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A Glimpse of Spring
There's a word you will see repeated a lot on our new April class calendars: SPRING.

Spring Produce Though our weather still needs to catch up with the calendar, the end is in sight Chicago! Our chefs have been wishing away the winter by working on new menus featuring the very best of spring produce including asparagus, spring onions, peas and strawberries.

Here are just a few of our new classes coming up in April:

Spring Veggies 101
Spring Chicken 101
April in Paris
Spring Training: Greens & Grains
What Grows Together Goes Together

The queen of The Chopping Block's curriculum, Chef Sara Salzinski, highlights some of her favorite new classes like Lemon Lovers & Noodle House DIY from the April calendar in her latest blog.
Big Green Egg If you really want to get into spring mode, mark your calendars for our Big Green Egg Grilling Kickoff Show:

Saturday, April 12
Lincoln Square

Our chefs will be showing off everything our favorite grill/smoker has to offer!
Cooking Lab Helps You Face Fears
Photo Courtesy My Homespun Home
Our first Cooking Lab
was a fiery success, literally! Not only did our students learn not to be afraid of high heat and other techniques used by professional chefs, but they walked away from this new, innovative class as better home cooks.

Co-taught by Owner/Chef Shelley Young and Sous Chef Mario Scordato, Cooking Lab goes deeper than most recreational cooking classes. Students delve into the science of cooking with hands-on work and even more interactive discussions. Instead of just learning how to cook recipes, students are challenged to understand the how's and why's of cooking.

We invited a local blogger to document her experience in Cooking Lab. Read each part of My Homespun Home's journey.

Cooking Lab Part 1: Taste vs. Flavor
Cooking Lab Part 2: Facing Fears
Cooking Lab Part 3: Feeling Saucy
Cooking Lab Part 4: Final Thoughts

Shelley offers her thoughts on this class and how it helps to teach people to cook intuitively in her latest blog.    

Cook Spanish, Speak Spanish
Brush up on your Spanish while learning to make delicious tapas!

We are excited to partner with Multilingual Connections, a language center in Chicago that connects people to their communities and the world, for a special cooking class. Our chef will lead the cooking lesson while a Multilingual Connections instructor conducts the language portion of the class.

Sunday, April 27
Lincoln Square
Get a Taste of Culinary School with Boot Camp

Have you ever thought about being a chef? Professional culinary school can be a huge financial and time commitment.


The Chopping Block offers intensive cooking programs as an alternative to traditional culinary school for professional and non-professional cooks. Read more about how our Culinary Boot Camps measure up in our blog So, You're Thinking about Going to Culinary School?


Chef Mario and our January 2014 Culinary Boot Camp Graduates

Here's what one recent Culinary Boot Camp graduate had to say about her experience:  


"This comprehensive week-long class far exceeded my expectations! I signed up for Culinary Boot Camp 1 to improve my cooking techniques as well as to gain a better understanding of the how's and why's behind cooking. By the end of the week, I left feeling more confident in my cooking abilities and am now using the techniques I learned to create fabulous culinary delights. Much thanks goes to the talented chefs and assistants we had during the course of the week - you gave me the encouragement I needed to cook using my senses versus relying on recipes."

~Lori Wester  


Pinterest See what the students made on their final day of cooking during Culinary Boot Camp 1 in our Boot Campers Made This Pinterest board. Thanks to Lori for the amazing photos!
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