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Ash Wednesday ~ March 5th

Our Father, Who Art in Heaven


        March 12 ~ Hallowed Be Thy Name     April 2 ~ Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread   

        March 19 ~ Thy Kingdom Come          April 9 ~ Forgive Us Our Trespasses

        March 26 ~ Thy Will Be Done


March 2014
Why do we celebrate Lent?

The season of Lent has been a part of church tradition since the third century.  Lent was a season of preparation and instruction in order to prepare converts for the sacrament and the celebration of the resurrection of Christ.  In the early church converts to the faith were instructed in the teachings of the church. The truth from Scripture was taught to allow the Spirit to work faith and lead believers to repentance.

  • As the teachings of the church were formalized the Commandments were presented. They showed the converts the reality and consequence of sin.
  • The Creed was explained.  There is one God, three persons. God creates redeems and sanctifies this teaching and gives us hope.
  • The Lord's Prayer was presented.  This prayer reinforced the teachings of the Commandments and the Creed.
  • Baptism was introduced. One Baptism in the name of the Trinity for all nations was taught as it was revealed in Scripture.
  • Then there is confession and Absolution. Confession has two parts repentance and a sure confidence in the gracious forgiveness earned by Christ for all was explained.
  • Finally there was instruction on the real presence of the body and blood of Jesus under the bread and wine.  First communion was celebrated by the trainees on Easter Sunday during the resurrection worship. 
Ash Wednesday begins our forty day journey of Lent.  This year Ash Wednesday service will be observed on March 5.  The imposition of the Ashes reminds us of our fallen human condition.  We are dust and to dust we will return.   In our humanity we can only cry out: "Son of David have mercy on me."   Jesus demonstrates God's mercy.  He who knew no sin became sin for us so that we might become the righteousness of God.   We begin our Lenten journey in the dust and ashes relying on our creator who will raise us to a newness of life.


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Pastor Andy Writes...
Pastor Andy Keltner

One Hour 

Lent is a season of preparation.  Look at the passion narratives in the Synoptic Gospels.  Jesus prepares his disciples for his crucifixion.  He enters Jerusalem.  He cleanses the temple.  He predicts his death.  He gives them his body and blood in the bread and wine and then he goes to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray.   Matthew 26:40 "And he came to the disciples and found them sleeping. And he said to Peter, "So, could you not watch with me one hour?"  He asks His disciples to stay with Him during His darkest hour.   They are tired and have had a long week.    Is it unreasonable for Jesus to ask them to watch for one hour?


As I read the passion narrative I am stuck by the price Christ paid for our sins.  The extent of his suffering is unimaginable.  He did this for us.  He lay down his life willingly because this was the only way he could redeem us for the power of sin, death and the Devil.   So his question is haunting: "could you not watch with me one hour?" 


Church attendance is down.  Many things tug at our time and drain our energy.   Sunday is our only day off.  Our children have so many things to do.   I do not get anything out of church.  I can worship on my own.  I get a bad vibe when I go to church.  I have heard all the reasons why people do not attend worship.   Those reasons for the individual are legitimate and real.   Still when I look at the price Christ paid for the salvation of the world I wonder if he would ask "could you not watch with me one hour?" 


Lent is a season of instruction.  The extra services on Wednesday Evenings are designed for extra instruction as we prepare to celebrate Easter.  There is a tradition among some churches to give up something during Lent.  This practice is based on doing penance and rededication of our lives to service of Christ.   Wednesday service represents one more hour you will be asked to watch and learn about the passion of Christ.  It is an opportunity to spend one more hour in fellowship and worship.  Can you watch for one more hour?

Jesus asked his disciples to stay awake with him as he faced his darkest hour.   He will never leave or forsake his children.  He has accomplished everything necessary for our salvation.  He lays down his life willingly for you and me even though we are wayward and irresponsible.   God covets our worship and praise.  Our reasonable response for the gift of Salvation he won for us is praise, thanksgiving, service and obedience.  We learn about our Lord as we spend time studying his Word.  Our faith is strengthened as we take the Blessed Sacrament.   Will you watch with Jesus in Worship for one more hour?

Pastor Andy


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Food Pantry - March 19th
Bob Food Pantry

Christ Our Savior will be working at the Food Pantry on March 19th.  We are in need of 5 - 6 volunteers to help during this event (at least 2 people will be carrying boxes out).  We will meet at the Food Pantry at 8:15 a.m.  If you have any questions or would like to attend, please contact Sandy Barsh (913-837-2997). This is a great opportunity to serve others in our community!


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Lenten Dinners

Come join us for a great opportunity to Fellowship and enjoy great food!!! Our first Lenten dinner will take place on March 5th (Ash Wednesday) from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm.  Thank you so much to everyone who volunteered to provide these meals.


