pictures from our last meeting. Come join the fun!!!





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Church Pictures / Directory

Mark your calendars for August 25th and 26th!


Lifetouch is coming to Christ Our Savior.  Families will be asked to sign up for a one-hour session to have their picture taken between 2:30 and 9:00 p.m.


Each family will receive a complimentary 8x10 portrait, as well as a church directory for participating.


More information will be coming soon!  Watch the bulletin, website, Facebook and the August newsletter for information.


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July Education



Evening Bible Study

7:00 p.m.  



Summer Sunday School

 Ages 3-Adult

9:15 a.m. - 10:15 a.m.


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Official Acts




Rich Heishman & Lisa Burke were united in marriage on Saturday, June 28th.  Congratulations!


Memorial Services


Anakin James Wagner

June 28, 2014


Brian McMahon

June 14, 2014 


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In the Military
Military members and friends of our congregation include: 


Jim Buckman


Mark Edgar

(stationed in Africa)


Ray Gigliotti


Greg Jeffrey


Lindy Kalinka


James Keltner


Clara LIttrell


Rob Ortman


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July Anniversaries


7/04/2013  David & Cindy Frazier

7/06/2010  Loren & Carrie Hoskins

7/06/1957  Harvey & Pat Lightner

7/10/1999  Justin & Larissa Scammey

7/25/1970  Harry & Nancy Lukas

7/29/1990  Scott & Molly Curtis

7/29/2000  Jeff & Stephanie Lohse

7/29/1989  Billy & Toni Weissend


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July Birthdays


7/1       Bob Rolofson

7/4       Debbie Bell

7/5       Koell Smith

7/6       Mike Herl

7/14    Joyce Shaffer

7/15    Cheryl Brown

7/16    Justin Scammey

7/16    Kelsey Traffis

7/17    Shirley Fuller

7/18    Blake Curtis

7/19    John Berve

7/20    Jodie Berve

7/21    Jairus Brown

7/21    Addi Vance

7/24    Jim Rockers

7/25    Jill Carlson

7/27    Joe Gregar

7/27    Gracie Waite

7/28    Homer Kalinka

7/29    Gloria Rolofson

7/30    Meghan Anderson


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