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 2013 Issue 4   
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Upcoming Events
Drumm Family Dinners
Annual Dinner Photo Collage
TBRI® in Our Community
Our Commitment to Kids
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Upcoming Events:
 The growing season is upon us!
Farmer's Market
Saturdays 8-Noon




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Drumm Family Dinners:

Are you a member of a group or community organization that is looking for Volunteer Opportunities?

Each month, volunteers come to Drumm's Campus and host a Family Dinner, where Drumm staff, Families, Children and Young Adults all come together to enjoy a family style meal.

If you have an interest in being a part of this program, please contact our Program Manager,  
Heather Saak.
Living at Drumm Farm:
Are you a foster family interested in making Drumm a bigger part of your lives? As Drumm looks to the future, our plan includes adding additional foster families on campus. Interested families can find the application at the link below. For more information contact our Program Manager, Heather Saak, by email.

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Kid's Gardens
So much is happening at Drumm because we are blessed with the ongoing support of so many:
  • This year's annual Drumm Benefit Dinner was the largest and most successful event in our history.
  • The UMB Big Bash was a smashing success with Huey Lewis and the News at The Midland; Drumm received $50,000 as a result of the event. Other recent grantors include Centerpoint Hospital (Auxiliary) and the RA Long Foundation.
  • A new family moves to the campus in July, and after the Berkemeier remodel this fall, another family will come to the campus at the end of this year.
  • The HBA donated Garden Cottage will be completed in July with grant support from the Junior Service League and the HBA Foundation.
  • Drumm has nearly completed a rezoning process; the "Drumm Farm District" sets the stage for increased housing, expanded services, a safer campus, and a growing farm program.
  • Late this summer, work begins to build a new entrance to the campus, an exterior loop road, a new parking lot near the Thomson Gym, a new permanent Farmers Market, and other site improvements that will directly impact the safety of kids and the quality of life at Drumm.
We're so excited to have you join us as we continue to work towards our mission. Have a wonderful Independence Day and thanks for being a part of the Drumm Family!



Brad Smith
Executive Director 
Drumm Farm Center for Children
Annual Dinner a Success!
Thank you to our many supporters, donors, and volunteers; you all made this a wonderful night! Special thanks to Summit Custom Homes for their generous support. 

Dinner Collage 

Would you like to see more photos of our Annual Dinner? Visit our photo albums where you can see an album of this event, as well as every day pictures of life on the farm (click link to view): 

Drumm Farm Photo Albums

Connecting with Community- Impacting Children in Need
Children at local elementary school reap benefits the benefits of TBRI implementation with Drumm's help.    
TBRI Glendale Team
Laura D'Alexis, Jessica Jackson, Dr. Matt Loehr, and Dr. Todd Siebert picture at Glendale Elementary School in Independence
As part of Drumm's ongoing mission to expand our counseling services within the community of children and families, Drumm's Clinical Director, Dr. Matt Loehr, L.C.S.W., A.C.S.W., and Intern, Jessica Jackson, currently seeking a Masters Degree in counseling though MidAmerica Nazarene University,  visit local Independence School, Glendale Elementary, where they provide counseling services to a variety of children, as well as provide support to school staff as they work to utilize TBRI strategies. Principal Dr. Todd Siebert remarks, " I think [partnering with Drumm] is a great opportunity for students who need special support." Glendale School Counselor Laura D'Alexis notes that the collaboration between the two organizations is working to strengthen connections between school and home. 
TBRIŽ "tidbits" taken from The Connected Child by Karyn Purvis, Ph.D.

Time In- In many cases, when a child does an unacceptable behavior, they are sent to "time out" as a form of punishment. For children from rough places, they are used to being distant. When your child needs to think over a poor choice, make sure to keep them close by while letting them know when they are ready to use their words and talk about their actions, you will be ready to listen. This gives the child the understanding that the parent will not leave them the way others may have in the past.

Here at Drumm Farm Center for Children, we are committed to helping foster children reach their case goals in a healthy, effective, and streamlined way. We work to cut down the time that kids are in care by offering high-quality, consistent counseling and parent-aid services, trained professional licensed foster parents, and a network of community supports dedicated to helping achieve individual success for each child.

Contact Us to see how you can be a part of the great things happening here at 

Drumm Farm Center for Children!

Drumm Farm Center for Children is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.