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Closeup of a bowl of sliced peaches with whipped cream and a croissant
Grab Your Whisk, Not a Can
There's no better way to end a meal right now than with sweet summer peaches topped with a dollop of freshly whipped cream. Tip: grill the peaches for added flavor! This seasonal dessert is easy, quick and delicious.

But don't settle for the store-bought variety. All homemade whipped cream requires is a bowl, a whisk and a few minutes of your time. The best part is that you can adjust the sweetness of the cream to what it is being served with. So, if you've got a super sweet pie, leave the sugar out of the cream. If you're serving berries that could use a touch more sweetener, add more to your cream. 
As Shelley shows you in our latest video, you don't even need to use a hand mixer for great results.

How to Whip Cream
How to Whip Cream

Whipped cream is also amazing as a dessert component because you can flavor it in so many ways.

We teach you how to make Dulce de Leche Banana Splits in The Argentine Grill. Our Margaritaville class features Strawberries with Margarita Cream and Toasted Coconut. Homemade whipped cream is the perfect compliment to the Raspberry Brown Butter Cake on the menu of What Grows Together, Goes Together. And of course, you'll get your fill of our favorite pastry topping in our Pies, Tarts and Crostatas class.

Pinterest Check out our Pinterest board from this class to see what baked goods you'll learn to make.

Want to practice making whipped cream and not butter at home? Try these recipes:

Brandied Cherry & Peach Shortcakes

Banana-Cinnamon Whoopie Pies with Lime Whipped Cream & Toasted Coconut

Apricot Financier (Apricot & Almond Cake)

Peaches & Mascarpone Cream Cupcakes
The classes mentioned here are offered at multiple times at different locations, so please search our class calendar for the best fit for your schedule.   

As you could probably guess, our Cupcake Boot Camp is also a popular place for whipped cream love. It also happens to be one of the many cooking classes a Chicago Tribune reporter took this summer. Read the writer's observations on her experiences in Lessons from a Cooking Class Junkie.
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