Rose Wine  

Ultimate Summer Sipper  


Nothing says summer entertaining like a crisp, cool glass of Rosé. And when the hottest wine flying off our shelves is less than $12 a bottle, it's refreshing to your wallet as well as your palate.

Our new Bieler Pere et Fils Rosé from Southern France has hints of cherries, strawberries and a little spice. This new Syrah-driven hit goes great with a wide variety of grilled dishes for the summer entertaining season.

Kids in Kitchen
School's Out for Summer

If you are looking for ways to keep the kids entertained this summer, our kitchens are the perfect playgrounds for food.

Summer Camps for Kids & Teens start next week in Lincoln Square.

Have a reason to celebrate? Consider a private party for your child's birthday, graduation or just for fun.

Request more info.

Parties Start in the Kitchen

Need inspiration for your next party? Our Pinterest boards are the place to start for cool ideas for the hottest party season.

Our The Party Starts in the Kitchen board features great shots from a recent hands on cooking event at our Merchandise Mart location.

Feeling left out of the fun? Learn more about all of the different types of parties we can help you host. Our Event Team makes planning a party a breeze!
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It's Summer: Throw a Party          

There's no better time to throw a party than summer. And while Mother Nature hasn't exactly been a good hostess of warm weather here in the Midwest, we are continue to celebrate the season in our private cooking events.


Our Summer Menus feature the best of the bounty available now. You and your guests will work together to cook one of these lovely meals and enjoy it as a group. It's the perfect activity for corporate groups, families, or people who don't even know each other! 


Grilling Eggplant If grilling is your thing, consider an Outdoor Party on our Lincoln Square patio this summer. Get a preview of the party place this weekend during our Annual Grilling Party


Saturday, June 8

11:30am - 4:30pm 

Lincoln Square  


You'll see our Big Green Egg and Kalamazoo Grills in action as our chefs sample delicious smoked and grilled goodies. Plus, save 20% off all grilling accessories!


If you are planning an outdoor fête this summer, here are some tips from our chefs to ensure success:   


Herb Centerpiece Use potted herbs for an earthy, fragrant centerpiece.

Have an umbrella for daytime shade and lanterns to light up the night.

Offer diners light cotton shawls to ward off a chill in the evening.

Just because it's summer, don't leave soup off the menu. Put cups in the freezer before serving to help keep soup chilled through dinnertime.

Usually scented candles are shunned for dining experiences, but citronella candles help keep bugs away.

Heavy, decorative objects can help keep your perfectly set table from blowing away on a windy day.


The Chopping Block
Corporate Events Provide Long Lasting Value            

If you want to get the most out of your next corporate event, our Iron Chef Competitive Cooking events provide fun, friendly competition and delicious food.


Sweet Potatoes Performance Food Service recently hosted an event. "My team thoroughly enjoyed the night. My problem now will be how to top it next year. I was also on the winning team, which was sweet. You have a great thing going at the Chopping Block!" said Sid Cowherd.  


Sid was especially proud of his diced sweet potatoes as shown off here from his teammate Denny.  

"We are an extremely competitive bunch. We were recently at dinner and members of the winning team were still razzing the losing team. So, almost three months later, we're still getting value from the night," said Sid.  


Want your team to have a memorable experience? Request more info to get your colleagues cooking.     

The Chopping Block
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