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February 2015 
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2015 Benefit Dinner
Davidson Family
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Friday May 1, 2015
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Following a great holiday season with the support of so many, Drumm Farm continues efforts to expand and improve services for kids. With the recent revelation that Jackson County, Missouri has more than 2,000 children in the foster care system, we cannot work fast enough to address the ever-increasing need.  Two new homes will be constructed at Drumm this year, with the generous support of Summit Custom Homes and Mrs. Joanne Cable. Their donations will result in the ability to care for 6-8 children in each house. Dedicated house parents will turn these new houses into nurturing homes for children in need of a loving family.

Around the campus, a new greenhouse is nearly complete, courtesy of a donation by Dr. Paul McGraw. Additionally, the Drumm Farm Market construction has begun on the southeast portion of the campus. Both structures will help us continue to grow our farm operation.

The Board of Directors recently approved a new mission statement for Drumm Farm: "provide a nurturing environment that inspires and yields lifelong success of children and young adults."  Thank you for your continued support of such a noble cause.                                                     


    Best regards, 

    Brad Smith
    Executive Director
    Drumm Farm Center for Children, Inc



Thanks for the amazing support this past Christmas! The kids and families of Drumm are so appreciative of your generosity.  

The kids' faces on Christmas morning were awesome! It is such a gift to have community partners that understand the importance of helping kids be kids, and allowing families to make memories that last a lifetime. 


Thank you again to everyone that donated this Christmas!  We hope you had a blessed holiday season, your support blessed ours. 



Just as there is a growing cycle at the farm, there are learning activity cycles in our new Education Support Program. Students participate in reading assessments during the fall, winter and spring. These assessments identify student needs and set a path to success in school.  


Drumm Farm is thrilled to have new laptop computers for student use at Drumm Tech Nights. Tech Nights offer reading software programs for students who are learning to read by comprehension skills. Tech Nights happen twice a week on campus and student attendance is fantastic!  

Davidson Family Highlight


The past year has brought many changes to Drumm Farm. One of the most exciting is the addition of new families! James and Casie Davidson moved to Drumm in August and hit the ground running, bringing several sibling groups into their home. They love the opportunity to do their part in keeping siblings together. 


James and Casie believe that being a part of a family is what is healthiest for every child and do as many family activities as possible.  Camping, family movie nights and picnics at the lake are all part of the Davidson family schedule. Building a strong sense of family and addressing the individual needs of children defines the passionate approach that James and Casie bring to Drumm.  They currently have 11 children in their home and are a fantastic addition to the Drumm Farm family. 


Are you eligible for tax credits?


Individuals and businesses with Missouri business income are eligible to receive a 55% tax credit for donations made to Drumm Farm Center for Children now through April 30, 2015. The credits are transferable and can be carried forward for 10 years.


The 55% tax credits are made available by the MHDC Affordable Housing Assistance Program as an incentive to contribute to a non-profit community based organization that provides housing assistance activities. Drumm provides family-style homes for children in the foster care system.


For more information email Brad Smith or call 816-373-3434.


Here at Drumm Farm Center for Children, we are committed to helping foster children reach their goals in a healthy & effective ways. We work to cut down the time that kids are in care by offering high-quality, consistent counseling and educational services, highly trained and experienced licensed foster parents, and a network of community supports dedicated to helping achieve individual success for each child.

Contact Us to see how you can be a part of the great things happening here at 

Drumm Farm Center for Children!

Drumm Farm Center for Children is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.