No-Fuss Spring Chicken Feast
Roasted chicken is an easy, elegant meal. But home cooks often shy away from it because they think it requires a lot of equipment and effort. We're here to say good riddance to trussing and basting! They just aren't necessary. With only a digital thermometer, roasting pan and rack, you can achieve flavorful and moist chicken in just 1.5 hours or less.

Shelley shows you how to roast a chicken in our latest video.

How to Roast a Chicken
How to Roast a Chicken

The beauty of roasted chicken is that you can adapt the flavor profile to whatever you want. It's a dish you'll never get tired of, because you can change the flavoring every time you make it.

Try our recipe for Whole Roasted Chicken with Mediterranean Spices and Cucumber Yogurt Sauce.

Here are some other ideas to switch up your next roasted chicken. Coat the bird with:
  • Fresh herbs, lemon and garlic
  • Compound butter   
  • Caribbean spices    
  • Cajun spices 
  • Asian spices 

Learn how to roast a chicken in one of our upcoming hands-on classes:


Spring Chicken 101

What Grows Together, Goes Together  


Roasting the chicken is just the first step. From there, you can make stock from the carcass and get creative with how you use the leftovers. Get advice in Mike Lintal's blog.    


If you've never had roasted chicken back, you've never had chicken at the Salzinski house. As Chef Sara shares in her blog, her kids may even beat you to it! 


Pinterest  For even more ideas for poultry prowess, check out our Don't Be a Chicken Pinterest board.   

Fired Up for Grilling Season

There will definitely be chicken on the grill when we kick off grilling season with our Big Green Egg Grilling Kickoff Show.


Saturday, April 12, 2014


Lincoln Square

Our chefs are excited to get back to grilling on our outdoor patio. They'll be serving up smoked and grilled goods along with lots of useful tips to help you man the grill. Plus, register in our drawing to win FREE cooking classes. No registration is needed for this free event. 


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