  • March 5th - The Craft Group will host a Soup and Sandwich bar with dessert
  • March 12th - The Youth Group will have a Sloppy Joe dinner with dessert.
  • March 19th - Currently Open (please contact Cindy Karrow if you are interested in this week)
  • March 26th - Meals on Wheels will host a Spaghetti, salad, and dessert dinner
  • April 2nd - The Elders will serve Ham, cheesy potatoes, and dessert
  • April 9th - Debbie Keltner, Donica Littrell, and Brandy Kalinka will have Lasagna, salad, garlic bread, and dessert
  • Maundy Thursday April 17 - LWML is hosting a brisket dinner


Please email Cindy Karrow at or call her (837-3323 or 913-269-1935) if you have any questions.


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Youth Group News
joy girl
Ice Skating Anyone????  The Youth Group is planning to go ice skating on Monday, March 17th.  They will be meeting at the church at 11:00 a.m.  Then we will to KCIC in Shawnee for public skating from 12:30-2:30.  The cost is $7 to skate; $4 for kids 4 and under; skate rental is $3. You will also need money for lunch.  This is a great opportunity to fellowship and have fun during Spring Break!!!!!  Invite your friends!

Lenten Meal - Fundraiser for New Orleans!  The Youth Group will be hosting the Lenten meal on Wednesday, March 12th.  Youth will need to be at the church at 4:45 to help with set-up, serve, and clean-up.  Please contact Michelle Eickhoff to determine what you can bring.


While we are preparing for the Lenten Dinner, we will also be doing our service project - making Tray Cards for the Nursing Home.  These are cards with scripture verses that provide words of encouragement and thanksgiving to our elders in the nursing home.  We will decorate them and deliver them to the nursing home.  These will be placed on meal trays being delivered to resident's rooms or placed at their dinner spots in the dining room.


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Update from Pastor Jim Buckman
Pastor Buckman has been deployed overseas.  We would like to send care packages to the Airmen in his troop. Please bring donations and drop them in the box located in the narthex of the church.  If you would rather send cards, letters of encouragement, printed materials that would be uplifting to the troops, you can mail them to:

James Buckman
379 AEW/HC
AE 09309-1201

Pastor Buckman has invited our congregation to participate in an online Bible Study.  You can access the bible study through Worship With Warriors Internet Channel:  You can also link through the Worship With Warriors Facebook page.
Kindergarten Screening
Do you have a child who will be attending Kindergarten in the 2014/2015 school year? Kindergarten Screening will be held Thursday, April 24, 2014 and Friday, April 25, 2014 at Rockville Elementary.  All children who reside in Louisburg and will be five years of age on or before August 31, 2014 will be eligible to enroll in Kindergarten next year.  You can call the Rockville Elementary office (837-1970) or stop by the school to pick up an enrollment form.  All students must attend screening in order to be placed for next year.

Update from Grace

RECENT GOOD NEWS!  More Parking!!  The KC Land Bank has indeed approved our application for the donation of the abandoned car wash next to our inadequately sized parking lot.  This prayer was answered with a big YES!  Thank you, Lord!  Our property redo guru, Chmn. Max Sherman, will need to line up construction folks to raze the building and work around the staggered elevations.  Then we will need funding to install a chain link fence and gate.   Obtaining this property is very exciting, for we definitely need more parking for volunteers, staff, and future growth of programs and the church congregation.  Legalities will take a month; work won't begin until spring.  But if Grace is to grow, we need more parking.  Long term, I would hope the empty apt. building on the corner, another major eyesore, might be obtained, and maybe even the big empty lot across the corner! 


Rev. Sharon Garfield Is in Hospice Care  Grace would simply not exist if it were not for Sharon's faith and persistence.  Pastor of Grace United CHURCH since 1990 and founding Exec. Dir. of GUCM, she is a fighter.   When Sharon was recently released from the hospital for pneumonia and loss of strength/weight due to her inability to keep some food down, a result of her cancer, she was placed in hospice care.  She is still living in her home in Lamar, where she has always had terrific support from her sister-in-law, the wife of her pastor-brother and mother of three pastor-sons!  I enjoyed visiting Sharon on Jan. 31.  Others from Grace had conflicts or were ill, but I expect Grace staff and their families to visit Sharon soon.  Please pray for Sharon's comfort, & if it's God's will, for a continuing miracle.


