Drumm Farm Drumm Beats
 2013 Issue 2
In this issue:
Upcoming Events
Drumm Family Dinners
Eggs for Sale
Summit Custom Homes as Dinner Sponsor
UMB Big Bash Invitation
Snow Days and Snow Forts
Panera Bread Helps Out
Our Commitment to Kids
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Upcoming Events:
2013 Drumm Run  Postponed due to weather!
New Run Date:
April 13, 2013
 The growing season is upon us!
Opening Day at 
Drumm Farmer's Market 
tentatively scheduled for 
Saturday, May 4 

This Place Our Home

Annual Benefit Dinner 


Thursday, May 9th, 2013


This year, keep cool with 

our NEW A/C!


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55 percent tax credit  
2013 Tax Credits for Sale  
Contact Brad Smith 
for more information
Drumm Family Dinners

Are you a member of a group or community organization that is looking for Volunteer Opportunities?

Each month, volunteers come to Drumm's Campus and host a Family Dinner, where Drumm staff, Families, Children and Young Adults all come together to enjoy a family style meal.

If you have an interest in being a part of this program, please contact our Program Manager,  
Heather Saak.
Eggs for Sale

Our Free Range Chickens are laying eggs! Eggs are being sold for $3 per dozen.
If you are interested in purchasing farm-fresh eggs, please contact Farm Manager, Lucas Signorelli at 373-3434 or to Email click Here.
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Garden Buddies
As Drumm approaches its 94th birthday in April of this year, we are embarking on a project to expand our capacity and ability to serve children in need.  With foster placements reaching historic highs in the region, it cannot happen soon enough.  
Answering this call, Drumm is proud to share our Master Plan Project to begin this summer that includes:  a new loop road, removal of internal roads near homes, new parking located close to the gymnasium, a remodeled home allowing for additional families on campus, a new entrance into the campus, bathrooms in the dining hall, remodeled space for the Counseling Center, a new farmer's market structure, improvements to utilities, and new sidewalks and lighting. 
When complete, the school bus stop will no longer be on Lee's Summit Road, play areas will be safer, more children will be residing on campus, and much, much more. By the time Phase 1 is completed in 2014, Drumm will set out to build more new homes on the campus to meet the growing need. This vision is made possible by the ongoing support of so many friends like you, the Drumm Family. More details on the various projects will be shared in the coming months; know that your commitment to Drumm Farm Center for Children is at the heart of this opportunity to serve children in need.


Brad Smith
Executive Director 
Drumm Center for Children
Benefit Dinner Sponsor Steps Up
Summit Custom Homes visits Drumm to present check.
Summit Custom Homes Donation  
Thank you to our 2013 Annual Benefit Dinner Sponsor Summit Custom Homes. A check for $10,000 was presented to Drumm by Summit Custom Homes' President Fred Delibero.
Help us, help them!
UMB Big Bash 2013
Attend this year's UMB Big Bash where proceeds will benefit Drumm Farm Center for Children!

UMB Big Bash will be held June 20, 2013, and will feature non other than Huey Lewis and The News. Buy your tickets today!

With Snow Days Come Snow Forts
Kids at Drumm enjoyed some time off of school, building forts and playing outside.
Snow Forts 
As blasts of wintery weather have made their way through Independence, kids on the farm have been able to enjoy several friendly Snowball Wars in the fields. Moms, Dads, Helpers, and even the Garden Managers were all able to join in. Memories were made for Winter 2013 that will not soon be forgotten!
Thank You!
Local business steps up with generous donations.

Panera Bread
Thank you to Metro Area Panera Bread, and their generous donations over the past several months. We appreciate your ongoing support!

Here at Drumm Farm Center for Children, we are committed to helping foster children reach their case goals in a healthy, effective, and streamlined way. We work to cut down the time that kids are in care by offering high-quality, consistent counseling and parent-aid services, trained professional licensed foster parents, and a network of community supports dedicated to helping achieve individual success for each child.

Contact Us to see how you can be a part of the great things happening here at 

Drumm Farm Center for Children!

Drumm Farm Center for Children is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.