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Cheers to Reunions

Our Chef John Peters worked for years side-by-side Sommelier Scott Noorman at Alinea and Trio. Now, the dynamic duo is reuniting to blow your mind with a five-course dinner and wine pairing at The Chopping Block.

Scott will feature wines from our current list and showcase their pairing prowess next to John's food.

Try dishes like Seared Black Cod with Apple-Celery Broth, Baby Carrots and Mache Salad and its perfect wine marriage of Chateau Saint Cosme Côtes du Rhône Blanc. There's four more amazing courses!

Wednesday, March 27
The Chopping Block at the Mart


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Wine & Food Pairing  

Wine & Food Pairing

Are you clueless when it comes to wine and food pairing? With some simple guidelines, you can create the perfect balance between plate and glass.

Here are 15 rules to remember compliments of Food & Wine.

1. Champagne is perfect with anything salty.

2. Sauvignon Blanc goes with tart dressings and sauces, especially citrus.

3. Choose Grüner Veltliner when a dish has a lot of fresh herbs.

4. Pinot Grigio pairs with light fish dishes.

5. Chardonnay for fatty fish or fish in rice sauces.

6. Off-dry Riesling pairs with sweet and spicy dishes.

7. Moscato d'Asti loves fruit desserts.

8. Rosé Champagne is great with dinner, not just hors d'oeuvres.

9. Pick dry Rosé for rich, cheesy dishes.

10. Pinot Noir is great for dishes with earthy flavors.

11. Old World Wines and Old World dishes are intrinsically good together. Think Chianti Classico and pasta.

12. Malbec won't be overshadowed by sweet-spicy barbecue sauces.

13. Zinfandel is perfect for pâtés, mousses and terrines.

14. Cabernet Sauvignon is fabulous with juicy red meat.

15. Syrah matches with highly spiced dishes.

Happy pairing!
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Go From Good to Great    

Why do you take cooking classes? Is it because you're hoping to impress your date with something different? Are you looking for a fun and entertaining night out with the girls? Perhaps you just really love pasta?  


Maybe you're looking for a little more.


John with Student
Chef John works one-on-one with a student. 

Our new class Chef Factor puts you in the spotlight. Working solo instead of in a group, this class features real-world cooking in real time. Our chef shows you how to make dishes like Warm Farro Salad with Spinach, Pine Nuts and Basil and then you execute each recipe yourself, from start to finish.   


Prep School Plus will demystify challenging fruits and vegetables such as Butternut Squash so that you can handle them like a pro in the kitchen.  


Homemade stock can make a big difference in your soups and sauces. For just $10, we'll teach you chicken stock, vegetable stock and dashi in How to Make Stock.   


Don't be a chicken when it comes to chicken! Learn how to break down and utilize the whole bird in Yardbird: Chicken Butchery.


Mario with Pig
Chef Mario Breaks Down a Pig

Our first Whole Hog: Meat Cuts 411 class was a piggy delight, so we're bringing it back. You'll watch Chef Mario Scordato butcher a whole pig, showing you where the most important cuts are located, and explaining the best ways to cook them. 


View all of our newly-released March classes, as well as our February features, on our website.  


The Chopping Block
Embrace Your Diet Restriction 
If you have a diet restriction, don't let it hold you back in the kitchen. We've got a whole new set of classes designed for different diets. 

Spinach Lasagna No gluten? No worry! You can still enjoy lasagna and fresh fettucine. We'll teach you pasta power in Gluten-Free Pasta Workshop. Focus on breakfast baking and start your day with dishes like Butternut Squash and Brown Sugar Muffins in Gluten-Free Baking.

Learn how to make food you can feel good about eating such as Roasted Salmon with Grilled Vegetable Quinoa Salad and Balsamic Glaze in Super Foods.

Bean Pork Chili We're featuring power foods in our Weight Watchers-inspired cooking class Weight No More. The menu with Three Bean and Pork Slow-Cooker Chili will rock your palate but not the scale.

Set sail on a Vegan Voyage and explore the world of delicious vegan cooking like Spicy Chickpea, Tomato and Swiss Chard Soup.

Turn your attention to your ticker in next month's Healthy Revolution: Heart Healthy class. Learn how to create food that helps prevent heart disease and beats with flavor.

Some classes are offered on multiple days at both of our locations. If there is no direct link above, please peruse our class calendar to kick start your health. 

 The Chopping Block

Be a Better Cook with Boot Camp
Our Boot Camps provide an in-depth journey into a particular type of cuisine like Mexican, or a specific dish such as Donuts. If you want to master it all, consider our Culinary Boot Camp 1 and its next step Culinary Boot Camp 2. Here is a list of our upcoming boot camps:

Carolyn Recipe Testing
Chef Carolyn Tests Recipes for Donut Boot Camp
Culinary Boot Camp 1

Culinary Boot Camp 2

International Boot Camp

Braising Boot Camp

Pie & Tart Boot Camp
Cupcake Boot Camp
Donut Boot Camp
Please note these classes are offered on multiple days. Please search our  class calendar for the most convenient boot camp for you. 

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