Greg Parr Has Resigned  I was praying that Exec. Dir. Michael Mayberry and Greg could work out their differences, but it has proven impossible.  Michael wanted accountability of Greg's time, reports, and some admin. work/time in the office.  However, Greg is a free spirit and really wants complete freedom to be on the streets plus doing contract work elsewhere.  Michael is excellent at what he does, with lots of strategizing and new plans for much needed action.  (This month the Board discussed his VERY thorough fund development plan, with initial timelines and teams; all the components need a lot of work!)  I continue to believe Greg is called by God to do what he does so well, connecting with people in need of treatment and recovery .  For now, Greg is taking two weeks off, and then he will do contract work, which I expect will give him freedom to take time to be out and about.  (He already has job offers, but is not ready to go that route.)  For months, I thought the handwriting might be on the wall, so I have been feeling the pain of likely losing him at Grace.  But God has plans for both.  Michael believes Substance Abuse Recovery can continue at Grace, but he has wanted SAR "outcomes" also to include job readiness, as included in our United Way app.


Fundraising Update  We are still waiting for a decision from Kauffman Foundation, but our proposal is now at the senior level, so hopefully soon...  We can sure use K's immediate funding!  Two 3-year United Way applications are also key.   We had our UW review meeting for Children's Ed. last week, and it went very well.  Our UW review meeting for our Substance Abuse Recovery proposal is next week, and that will be far tougher, with or without Greg.  Both apps would REALLY help us expand and improve.  Prayers always appreciated.


Bob Kirkpatrick - Home: 837-5804 -


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italian-feast.jpg Friends for Christ  
Friends For Christ will meet at the home of Pastor Andy and Debbie Keltner, March 1st at 6:00 p.m.  The theme will be "Italian".  
Please let Cindy Frazier (913) 406-6938 or Debbie Keltner (913) 837-5382 know what you plan to bring.  Desserts are already
taken care of.  Hope to see you - good food, great fellowship and a Bible study - what a great way to spend a Saturday night.

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Lutheran Women's Missionary League

Lutheran Women's Missionary League (LWML) regular meeting will be held Monday, March 10th, at 7:00 pm in the church basement. There will be a Bible study and a short business meeting.

If you have any questions, Please contact Sandy Barsh at 837-2997 or Linda Newman, 837-5116. 


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flower-bouquet.jpg Altar Guild 


3/2     Open
3/9     Michelle & Gerry Eickhoff
3/16   Tricia & Rich Walania
3/23   Cindy & Karl Karrow
3/30   Open

Sign up for flowers in the narthex or call Sandy Barsh at 837-2997.


Bring flowers to church before the 8:00 a.m. service or contact Sandy Barsh to provide the flowers for $15 (checks payable to Sandy Barsh).  Flowers can be taken home after the 2nd service.Vases should be returned to church.


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March Education



Lenten Services at 7:00 p.m.

Evening Bible Study

8:00 p.m.  



Sunday School

 Ages 3-Adult

9:15 a.m. - 10:15 a.m.  


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Official Acts  


Transfer In 
JoAnne Ashburn


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In the Military
Military members and friends of our congregation include: 


Mark Edgar

(stationed in Africa)


Ray Gigliotti


 Greg Jeffrey


 Lindy Kalinka


 James Keltner


 Clara LIttrell


 Kelly Streck


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March Anniversaries


   3/9    Gerry & Michelle Eickhoff

   3/10  Jason & Courtney Allen

   3/10  Jeremy & Tanya Williams

   3/17  Larry & Arlene Swinnerton

   3/27  Alan & Janet Paegelow


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March Birthdays


3/2   Kim Weber

       3/3   Kahlan Aguayo

       3/3   Shyloh Waite

       3/3   Hunter Williams

       3/6   Laurissa Beckman

       3/8   Jase Hovey

       3/8   Tyler Thompson

       3/9   Troy Stout

       3/9   Catherine Turney

       3/10  Courtney Allen

       3/10  Adrianna Gregar

       3/11  Cole Turney

       3/12  Gail Brown

       3/12  Heather Smith

       3/13  Michelle Henry

       3/13  Kelsey Keltner

       3/13  Pastor Andy Keltner

       3/14  Larry Lynn

       3/17  Toni Weissend

       3/18  Shelley Thompson

       3/20  McKenna Lohse

       3/21  Gerry Eickhoff

       3/21  Alice Knop

       3/21  Kaleb Maaske

       3/22  Amando Aguayo

       3/22  Jim Bell

       3/22  Dayton Johnson

       3/22  Ryan Varns

       3/23  Isaac Tews

       3/25  Eamon Grove

       3/28  Kendall Karrow

       3/29  Marian Allen

       3/29  Alek Vance

       3/30  Christine Fauss

       3/30  Joe Keltner

       3/30  Mandy Mulich

       3/30  Jacob Weber


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